Ferrari bid farewell to Massa at Finali Mondiali

2013 F1 season

A heartfelt farewell to long-serving driver Felipe Massa was a focal point of Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali (world final) celebrations at the Mugello circuit this weekend.

“Felipe has been a true Ferrari man and he will always be part of our history,” said president Luca di Montezemolo.

“For all the grands prix he drove for us, for the wins, the pole positions and for those few seconds when he was world champion that day in Brazil, before that overtaking move that always seemed a bit strange to me,” he added, the latter seemingly in reference to the manner in which Lewis Hamilton passed Timo Glock, who was struggling on dry weather tyres on a wet track in the closing stages of the title-deciding 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Luca di Montezemolo, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Finali Mondiali, Mugello, 2013“We spent some great times together,” Montezemolo continued, “while some others were more difficult, such as the accident in Budapest”. Massa was fortunate to escape with his life after his 2009 crash at the Hungaroring.

“These have been very busy years and today, I wanted to thank him publicly, having already done so privately, just the two of us. It?s time for a change and also to find new motivation. I wish Felipe every success, starting with the last two races of this championship.

“As for the rest of his Formula One career, I wish him the very best, but naturally, behind a Ferrari and anyway, I am sure we will get many chances to meet up again, because life is long and he will always be part of our family.

“When one has a mutually agreed separation, in the best interests of both parties, it can be done calmly in a friendly and constructive manner, and that has been the case this time.”

Massa said his stay at the team, who he first raced for in 2006, had turned out to be “longer than I had ever dreamed of at the start”.

“When I began racing in go-karts as a kid, I had a red Ferrari suit and it?s always been the team I supported. Even when [Ayrton] Senna was at McLaren and [Nelson] Piquet at Williams, I was cheering for Ferrari.

“We began our relationship in 2001 and I have raced for them for eight seasons, which is a very important part of my life.

“I have so many friends at Ferrari and I will miss them, as I will also miss the nice days I spent at the factory in Maranello. I am happy with the way my time with the Prancing Horse turned out.”

Massa has two final races with the team in America and at home in Brazil before being he is replaced by Kimi Raikkonen, who was his team mate from 2007 to 2009.

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Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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99 comments on Ferrari bid farewell to Massa at Finali Mondiali

  1. Webbo (@webbo82) said on 11th November 2013, 8:38

    nice shot there of MAS pointing the right way in his 2008 car on a wet surface.

  2. BasCB (@bascb) said on 11th November 2013, 9:49

    Alonso not there – because of back pain. Kimi not at Lotus because of back pain? Could we see these 2 swapping seats in time for Brazil? :-P

  3. Tifoso1989 (@tifoso1989) said on 11th November 2013, 11:10

    For me Massa will remain always a true “Ferrarista” not only because of the services he has done for the team during his career but because he was a real gentleman, his reaction after losing the WDC in 2008, his comeback after the accident shows his material, and real gentlemans are recognised in difficult situations, i wish him the best in his future career, i wish i was there in the Mugello but anyway Forza Felipe

  4. scuderia_fan85 (@scuderia_fan85) said on 11th November 2013, 14:10

    I would of preferred they pushed out Fernando than Felipe. I believe Felipe is the better driver, but Fernando comes with a lot of money and he is a twice world champion.

    • That’s ridiculous. Alonso is a much better driver, end of. He’s significantly more consistent and has a better head on his shoulders, so he has greater racecraft and tenacity.

      You may have an argument for saying Massa was an outright faster driver, but then Maldonado is a very fast outright driver and not a chance would I say he was better than Hülkenberg.

      • evered7 (@evered7) said on 12th November 2013, 1:39

        @vettel1 Supporting Alonso? What has happened to the world :)

        But I agree, as you have quite rightly put, outright speed is one thing, to sustain the same level of speed over race distance is another. Massa somehow doesn’t seem able to put in those laps consistently over race distance.

        But Massa, like he did show at Abu Dhabi, is an opportunistic driver and if Williams can get a car like 2012, he will be in the points consistently.

        Good Luck Massa. Will be great to see you in F1 next year but strange in the dark blue overalls.

        • @evered7 it’s not actually that uncommon for me to praise his driving credentials, I just don’t like the character ;)

          Agreed, good luck to Massa and I hope he doesn’t fall into William’s South American driver’s retirement home (as somebody else put it).

  5. Paul (@frankjaeger) said on 11th November 2013, 22:15

    Good innings lad

  6. Imre (@f1mre) said on 18th November 2013, 8:51

    I’ve just read my previous comment about Ferrari. Overreacted… :)) It was a nice event and also clever, the Williams announcement was after this.

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