Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Nurburgring Nordschleife, 2013

Lotus approached Schumacher to replace Raikkonen

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Nurburgring Nordschleife, 2013In the round-up: Lotus tried to bring Michael Schumacher back as a temporary replacement for Kimi Raikkonen.


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Lotus fail with sensational attempt to bring Schumacher out of retirement again (Daily Mail)

“It is unclear whether the appeal to Schumacher came prior to an offer to fellow German Nico Hulkenberg, who Lotus want to fill the vacancy brought about by Raikkonen?s return to Ferrari on a permanent basis next season.”

Vettel rivals ‘encouraged’ booing (BBC)

“It has been convenient for some of his rivals to treat him like [the bad guy] and they have encouraged it, whether that’s Fernando Alonso taking off his cap and throwing it in the crowd as soon as Sebastian talks on the podium to get a reaction.”

Moscow F1 Plans Move Forward as Architect Tilke Drafted In (RSport)

“Plans for a new Formula One track on the outskirts of Moscow took a major step forward Tuesday with the announcement that prolific motorsport architect Hermann Tilke?s company had been tasked with designing the circuit.”

Piquet hospitalised with heart trouble (MSN)

“The 61-year-old retired Brazilian driver [Nelson] Piquet underwent surgery on a blocked artery late on Tuesday at Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo.”

‘Being a simple sponsor is like paying for sex’ (ESPN)

“There are other things that are less obvious, and you may have Adrian picking something and saying ‘I’m interested in scratch-shield paint’ and we wonder why he would be interested in that because it seems like a cosmetic benefit, but he’s interested in it for its aerodynamic properties. Or there is light-weight magnesium which we have and the team is now using.”

Lewis: F1 will crack America (Sky)

“The more I go to the States, the more I meet people who are crazy-passionate about it.”


Comment of the day

@Fer-no65 on McLaren’s decision to drop Perez:

I still maintain that his performances haven?t been specially bad considering the circumstances. Neither he nor Button did well, and neither got the chance to do well either. The car was just a complete failure.

It?s hard to compare drivers when one has been a multiple grand prix winner with the team on his fourth year at the same factory with the new guy that wasn?t even in F1 when Button joined McLaren.

But (and it?s a big one) they are replacing him because they feel there?s a Vettel/Hamilton in the making in the shape of Magnussen, good for them. We?re all very vocal about how the best drivers should have the best lineup, and if the rumours are true, then it?s good news for F1.

On a side note, a bit harsh on Mexican fans who might lose the Mexican GP and just about lost their main driver?s seat ahead of their second “home” GP.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sridhar!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Eliseo Salazar who is 59 today. Salazar, the only Chilean to ever race in Formula One, started 24 grands prix in the early eighties, scoring a best finish of fifth for ATS in the controversial 1982 San Marino Grand Prix.

But he is best remembered for this incident later that year when he was attacked by Piquet after knocking the reigning world champion out of the lead while being lapped.


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  1. Alonso throwing a cap to the crowd is now considered to be encouraging booing? Epic logic.

  2. Kind of sad that the booing of Vettel hasn’t happened for a couple of races now, but Red Bull still want to talk about it. You get the feeling they liked the attention.

  3. Lotus have failed in a sensational attempt to persuade Michael Schumacher out of retirement for a second time.

    Lotus couldn’t afford him for 1 race, let alone 2.

  4. Why stop at Schumacher?
    Why not Fittipaldi? Surtees? Mansell?
    Anyone but your designated reserve driver.

    1. @TimothyKatz I agree with the sarcasm, it’s obviously wrong that test drivers get overlooked when teams have to replace one of their race drivers. However, an even bigger problem is that a current GP2 champion and drivers like Kovalainen were left without permanent race seats in 2013.

      1. Yes, I agree.
        I haven’t voiced the opinion here, but I was a little disappointed when Massa was confirmed at Williams because that could have been another seat where a young-gun could have shown what he was capable of.
        The new drivers might be good or bad, but we’ll never know if one of the ‘senior’ drivers doesn’t move over to let them in.
        Massa’s a very nice chap, but he’s pretty close to his sell-by date and I would have preferred to see someone new.

    2. “Some say, that there is a book that has all the phone numbers of past drivers who have worked for the Enstone team.”

      Alexander Wurz
      Fernando Alonso
      Gerhard Berger
      Giancarlo Fisichella
      Heikki Kovalainen
      Jacques Villeneuve
      Jarno Trulli
      Jean Alesi
      Jenson Button
      JJ Lehto
      Johnny Herbert
      Jos Verstappen
      Martin Brundle
      Riccardo Patrese
      And so on…

      But still, on a serious side – I would give Davide Valsecchi a chance.

  5. The prospect of a second race in Russia is an interesting one, because Russia is one of the few countries that could pull it off. Sochi and Moscow are 3000km apart – roughly the same distance from Sydney to Perth. As such, they could comfortably have a second race and draw on audiences without trampling all over the race in Sochi. But to organise this second race without first having a Grand Prix is a huge risk. There’s obvious Russian interest in motorsport in general and Formula 1 in particular – aside from Daniil Kvyat, Sergey Sirotkin and Marussia, the country hosts a round of the World Touring Car Championship and DTM, with the DTM considering an expansion to Sochi in the future. There are Russian drivers all throughout the Formula Renault Series, and they have a presence in GP2 and GP3. But until such time as the first race is run in Sochi, it’s a big step into the unknown, and it seems a little presumptuous to organise a second race. That said, a lot of circuits are being built at a much higher standard than their intended purpose – many countries put forward plans to build Grade-1 circuits, but don’t hold Grade-1 races straight away.

  6. Did Red Bull switch alliances and Ricciardo is now their new miracle driver? Was it the first shot of a campain aimed at making Vettel’s life as hard as possible? I have no other explanation for Horner’s statements, it’s hard to imagine he might have really meant it. I mean, who would pour gasoline and thrown in firecrackers for good measure into a fire that is already dying?
    Horner is really very “special”, he never stops surprising us.

  7. Very entertaining rumors:
    Ferrari blocked Hulkenberg from taking the Lotus seat in the last races – by paying his salary and forcing him to fullfill his sauber contract (Motorsport-Total.com).

    Additionally Lopez suggested that the timing of Räikkönens operation was influenced by Ferrari, too.

    1. We’re through the looking glass now. The Maranello influence is there for all to see in the pitlane. It makes you wonder, though: Ferrari must have had a very good reason for allegedly spending over €1m on another driver’s salary just to prevent him helping Lotus make up an unlikely 26-point deficit. Perhaps Alonso is more of a doubt for Austin than initially expected.

      Raikkonen is a bit more understandable: Ferrari have something to gain from that and by all accounts he wasn’t thrilled about continuing to race unpaid anyway.

      1. At this point though, there’s zero proof Ferrari paid Sauber/Hulkenburg anything at all.

  8. If lotus wanted a publicity stunt maybe a front running US Nascar driver would have been a better option.

    1. Are there any in possession of a superlicense?

      1. I think the only NASCAR driver with one is Montoya, assuming he kept it renewed.

  9. Bring Bruno Senna back for Lotus

  10. Murray’s commentary on the salazer/piquet bust up is absolute gold, watched it so many times and never fails to amuse

  11. Bah, seems to me Schumacher wouldn’t have been a bad choice at all in terms of trying to secure points in the last two races – except that he knows better than anyone his motivation isn’t there anymore. Sure it’s sad the reserve driver doesn’t get a shot, but there’s so much money involved in the constructors’ standings that it’s hardly surprising they’ll opt for as much experience as they can get. And, case in point, this is another element of the F1 financial scheme that badly needs reforming.

  12. How pathetic of Horner to say that. Why on earth would rivals do that? Thats pathetic. Thats not being sportmanly. Red Bull are the biggest cry babies on this planet. When everything goes wrong, they blame everyone and cry like school children. Their public image is destroyed and is bringing Vettel down with them. I don’t like Vettel, never have done. But, you see all these people saying “Oh he’s a lovely man behind the camera.” I’d imagine he is, just like Hamilton, Alonso, Rosberg, etc, but he needs to change his public image. I love how Hamilton and others wear their heart on their sleeve and are very personal in F1. I loved the Hamilton and his dad days! That was just great! But RBR need to change. Very childish and pathetic. I really really really hope they do not tell Ricciardo to be like them because I love Ricciardo. Such a genuine man, always smiley, happy to be anywhere and deserves all the success, but I would be so annoyed if his public image is ruined by the cry babies.

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