Robert Kubica, Mercedes, DTM, Valencia, 2013

F1 comeback is “nearly impossible”, Kubica admits

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Robert Kubica, Mercedes, DTM, Valencia, 2013In the round-up: Ahead of his WRC debut later this month Robert Kubica admits his chances of returning to F1 are very small.


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Kubica F1 return ‘nearly impossible’ (BBC)

“Driving on gravel is very demanding. There are lots of movements on the steering wheel which put a lot of stress on my arm and my hand. But I know this does not help my biggest limitation, which is driving a single-seater.”

Nico Hulkenberg will not replace Kimi Raikkonen for final two races of Formula One (The Mirror)

“Nico Hulkenberg will not step into Kimi Raikkonen’s shoes for the upcoming US Grand Prix, a spokesman for Sauber said Tuesday.”

Lotus no utilizar?? a Davide Valsecchi para sustituir a Raikkonen (El Confidencial, Spanish)

This report claims Lotus third driver Davide Valsecchi will also not get to drive in place of Kimi Raikkonen this weekend.

F1 teams worried about ‘ugly’ 2014 cars (Autosport)

“That raises the prospect of slender, drooping nose tip extensions to meet minimum rules requirements for this section, protruding from a higher, more bulky, section that will pass crash tests and fit teams’ aerodynamic needs.”

Ecclestone?s ex-wife lent adviser $17m, court told (FT, registration required)

“[Bambino trust representative Stephen Mullens] said Mr Gribkowsky was seeking an agreement to become a F1 consultant but had been making ‘insinuations’ about a supposed relationship between Mr Ecclestone and Bambino. Mr Gribkowsky was prepared to reveal information to the Inland Revenue if he did not get his way, Mr Mullens said.”

Bernie Ecclestone admits to memory loss over details of Formula One reign (The Guardian)

“I’m learning a lot, for which I thank you, because this was 12 [sic] years ago. I have a bit of difficulty to remember what happened last week.”

Formula One boss Bernie Eccelstone says his trial ‘good’ for F1 and hasn’t damaged brand (Herald Sun)

“After he finished giving his evidence, Eccelstone – who testified for three days in all – was asked as he left London’s High Court whether the case had damaged Formula One. ‘I don’t think so,’ he said. ‘It’s good because a lot of facts come out of it.'”

Robin Frijns, Sauber, Young Drivers' Test day one, Silverstone, 2013Silverstone, home of British Grand Prix, is changing hands for just ??10m (The Independent)

“The accounts show that at 31 December 2012 the track, plant and machinery had a value of ??10.8m. This is about a third of the amount that the BRDC spent on building a new pits and paddock complex, known as The Wing, which opened at the track two years ago.”

Red Bull invested $108.9 million in Formula One team in 2012 (AutoWeek)

“Energy-drink manufacturer Red Bull reduced its investment in its championship-winning Formula One team by $28.5 million to $108.9 million last year according to its latest financial statements.”

The Physics of Diffusers: How to Make a Car Really Suck (Car and Driver)

“The laws of fluid dynamics state that as the velocity of air increases, its pressure decreases. An F1 car is low to the road, and thus its flat bottom acts as a venturi to pinch the air and force it to move faster relative to the air above the car. This pressure differential manifests as increased load on the tyres.”

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Comment of the day

@Trido is disappointed McLaren are rumoured to be dropping Sergio Perez:

I am really surprised. I thought they would keep Perez for another season. He had moments of brilliance in a mediocre car. It is rough to condemn him when McLaren couldn?t give him a car that could compete.

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On this day in F1

The last F1 race contested by turbo-powered cars was won on this day 25 years ago by Alain Prost. Appropriately Prost won the race in a McLaren powered by a Honda engine, which was the dominant power plant in the last three years of the ‘turbo era’.

Ayrton Senna, already confirmed as that year’s world champion, came second to give McLaren their tenth one-two in the sixteen race season.

Nelson Piquet made it an all-Honda podium in Lotus’s last race with the Japanese engines. They will return as McLaren’s engine supplier in 2015.

However the opening stages of the race were led by Gerhard Berger who threw caution (and perhaps his fuel mileage concerns) to the wind as he caught and passed both McLarens:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Sauber

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  1. I’d say that £10 mil is Equity Value and Silverstone has debt that adds up to its enterprise value, that should be a good reason for BRDC unload the company.

  2. @william-brierty, so Valsecchi doesn’t get the drive, as I said …

    1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      13th November 2013, 15:38

      @paeschli – How was I to know that he was a “reserve driver” that wasn’t allowed to be a “race driver” when a reserve was needed? How was I to know that since Jerome D’ambrosio took Grosjean’s place at Monza, the reserve role had simply become a title as opposed to a job at Lotus? How was I to know that the rather promising data from all of Valsecchi’s tests had slipped the minds of senior figures in the team, along with the fact that he is a GP2 champion? Bye, bye, Davide Valescchi, can’t imagine we’ll be seeing much of you again.

      1. @william-brierty – Yeah I agree: what is the point of a third driver if you don’t allow him to drive? However, I’m pretty confident someone like Kovaleinen will get better results for the final two races than someone like Valsecchi (he only won his GP2 title at the fifth attempt).

        My point is you should not laugh people off by beginning your reply with “LOL!!!!!!!” as you did, Formula One is not always something logical as we can see now ^^

        1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
          13th November 2013, 18:17

          @paeschli – Personally, I can’t imagine that Heikki will do much better. The last time he drove a car with anywhere near the level of downforce the E21 has was the MP4-23 in 2008, and let’s face it, he didn’t exactly shower himself with glory. He also complained of physical issues with his neck after the 2008 Malaysian GP, so that may be a concern for him. Valsecchi would also be more familiar with the team’s procedures than Heikki will be. I really am utterly befuddled by this…

          If you were the guy that thought D’Ambrosio, Hulkenberg and above all else Barrichello, than frankly, you deserved to be laughed at. Do you see any of those names even being remotely linked to the drive? Is Heikki’s surname D’Ambrosio, Hulkenberg or Barrichello? If you had named Kovalainen as a potential reserve, then I would’ve bowed to the feasibility of your proposal, but no, you didn’t, but I thank you for brightening and otherwise boring day with a sprinkle of hilarity.

          1. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
            14th November 2013, 15:15

            @paeschli Are you using the fact that Schumacher was contacted as evidence to say Barrichello may have hypothetically been contacted? That, my friend is a poor argument because whilst Schumacher spent his final year performing as well as a driver that is currently beating Hamilton, Barrichello spent his final year struggling to keep tabs on a rather mad young Venezuelan. If you had suggested Schumacher I wouldn’t have laughed, maybe sniggered a bit or said something along the lines of “He’d never accept in [insert hyperbolic figure here] years”, but I wouldn’t have laughed.

            Regarding Hulkenberg, he was never going to accept the offer. He is currently facing a 50/50 chance of a Lotus seat, and if that falls through he’s going to need as many midfield options as possible, so hacking Sauber off by driving for another team whilst they are in an intense WCC battle is not exactly a good strategic plan. And anyway, how do we know that seat fitting isn’t part of potential 2014 preparations at Lotus? Enstone have a habit of playing it close to the chest, it’s getting very late for a team not to know who’s driving for them bearing in mind how short the off-season is this year, and didn’t Kimi have a Ferrari seat-fitting for 2014?

          2. @william-brierty, 7 drivers were contacted by Lotus: Kovalainen, Schumacher, Nico Hülkenberg, Pastor Maldonado, Rubens Barrichello, Kamui Kobayashi and Davide Valsecchi.

            Link :)

  3. What’s the point of calling someone “reserve driver” if he doesn’t get the chance?

    1. @f1mre You do have a point but I think it really depends on the situation. For instance, Ferrari preferred Salo over their test driver Badoer when they had to replace Schumacher in 1999 but put Badoer in the car after Massa’s injury in 2009 (unfortunately he wasn’t good enough so Fisichella had to replace him after two races anyway).

      I really doubt if Sebastien Buemi would be RBR’s first choice if they had to substitute one of their permanent drivers. Given the testing restrictions these days, I think that now “reserve driver” rather translates as “last resort”, which is not a good thing of course.

  4. El Confidencial has just edited the topic you’ve posted. That’s the reability of his journos… #facepalm

    1. It does appear to have been changed – certainly you can see the headline has. Haven’t got a copy of the original text, unfortunately.

  5. The article from El Confidencial about Valsecchi actually says the opposite. Instead of:

    This report claims Lotus third driver Davide Valsecchi will also not get to drive in place of Kimi Raikkonen this weekend.

    It should say that Lotus was trying to use the driver that they have already selected for next year during the last two races (e.g. Hulk), but given that they now know it’s not possible, they are considering Valsecchi for the seat.

    1. The article has been changed since the round-up was written (see here).

  6. If F1 cars resemble that Autosport illustration next year F1 will be a laughing stock. It looks like Gonzo from the muppets.

    The FIA should mandate the early season 2012 Mclaren style nose rather than allow teams to build stupid looking cars.

    1. whatever, people like you will disappear after the first 3 races of the season, just like they did this year. the nose is not everything. its about performance not looks, and everyone gets used to whatever looks f1 cars have after a race or 2, they have so for 60 years.

  7. According to Finnish MTV Sport, Kovalainen will replace Räikkönen for the remaining two races. (finnish)

  8. It is better to hear Kubica actually speak then reading f1 website headlines, Kubica did 2 interviews that day. here is the bbc interview in video:
    tomorrow he makes his wrc debut at the Wales Rally of Great Britain ! he will do better then raikonnen did in wrc, maybe in his first outing – Citroens team principal Yves Matton today said that the difference with Kubica and Raikonnen, was that Raikonnen was in WRC for pleasure, while Kubica is giving a 110% effort and very focused on co-driver notes and reallyl learning the world of rallying. he has done that in only 8 months, having never driven on gravel before and is now WRC2 champion.
    I would like to make the point that Kubicas crash which gave him his injuries was not a very dramatic crash, the problem was he ran into an already damaged Armco, that is why it pierced his rally car. if it wasn’t already damaged, it would have been just like any ordinary rally crash, and he would have been uninjured.

  9. Kubica is not coming back to F1 back I think we are all really happy that doctors were able to save his hand and hes made a full recovery and is racing competitively in another category. That is really a great outcome, especially given the severity of his injuries.

  10. whoever drives the lotus for the last 2 races will struggle, its not a platform for anyone to impress, you cant just jump in a car mid way (end) of the season and be competitive

    1. Unless it’s a previous GP driver like Hekki, or Jerome, or some other driver with experience from as late as 2012

  11. also, its so sad about Kubica, if he never had that crash he would be one of the very best drivers in f1 right now

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