Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

This year’s Indian Grand Prix voted best so far

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2013The third Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit was, like the two before it, won by Sebastian Vettel for Red Bull.

But this year’s race received a considerably better rating than the two before it, scoring an average of 6.502 out of ten from F1 Fanatic readers.

Although that only ranked it tenth among this year’s races, it does suggest there was something more to this year’s event. Did Pirelli’s aggressive tyres make for better racing? Did a longer DRS zone help? Or were Vettel’s celebratory doughnuts after the race really that popular?

The race saw differences in strategies leave the front runners scrapping in the midfield, Romain Grosjean produced arguably the best recovery drive of the year so far from 17th on the grid and another Red Bull reliability failure robbed them of a one-two. Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers thought about the Indian Grand Prix.

The race was decent, not very spectacular, and I felt a bit sad for Webber. But there were some good battles too.

What made me vote 8/10 is mainly the atmosphere around the race. Great to see Vettel being genuinely happy and do some doughnuts for the fans, and also finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Also India and the fans showed why they deserve a spot on the F1 calendar. Great so see so many people being so enthusiastic about racing.

Great atmosphere after all the pre-race shenanigans, unfolding tyre strategies, great driving by Vettel, Grosjean, Massa and Perez – and Vettel?s fourth title in a row. I enjoyed his celebrations

The race also drew some harsher responses:

DRS and appalling tyres. Cars are too reliable. FOM?s director is useless. Rubbish circuits in places that are only on the calendar through the money they pay. Robotic corporate drivers. Fining Vettel for his doughnuts. Penalties for everything. The distinct lack of any racing for position.

Every form of motorsport I?ve watched this season has been thrilling, the exception being Formula One. F1 is just plain dull. Devoting my time to Moto GP and BTCC next season. Hope something changes my mind.

Good: Interesting start which mixed things up for some drivers, variety of strategies which made the race exciting for about ten laps, somewhat interesting end.

Bad: Stupidly powerful DRS what made overtaking look ridiculously easy and totally eliminated defensive driving, circuit design mean there was nowhere to overtake apart from the stupid DRS zone, Webber retiring while in a certain podium through no fault of his own.


Some were baffled by the criticism the race received:

I’m reading through the comments and I cannot believe the ratings I’m seeing. I saw a fantastic race yesterday. A drivers’ championship and a constructors’ championship decided by a very gritty drive from Vettel. Webber dropping out was the disappointment for me, however, it introduced the risk of Vettel not finishing and to be told that he can?t use his drink bottle in 30-plus degree heat for fear of overusing the alternator. That is a call that not many drivers get during a race.

In regards to the race, the strategy was open, there were effectively three different strategies going on, those starting on softs going for three stints, those starting on mediums going three stints but using softs for the second stint, and the crazies like Sutil and Raikkonen going for one stop – and in Raikkonen?s case not quite making it.

We saw names like Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Massa and Sutil spend most of the race in front of the Mercedes and Alonso’s Ferrari. The race was unpredictable right up to the end. There were overtaking, battles, defending and not too much controversy.

Vettel’s celebrations were special last night, it is rare to see a driver exhibit such emotions in F1, and better yet, he flaunted with the fine he eventually he received for not adhering to the end of race procedures. It has been quite some time to see a driver win a drivers’ championship with a victory and it was exceptional to see that Vettel made the most of it.

The fans were great too, and I will be sad when yet another Asian race is lost. I feel that more time is needed to allow the Asian fans to come to the sport, motorsport is new in many of these countries.

The 2013 season has really been dominated by two topics that just wont go away, I think you know what we mean by now.

The DRS was too powerful, but for most of the race something was happening, so it never got too boring. The softs were appalling though.

Condolences to Mark Webber also.

Today?s race could be called the DRS paradox. We don?t like motorway-style passes, like some we saw today. We don?t like seeing cars stuck behind slower cars, like we saw today. The FIA have their hands tied – they?re damned if they have it and damned if they don?t.

The last ten laps were very interesting but DRS overtakes and the soft tyre degrading too quickly annoyed my quite a bit and the race had it?s boring parts. Grosjean had a great race from 17th on that one-stopper and have to wonder what would have happened had he qualified higher up, also glad both Force India’s got into the points again.

The drivers’ use and abuse of the track limits was a talking point before and after the race. On reader suggested a solution for the problem:

The constant leaving of the track ruined it for me. Vergne passed a car by going fully off the track and it wasn’t even looked into.

Also Charlie Whiting’s pre-race comments showed he has perhaps come to the end of his time in that role. Lovely bloke as he is. On this subject was just wrong.

On the edge of track problem, am I the only one that sees an easy solution?

Put five meters of (real) grass on the edge of every kerb. Then have your 1km tarmac run-off if you so wish. But that small bit of grass will stop anyone using it as ‘track’ problem solved.

But what this race will most likely be remembered for is Vettel’s delirious celebration of his fourth world championship title:

Didn?t enjoy the race to be honest but was impressed with Grosjean and it was great to see Vettel’s celebration at the end.

He deserves his success and I think he is handling himself very well. Screw the boo boys. I?m not a fan or at least haven?t been but this booing situation has got me supporting him a lot more.

Loved the doughnuts and the bow… That was incredible!

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