Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

McLaren tipped to sign Magnussen for 2014

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Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Buddh International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: McLaren are increasingly strongly tipped to be about to sign Kevin Magnussen as a replacement for Sergio Perez next year.


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McLaren chooses Magnussen for 2014 (Autosport)

“The team has decided to promote the Formula Renault 3.5 champion, although a contract has not yet been signed.”

Magnussen to replace Perez at McLaren (BBC)

Martin Whitmarsh: “We haven’t confirmed our driver line-up. We haven’t signed contracts with drivers.”

Perez out at McLaren (Joe Saward)

“The news has yet to be confirmed by McLaren, but it appears that the team chose not to take up its option for the Mexican to continue in 2014.”

Bernie Ecclestone signs $600 million Formula One deal (AutoWeek)

“I travel the world making business on a hand shake. And all of a sudden I’m no longer in any position to do anything, so who would want to accept my signature on a contract? I’ve just signed a contract now for 600 million-odd with people over the weekend. I can’t do that if people think I’m going to be fired in the morning.”

Ecclestone shows powerful grip on F1 (FT registration)

“What has emerged from all of Mr Ecclestone?s testimony is a brusque, unyielding management style spanning many years. He revealed his liking for shredding documents and letters, and his dislike of shareholder democracy. ‘I’ve never been interested in corporate governance and I?m not today either,’ he said.”

Bernie Ecclestone tries to clear F1 float by giving FIA a 1% stake (The Guardian)

Ecclestone: “The FIA gets 1% if F1 floats but the teams don’t have shares.”

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Shanghai, International Circuit, 2013Motor racing-Williams end tie-up with major sponsor PDVSA (Reuters)

Deputy team principal Claire Williams: “There is no (further) connection with PDVSA as obviously Pastor [Maldonado] is now leaving the team.”

Q&A with Felipe Massa on 2014 driver line-up (Williams)

“[Valtteri Bottas has] proved this year to be a very good driver and very quick. Pastor was always very quick, especially in qualifying, so to keep pace with him in the first year is impressive.”

Rookie diary – with Marussia?s Jules Bianchi (F1)

“The Suzuka accident was really strange – and frustrating. I could not do anything as my arm was stuck and I was reduced to passenger. It was doubly frustrating as the pace was really good until then, so it is hard to let things slip out of your hand. And of the tracks new to me this season, Suzuka was my favourite. It is simply amazing. I knew Spa and love it dearly, but Suzuka is really, really different. A race driver?s dream come true!”

Lewis Hamilton: I?m driven to educate the world?s poorest (Metro)

“After the Indian Grand Prix in Delhi, I took time out to visit a Save the Children project in Kolkata and meet some of the kids the charity helps.”

BT plots major raid on Sky (The Telegraph)

“Sky Sports? coverage of England cricket and rugby matches, British and Irish Lions tours, the Ryder Cup golf, men?s tennis and Formula One could all therefore come under threat in the coming years, never mind the broadcaster?s strangle??hold on Premier League football in the next round of bidding.”

Bernie sells his G650 to Thai Businessman for $72 million (BizJetBlogger)

Only of tangential interest but an article I missed when it first appeared two months ago.

F1 contracts: Don’t rock the boat (ESPN)

[Ayrton] Senna was suspended forthwith. There would be no racing for the Brazilian that weekend at Monza. Doubly unfortunate was the fact that this would be the home grand prix for Sergio Tacchini, the Italian sportswear company with whom Ayrton had a personal sponsorship deal.”

Emmo: Can Austin build a US legacy? (McLaren)

Emerson Fittipaldi: “The self-proclaimed Circuit of the Americas is a truly sensational racetrack – very technical, very challenging, full of elevation changes, full of daunting turns. The facilities are excellent, too, and the safety features are state-of-the-art.”


Comment of the day

@Fixy, whose avatar is Felipe Massa’s helmet, on Ferrari’s farewell to their loyal lieutenant:

It?s indeed a bit sad Alonso didn?t turn up, especially as he was the one who Massa sacrificed himself most for. Schumacher, maybe Badoer and Fisichella would have been nice additions too, and perhaps Raikkonen could have popped up to thank his team mate and the driver he is replacing.

But to have Luca di Montezemolo, Sergio Marchionne and Piero Ferrari all there to wave goodbye to Felipe just highlights how important and loved he was at Ferrari. And despite what joy the 2008 title could have brought, how can one be sad when he says: “I am happy with the way my time with the Prancing Horse turned out”? Even only driving for Ferrari is a privilege, and Felipe almost turned it into a dream.

Very nice to see his F2008 hasn?t been repainted, and that he got to drive it to return, at least with memory, to those wonderful moments I remember so vividly in Brazil. I ended in a bad way, but a Formula 1 season is long and brings many joys over its course. 11 wins can?t be forgotten, and his relevance goes beyond those numbers.

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On this day in F1

And happy birthday to George Eaton, who is 68 today.

Eaton entered just over a dozen races in the early seventies, qualifying for most of them, but never scored a point. His only full season came in 1970 with BRM, where he scored a career-best tenth on home ground in Canada at the Mont Tremblant circuit.

A one-off return to F1 the following year, also at home but this time at Mosport, saw him classified 15th after tangling with Ronnie Peterson five laps from home. He ended his racing career the following year.

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