Sergio Perez, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2013

Perez confirms McLaren exit at the end of the year

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2013Sergio Perez has confirmed he will not drive for McLaren in 2014.

Perez joined the team from Sauber at the beginning of the season. McLaren’s development driver and Formula Renault 3.5 champion Kevin Magnussen has been tipped to take his place.

“First of all I would like to thank McLaren for giving me the opportunity to be with them this season,” said Perez in a statement.

“It has been an honour for me to have been in one of the most competitive teams in the sport and I do not regret even a bit having joined them. I have always given the best of me for the team and still despite this I could not achieve what I aimed for in this historic team.”

“I am committed to deliver very good results in these last two races, especially in Austin,” he added. “I am so much looking forward to see all my people gathered together, feel their energy and show them the best of me.”

“I would like to say to every single one of my fans around the world and in my country that I am eternally grateful to them. They have never let me down, especially in difficult moments like these. I truly appreciate their support, they have never forgotten me.”

“I have met a lot of new people at McLaren this season and I have made many good friends as well. From the top management level to the marketing, accounting and engineering departments to the mechanics, the cooks, the catering people and basically everyone in the team, I am eternally grateful to them. It has been a learning experience to me.

“I would like to wish the team the very best in the future. I will always be a fan of McLaren. In the meanwhile I will be looking at my future to ensure my best position in the best possible package to fight for wins.

“Thanks to McLaren and all of its partners this season, you can rest assured that I will never give up.”

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  1. I am disappointed for Perez but not really surprised given the recent rumours.

    1. @formula-1 very dissapointed aswell. I still mantain that his performances haven’t been specially bad considering the circumstances. Neither he nor Button did well, and neither got the chance to do well either. The car was just a complete failure.

      It’s hard to compare drivers when one has been a multiple GP winner with the team on his 4th year at the same factory with the new guy that wasn’t even in F1 when Button joined McLaren.

      But (and it’s a big one) they are replacing him because they feel there’s a Vettel/Hamilton in the making in the shape of Magnussen, good for them. We’re all very vocal about how the best drivers should have the best lineup, and if the rumours are true, then it’s good news for F1.

      On a sidenote, a bit harsh on mexican fans who might lose the Mexican GP and just about lost their main driver’s seat ahead of their second “home” GP.

    2. In my opinion it is good for Formula 1 that “hudlums ” like Perez and Maldonado are dropping down or out of the grid. Motorsport is a gentlemans sport. If you want to see sluggers, go watch boxing. I will not miss Perez, not one bit.

      1. I think you’re living in the past dude. I wouldn’t call Perez a reckless driver, just absent minded at times and eager to prove himself. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who
        was given a far-below-expectations car which required miracle racing to really shine in

  2. So Kevin Magnussen to McLaren, Massa to Williams and Maldonado out.

    Lotus, be sensible about this.

    1. Perez to Lotus would be awesome for both, but The Hulk has the upper hand. And I’m pretty sure Sauber will hire Sirotkin in the end. Not that I agree with that, Checo returning there wouldn’t be so bad if they’re able to get together a good car (something which the guys at Hinwill have proven capable of doing)

    2. As much as i hate to say it, i can’t see 30 million with a bald venezuelan short of a drive next year, that’s almost half the budget of the two young teams.

    3. Would really love to see Perez or Hulkenburg at Lotus over Maldonado. Maldonado has speed and passion, but the aggresiveness of his attitude bothers me, though I would feel sad for him to end up in a Marussia or a Caterham. I prefer the enthusiasm of Perez and would be more bummed to see this year at McLaren being the pinnacle of his career. Hulkenburg also desperately deserves a chance in a top performing car before he becomes the next Barrichello or Webber.

      1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        13th November 2013, 21:57

        Perez, Hulkenberg and Maldonado have all had a single race where they have run up front for a significant number of laps and been in serious contention for a win; Perez in Malaysia, Hulkenberg at Interlagos and Maldonado at Barcelona, all in 2012. Only Maldonado held his nerve and took his one opportunity to win.

        In Perez’ case he was closing in on Alonso for the lead when he ran wide and squandered a very good chance of a win. Hukenberg was leading in Brazil when he spun, letting Hamilton through before clattering into the McLaren at the first corner when he tried to get back past the McLaren. Watching Maldonado leading at Barcelona with Alonso closing in on him I was expecting the pressure to get to him but he just soaked up the pressure lap after lap and won brilliantly.

        I’m not arguing that this alone makes Maldonado a better candidate for the Lotus seat, he’s certainly got a few mistakes in him, but I do struggle to see what makes Hulkenberg and especially Perez more deserving of the drive. Add money into the equation and personally speaking, if I were Eric Boullier I would choose the mad Venezuelan. I think Maldonado to Lotus, Perez to Force India, Hulkenberg staying at Sauber with the security of Russian investment and DiResta out on his backside would be an entirely fair line-up next season.

        1. I think Hulkenburg deserves a drive in a top team, i know he clattered into Hamilton at interlagos but that was in a much weaker car plus some of drives for Sauber this year have been very assured especially Monza, For me he would be the first candidate for mclaren

        2. Perez in Force India will be good though I personally feel Button is also not deserving of a seat. Kimi in a Macca in his sign off season will be awesome and cant be ruled out

      2. I agree. Maldonado is passionate, which is great, but he has had many extremely aggressive moves and crashes that were down right stupid. Far more then Perez I believe. And who can forget the incident between him and Hamilton at Spa (last year?). Running into another driver on purpose should get you a race ban. I really don’t want to see him in F1.

        1. Poor Hamilton, he seems to have been the favorite target last year for these sophomore year drivers (Maldonado at Spa, Hulkenberg at Interlagos).

        2. Webber did a similar side swipe on Vettel after the whole Multi 21 debacle and I don’t remember as many people whining about it.

      3. @jmwalley

        Maldonado has speed and passion, but the aggresiveness of his attitude bothers me

        That is the exact thing why Hulk is favorite .

  3. So, is that a confirmation of Magnussen then?

    Also, I’m not overly surprised after all the speculation over the last few days, but I still think dropping him after a year is a bit harsh. Having said that, he didn’t exactly out do Button in qualifying, which he should have done, and he had good races but also bad races.

    1. Everyone seems to think that. I wish for once I would hear a HĂĽlkenberg-to-McLaren rumour. Not to be, I guess.

      1. @erikkennedy My thought pattern as well. It seems that Magnussen is for certain, but surely they’d try to poach Hulkenburg if they could and then put Magnussen up in Force India, or something like that.

        1. I have a feeling that McLaren dont rate Hulkenberg that high. Think I remember someone mentioned that he spoken to a certain team principal about it, with it being hinted between the lines that it was Withmarsh.. Think it was James Allen..

          1. Maybe button dont like hulk to join the mclaren,because hulk will destroy him in qualifying and maybe in race

        2. I strongly suspect McLaren tried to get Magnussen in a midfield/backmarker team but discovered it was too expensive (€10m seems to buy you a ride at the back these days). I doubt Magnussen’s salary is going to be all that high; not as much as paying for a seat elsewhere anyway.

      2. @erikkennedy
        Yeah, considering they’re always saying they hire the best two drivers available, well, Hulkenberg’s available.

  4. Don’t forget the possible openings at Sauber and Force India!

  5. Well Perez got burned for no reason here. :/ I fail to see how Magnussen could have done or will do any better with the quality of the car at Perez’s disposal. Perez will find it hard to find a seat now, unfortunately.

    1. raskolnikov001
      13th November 2013, 18:19

      I very much doubt that. Sergio Perez has the backing of Carlos Slim, the wealthiest man in the world. He could bring in more money than Maldonado if necessary.

    2. Well, maybe you need to read up a bit:
      The evidence is almost conclusive that Magnussen is faster than Perez already. He has also significantly increased his consistency to the level of a more mature driver.

      Keep in mind that McLaren has spent more than a decade with a strategy based on “the new lightning kid”. Kimi was the first and it wouldn’t be fair to blame him for not taking any titles in that period. Next it was Lewis who did manage a title and when he left prematurely they went for the promising Perez.

      I believe that Magnussen was always the new prince to be and though McLaren had probably expected to keep Lewis, get Magnussen a rookie year somewhere else and probably oust Button when enough certainty about Magnussen had been gathered, the tables turned on them when Lewis split.

      I don’t understand why people are so eager for McLaren to give Perez another shot. He hasn’t shined as they expect from a lightening kid and to see if he can slowly gather more pace over another season is not only expensive but risky in the sense that they could lose what they believe is the next lightning kid. With Vettel, Abikisi, Lewis and Räik signed off – all they need to know is that Mag is a better bet than Checo and it certainly seems so. They have no doubt analyzed the situation much more thoroughly than we can even imagine.

      If the rumors are true that McLaren are indeed trying to head hunt Abikisi for 2015 it will not only be a fantastic shoot out between the Ferrari aces but also between Mag and Button to keep the other seat. However, if McLaren are as uncompetitive as this year I doubt that there will be a figure large enough to lure Abikisi their way.

      1. Abikisi? A new codename for Alonso?

      2. I don’t understand why people are so eager for McLaren to give Perez another shot. He hasn’t shined as they expect from a lightening kid and to see if he can slowly gather more pace over another season is not only expensive but risky in the sense that they could lose what they believe is the next lightning kid.


        I think people are upset because he wasn’t that much worse than Button. If Hamilton or Alonso were his teammates as Mclaren, it would be obvious to drop the new kid who couldn’t deliver as opposed to the veterans who are on top of their game.

        People are upset that out of the two mediocre drivers in the Mclaren line up, they are dropping the one that was new and relatively inexperienced. Perez isn’t great, ut he has more potential than a washed up Jenson

      3. It’s Akibsi. Unless it was dark there is no reason for you to do that

    3. Completely agree, his machinery was nowhere near up to scratch. I think he deserved at least another year to prove himself.

  6. When the music stops, it’s increasingly likely that there is going to be somebody left standing up.

    The likes of Perez, Maldonado, Hulkenberg, di Resta are all fighting for a diminishing number of seats. All of them have done enough to deserve to remain in F1 in my opinion, and it will be sad to see one or more of them go.

    1. Di Resta? Really? He’s had a few good races and then either fails to make himself visible in all the others or crashes (as is the case multiple times since Spa). If any of the 4 drivers you mentioned have NOT earned a seat next year, it’s di Resta.

      1. Really?
        I’d say it’s Maldonado.

        The supposed king of qualifying that we saw last year has disappointed greatly this year in qualifying. He’s struggling to get his car out of Q1, and is barely outpacing Bottas, a rookie, in qualifying, at all.
        And that is discounting Bottas’ Montreal 3rd.

        Maldonado may have scored 100% of Williams’ points, but he hasn’t stood out, at all, this year. At least Di Resta has had some performances that raised some people’s eyebrows.

        1. Actually, yeah I’ll agree with that. But they’re both awful.

          1. @nick-uk You’re awful!

          2. @mhop Good one…

          3. @nick-uk Just winding you up. Seriously, though, di Resta generally matched Hulk last year and has significantly outperformed Sutil this year. How can you say he’s awful?

            This year in clean races Sutil has only finished ahead of di Resta once: at the very first Grand Prix in Australia, and that was only because of team orders!

            In contrast di Resta has been ahead in Canada, Germany, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, and was ahead in Malaysia, Singapore and Korea before retirements.

            In qualifying head-to-heads di Resta is also leading, and that’s in spite of FOUR (!!) team/strategic errors at Malaysia, Monaco, Canada and UK. Take them out the equation and he’s 9-4 ahead in qualifying. Furthermore in recent races di Resta has also been sacrificing more qually pace for race pace.

            I think di Resta deserves to keep his seat.

          4. looks like mmmbop loves PDR

        2. “Maldonado may have scored 100% of Williams’ point…” Point, not points ;)

          Sadly… Better car and results next year!

      2. I don’t see how di Resta is worse than Perez or Maldonado. The collision at Spa wasn’t his fault. Yes, the following three races were a disaster but the season consists of nineteen races. And Di Resta has been more than decent in most of them. Given how many potential points he lost because of his team’s mistakes during the first half of the year, he has done really well and convincingly outperformed his more experienced team mate, too.

        1. The fact that nobody wants him is a sing IMHO

          1. Well FI haven’t decided on their driver line-up yet so it’s too early to say that nobody wants him. Moreover, many talented drivers get overlooked today because of different considerations.

          2. @girts but even when 4 seats in top teams are changing nobody have even said his name as a candidate should be a good of how those teams think of him.

            Red Bull – let´s said that beside Kimi, Toro Rosso have that one the bag
            Lotus- Nobody has mention him, Hulk is pretty much the one getting the attention there
            McLaren- Nobody has mention him, Magnussen and Hulk are the ones people are talking about
            Ferrari- Didn´t even aproach him.

            So at the best Di Resta is considered a middle of the field driver, maybe will be better if a new talent (Stoffel Vandoorne) will take the seat.

          3. @celeste Apparently Vandoorne should join GP2 next year and I hope he will fare well in an experienced field (I don’t see lots of change in GP2 for next year) and join F1 the following year.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if DiResta is dropped. And I’m quite glad to see so much movements in F1 this year, good to see faces move around … Okay it’s always questionnable but DiResta and Maldonado have done their time. Wouldn’t be a shame to drop them

          4. @jeanrien

            Okay it’s always questionnable but DiResta and Maldonado have done their time. Wouldn’t be a shame to drop them

            Me neither, I would gladly receive a new exciting driver for any or both, and Max Chilton can go too IMHO

        2. De resta, I just don’t see why he should keep his seat. He’s had there seasons and he’s not done badly by any means but he’s never done anything that makes you think “wow that was brilliant”.

          Grosjean, Hulkenberg, Maldonado and Perez have had some blinding races where they have been excellent. I’ve never seen anything from De Resta that would make me keep over a fresh faced rookie like a Magnussen or even a Bianchi.

          So most likely I think a total clear out at Force India, possibly a total clear out at Sauber.

          Grosjean & Hulkenberg > Lotus
          Maldonado & Russian money boy> Sauber (They need money)
          Perez & Colado(Maybe?) – Force India
          Magnussen to Mclaren looks like a done deal.

  7. Perez will go to IndyCar, just wait for it…

    1. That would be sad, but he would be welcome. Would love to see a character of his calibre set that series aflame. Am tired of Dixon and Power and the other nonsense that came with the IndyRacing League. More Andrettis, Villenueves, Zanardis, and Montoyas (Hooray for that one at least), would make me watch IndyCar again.

      1. I can said lot´s of things about Perez, but not that he is character

      2. We have a new Montoya with Carlos Munoz. Pretty sure he’s going to be on Andretti’s squad next year.

        1. @somethingwhittyer we have a new Montoya in Montoya next year, he’s making a comeback!

  8. I still say this has as much to do with something behind the scenes as it does evaluating the performance of Perez over the whole season in a dog of a car. Something with the rumored Carlos Slim money or something like that. Maybe it will come out in time.

    1. @bullmello Maybe Slim comes out with a team of his own ala Dietrich Matechistz

  9. Last year I thought McLaren were doing a mistake taking Perez on board. Now that he is going it just doesn’t feel right after only one year of uncompetitive car they have produced. Any way, they know better than me and McLaren needs and has to be at the top again next year.

  10. I’ll miss the excitement of “imminent wheel-banging action” when Perez was about to pass someone.
    He failed to meet expectations and is now paying for it.

    1. More wheel banging tension than action . All his so called “elbowing” has added disrepute to whatever he did last year . Actually to think of everything he did last year with Sauber ,bagging the points ,chasing Alonso .He was touted as the next best thing . Then he went to Mclaren and got advised to elbow his way . Why do I get the feeling that Mclaren is a recipe for disaster every time a new driver goes there .

  11. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    13th November 2013, 18:31

    I demand to know why! He has been performing strongly with a car that doesn’t suit his driving style of late. Oh, I get it, the Telmex money has dried up. And does Kevin Magnussen deserve to be parachuted into a top team? OK, he’s been awesome this year, but he was nothing to write home about last year, and rather out-competed by Frijns, Bianchi, Sorenson and of all people Antonio “the bridesmaid” Da Costa. Hardly Lewis Hamilton reborn…

    1. Well Magnuessen is not parachuted, he earned it, at least McLaren think he does.

      Checo hasn´t being performed as strong as McLaren wanted him to, nothing more.

      1. Can’t understand why people are still clinging on to Da Costa, he is a closed chapter man

        1. Agree Da Costa had a bad season, and Red Bull (Marko) said that he was crushed under the pressure.

    2. The FR3.5 field this year was of awesome quality, and Magnussen destroyed it. I think that says something about his quality. Yes some of the same people out-competed him last year, but clearly he got his act together to string a campaign together. I think mainly though a mentality change looking at the big picture, which he himself has also talked alot about. I for one think that we should be glad that for once a new driver is coming into f1 through merit and not because of the thickness of his wallet!

      1. Fact is he got out performed last year, big talents show alot straight away he did not. I bet Frijjns is better

  12. Perez and Hulkenberg at Force India would make an explosive combination and if they can pout up a good car then the top teams must keep a check on rearviews for orange white and green cars. Though there is a very small chance for this to happen, I am hoping it will and midfield teams like FI, dauber and Williams give the top teams a run for their money as it would generate a lot of interest amongst fans and general poublic alike. The predictability is ruining the sport.

    1. @bharat141 Would love to see Narain Kathikeyan grab a seat in this melee

    2. +1 mate. My personal dream team at Force India will be Hulkenberg and Grosjean. But, Checo and Hulk is also an excellent line-up. Plus, Force India have been developing their 2014 challenger from April, so they maybe the darkhorses in 2014,

  13. Somehow I feel this was destined to happen… McLaren, I think are way more into preparing for 2014 and beyond and this was an off year for them, hence they took Perez to fill the boots for a year…

    1. +1, I thought so at the begining of the season, this car is a transition design between the 2 stages, they never meant for it to get podiums (but if they fall on their laps, all the better), I wonder if other teams had this agenda going on at least one car, at least at times, every now and then, I mean Lotus had 2 different cars at times (no secret there) and most teams had performance disparity between their cars for no reason other than “bad driver days”. it’s creepy, I know. If this is true, then magnussen will put Mclaren, square in the midfield ahead or behind Button, the way Checo could not do, if we are to believe their rationalization, but if they move forward up the field with both drivers next year……what? suddenly drinking Red bull gave them wings?

    2. the question now is where will perez head to ?

  14. Humm, that’s not the same statement I read on GPUpdate

  15. Hulkenberg saying no to Lotus seat suddenly (according to Autosport) could be an indication that a deal has been signed elsewhere, most probably Force India.

    Magnussen to McLaren seems likely but needs an official confirmation, but there may still be a surprise as Martin Whitmarsh said that they are talking to many drivers. Maldonado is probably going to Lotus.

    Sutil should be elbowed out from Force India. Hulk and DiResta where matching each other when they were together, Sutil has scored half the point DiResta has scored this year. Not good enough.

    Perez goes back to Sauber, the all Mexican team gets loads of cash from Carlos Slim. Dont forget doubts keep coming up about their financial status every now and then.

    Final Lineups (From what I speculate)
    Force India-HUL-DIR

    1. Are sauber supposed to field a Russian rookie named sirotkin in 2014? I dntnsee his name in your predictions

      1. Sirtokin along with Guttierez seems very difficult. Too little experience there. With Hulk he might have had a chance. For Sirtokin to come Guttierez has to go

        1. @rahul1810 Now that is more probable to happen

    2. @rahul1810 Agree 100%. I think Hulkenberg and Maldonado’s positions are interchangeable (i.e. MAL could be going to FI and HUL could be going to Lotus), but I think you’re spot on generally.

      GRO-HUL, DIR-MAL, BUT-MAG would all be exciting line-ups to see who comes out on top.

      1. Hulkenberg saying no to Lotus seat suddenly (according to Autosport) could be an indication that a deal has been signed elsewhere, most probably Force India.

        That is one possibilty, but it indicates 3 things to me.
        1) Hulkenberg is declining signing with Lotus until their financial situation becomes more positive, if ever.
        2) He is smart enough to not burn his bridges with Sauber even if they have not yet paid him. He could possibly end up back with Sauber again to keep his F1 career going. What if he went to Lotus for 2 races and then due to financial circumstances or whatever, ended up with no ride for 2014?
        3) It could indicate that he does not yet have a solid offer for next season or has not made up his mind.
        I think at this time he made the right decision.

        Where Perez ends up next season is a difficult proposition. You wonder what sponsorship he could bring and sadly, that may be his most attractive feature after getting dropped by McLaren. The suggestion of IndyCar might not be that far fetched.

    3. Apparently, Sutil and Hulkenberg might swap seats for 2014. Di Resta will say goodbye to F1 after 3 mediocre seasons.

    4. @rahul1810 Hulk said no to lotus?? come to think of it, hulk may not be too keen to go to another team thats renowned for not paying its drivers

  16. I wish him the best for next season, he deserves at least a drive in a mid-team :)

  17. That’s a really sad statement.

    I know that F1 is not a beauty contest. If a driver is underperforming, he should try his luck elsewhere. Still, I’m sad that I didn’t get to see this cheerful guy smiling on the podium more often.

    Not all is lost and Perez might still find another race seat for 2014 and possibly further years. But it will be very hard for him to get back to the top.

    1. @girts I liked his 2012 campaign very much . Sad he has to go down the pecking order for next year .

  18. I really hope Perez finds a seat for 2014, he deserves to be in Formula One. I hope Sauber welcome him back, or maybe Force India could take him.

  19. That would be an excellent line-up.

    1. I don’t know why this comment has appeared here. It was a response to bharat regarding Hulkenberg and Perez in the same team.

  20. I think McLaren are doing the right thing here.
    Perez has by no means lived up to the expectations. If he had the necessary speed to be a replacement for Hamilton, as the main championship challenger, then he would have shown that capability, by at the very minimum at least beating Button in qualifying regularly.

    McLaren simply cannot waste their time with 2014 coming up. If they feel that Magnussen (or whoever they bring in) has what it takes to be the long term prospect, then they need to use the big changes next year to their advantage. Getting him in the car for next year, will mean that he has time to get up to speed, while all the other drivers also have a bit of adaptation and re-learning to do.

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