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Teams split over F1’s controversial Strategy Group 7th November 2013, 12:00

The FIA’s Strategy Group has driven a new wedge between F1 teams, provoking concerns it will allow the richest competitors to set rules that favour them.

F1 still struggling to gain a foothold in India

F1 Fanatic reader Abhishek Roy observes how far away F1 remains from establishing itself in India after visiting this year’s grand prix.

Vettel: Battle with Webber was closer than it looked

Sebastian Vettel says the contest between him and team mate Mark Webber hasn’t been as one-sided as it might have looked at times.

Switching teams wouldn’t win over doubters – Vettel

In the round-up: Vettel not interested in team switch ?σΤιΌ?σ Ecclestone kept quiet over Gribkowsky payment ?σΤιΌ?σ Alonso’s struggles ‘not down to tyres’

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