Robert Fernley, Vijay Mallya, Force India, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

Force India has “recaptured form” – Mallya

2013 F1 season

Robert Fernley, Vijay Mallya, Force India, Buddh International Circuit, 2013Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya says his team has recaptured its early-season form at a critical stage in the championship.

Mallya’s team has suffered a points drought in the second half of the season which coincided with the mid-season alterations to the tyres. They had come under increased pressure from Sauber for sixth place in the constructors’ championship but have pulled away after out-scoring their rivals in the last two rounds.

“I’m very pleased with the last couple of races,” Mallya declared. “As in the first part of the season, we?ve recaptured our form and maximised car performance.”

“We?ve managed the last two races very well and taken a different approach with the strategy. In Abu Dhabi we were the only team to achieve a one-stop race with both cars, which was a bold decision. We managed to pull off the perfect strategy and picked up the rewards.”

Force India now hold a 32-point lead over Sauber with two races remaining. “We?re certainly in better shape, but will never take anything for granted,” said Mallya.

“We?ve scored 15 points in two races and we now have some breathing space behind us. But we won?t change our approach heading to Austin. We will go there focussed on closing the gap to fifth place, which is just 18 points.”

2013 F1 season

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20 comments on “Force India has “recaptured form” – Mallya”

      1. @spoutnik It’s not so hard to imagine. Button had a terrible race strategy lately (India I think? don’t remember) and was out of points. Perez has good and bad days. If Di Resta and Sutil do things right AND the team doesn’t dissapoint them, they can get 10 or more points in COTA. It’s like all bad for McLaren and all good for Force India, but it may happen. If fortunes are reversed, so it’s game over.

  1. yeah. If FI outscore mclaren in COTA by 8-10 points then it will be very intresting at interlagos. But, it will be very difficult to out score mclaren by dat margin unless they pull off a stunning performance.

  2. I disagree. I think they were lucky that Hulkenberg and Button’s races were ruined not down to their fault, so Force India’s results in Abu Dhabi might have been flattered by others’ misfortunes. And let’s not forget that Raikkonen didn’t feature in the top half of the grid, but could have gotten to a points scoring position by the end of the race hadn’t he retired.

    1. @toiago
      a) Even without the drive-through Hulkenberg was no match for di Resta, and may well have finished outside the points.

      b) How is Button crashing in to the back of someone (actually di Resta) “not down to [his] fault”?

      c) And one retirement/mishap amongst the top 8 – I think that’s actually about average when you look at it.

          1. hulk can get a massive points haul at brazil but the present points difference is very difficult to overcome in just 2 races. FI should perform badly to lose 6th in WCC. But, if BUT and PER dont up their game in next race, they wil definitely be in with a fight for 5th at interlagos.

            I see that FI are back to where they started this season. Reasonably fast and able to do one stop less than all others. Getting another decent result at COTA shouldnt be a big problem for them but, what mclaren can do at COTA will decide how it will be going to brazil.

    1. @george Indeed, but Hulkenberg can’t overcome a 32-point deficit on his own – two podium finishes in the next two races is very unlikely, even if FI didn’t score at all. And you can’t really rely on Gutierrez to finish with decent points. So I think FI are more or less safe in sixth.

      1. Their best result as FI is 2nd at 2009 belgian gp by Fisichella. He also got the pole position in that race. Only other time they looked like winning a race is the hulk at brazil 2012. If safety car was not employed it was a definite podium as hulk nd jenson had 40s gap to rest of the field.

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