Hulkenberg wary of going up against Grosjean

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Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, Buddh International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg says he was wary of being compared to an on-form Romain Grosjean if he had accepted the chance to substitute for Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus.


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Hulk: Lotus move too risky (Sky)

“Hulkenberg said the pitfall was of ‘stepping into a car you don’t know. If I’d stepped in there, I don’t know – I don’t know whether people would have expected me to beat Romain right away. He seems to be very comfortable in the car now and in the team. He’s delivering very good results now.'”

Maldonado ‘happy’ to leave Williams (BBC)

“Overall, I feel I delivered more to the team than they did for me.”

Magnussen will sink or swim, says Button (Reuters)

“It’s a massive risk to be put in the deep end, if you like, with a team that should be fighting for a title.”

Lewis Hamilton warns F1 rookies of importance of building foundations as Kevin Magnussen joins his old team McLaren (The Mirror)

“Don?t rush. Me and my dad wanted to get there when I was 18 and we were always in a rush but McLaren kept me calm, kept my feet on the ground. Take your time. And I got here I was just about ready.”

Driver market ‘unhealthy’ – Webber (ESPN)

“After Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, a bit McLaren, but then it gets ?? at this level with all of the smoke and mirrors we should have all of the staff members, everyone at the factory, all the drivers, everyone accounted for. The numbers should add up, but it’s got itself into a position that there’s people that are on the squeeze and that’s what the sport needs to address pretty quickly for the sake of everyone.”

Mercedes: Hamilton’s chassis cracked (Autosport)

Ross Brawn: “We knew he had had some excursions over kerbs and things, but when we actually got here and started to strip everything down, the damage was pretty significant. It may even be at a level that was affecting the handling of the car.”

Former-Ecclestone lieutenant offered ??15m by ex-wife, court told (FT, registration required)

“Asked if he felt personally threatened as a result of siding with Mrs Ecclestone in the proceedings, Mr Mullens said: ‘I don?t think Mr Ecclestone was entirely happy.'”

The FOTA Fan Forum live from Austin – US Grand Prix (Pole Position via YouTube)

Jenson Button on lubricants and fuel mileage in F1 (F1 Fanatic via YouTube)

Circuit of the Americas on Google Streetview

Analysis: Why McLaren are right to give Magnussen a race seat (PaddockScout)

“He?s the most ready for F1 that any junior single-seater driver has been for some years, even if others have had more glittering careers-to-date. Credit to McLaren for realising that proven F1 podium finishers are not the answer, and giving a chance to somebody with the potential to do so much more.”

US Grand Prix Betting: Odds rise on rivals to record-smashing Vettel (Unibet)

My United States Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

Has Esteban Gutierrez done enough to deserve a second season? M Sanchez (@faulty) weighs the pros and cons:

Against Gutierrez:
He had a terrible first quarter, where he was completely overwhelmed by car and competition, but got back from it. It?s true that a more complete and more experienced Hulkenberg got the hang of things quicker, but that was to be expected. He has been beaten in qualifying by his team mate, but, which of the non-champion drivers would stand a chance against 2013 Hulkenberg? How many can you name?

For Gutierrez:
His team has been all praise towards him because he supposedly did a 2012-Massa with car development (he used to be their test driver, remember).
I rank him close behind Alonso and Maldonado as one of the best starters this year.
He did lead the field, it might not mean points but he didn?t leave a stinky trail behind either.
Yes, Hulkenberg destroys him qualifying, but have you checked his race lap times in the second half of the season? right there with the Toro Rossos, on par with his team mate who has often gone backwards from his unrealistic starting positions.
Race craft? He?s exponentially better than what he showed in Australia, and in my opinion, better than Perez at this stage in his career. He can be problematic to get around when fighting for position, but that’s what you’d want from a racing driver. So far the only complaints have come from Hamilton, but he complains about everybody.

I say he is better than Perez.
M Sanchez (@Faulty)

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Loki, Tom Watson and Deej92!

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On this day in F1

The short but successful life of the TAG Porsche ended on this day in 1987. Introduced at the end of 1983 the TAG-funded Porsche-designed 1.5-litre turbo powered McLaren to consecutive constructors’ championships in 1984 and 1985, plus helped Niki Lauda and Alain Prost claim a total of three drivers’ world championships.

They were outclassed by Honda in the final season but Prost nonetheless won three races and finished fourth in the championship.

Image ?? Sauber

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83 comments on Hulkenberg wary of going up against Grosjean

  1. Jack (@jackisthestig) said on 15th November 2013, 3:58

    Uurgh, who’s Lewis’ next helmet going to be dedicated to, Jimmy Saville?

  2. Anirudh s said on 15th November 2013, 5:46

    Anyone knows on which channel Indycar and Nascar is telecast in India??

  3. N7 (@m77) said on 15th November 2013, 9:23

    I’m a little amazed at Pastor’s comments. He may have given one win (yes his performance was very impressive, although so too was the car & team that weekend…) and a healthy dose of cash but besides that he’s picked up massive fines, caused a lot of expensive damage and, in 2012 especially, binned a significant number of points that could have (indeed, should have) bumped Williams up a few places in the constructor’s championship.

    I am sure the team are a little relieved that he has gone.

  4. Webber’s got a point there. The teams should have the decency not to cut someone loose this close to the end of the year. Perez is quite lucky in that a lot of the available seats are still unaccounted for so he may still be on the grid next year but I’d hate to see something like this happening in other circumstances.

    And no Tom, you’re kidding yourself by thinking that Leimer is as deserving of an F1 seat as Magnussen is. This applies to Luiz Razia as well. The main reason you finished as a runner-up last year was because of experience. Try not to overrate yourself.

  5. Nick (@nick-uk) said on 15th November 2013, 18:51

    From the fan forum video, at 40:25.

    Question: “To the William’s driver [Maldonado]. Do you have a plan or a strategy to do something about Red Bull. We’re [the fans] getting tired of them.”

    [Crowd laughs and proceed to give applause to the question]

    Perhaps this is the most simple and honest indication of the general feeling towards Red Bull by fans.

    • @nick-uk – I’m a fan of Webber and like his Aussie grit and would support him regardless of team or series. But I’m not a Red Bull Racing F1 team fan, although I appreciate the level of mastery they’ve achieved (even if it includes doing things like subverting RRA and buying 2010 WCC, basically). And their dominance of F1 for four years is ruining the spectacle for me. They’re suffocating the competition and it’s simply not as entertaining as when there’s a reasonable chance that someone other than Vettel will win.

      For those who aren’t Vettel fan-boys to be reduced to hoping for him to suffer a mechanical, a puncture, or mishap so that someone else can win is a measure of just what a stranglehold SV has on the sport. He’s the Armstrong of F1 and RBR is the USPS of the series and it wouldn’t actually surprise me if they were cheating…but who even wants to think or feel that?! Jesus Christ this sport has become the Seb Vettel/RedBull show and it’s laaaaame! The only redeeming aspect is the fight for the minor podium places and that’s 100x more interesting and engaging than watching Vettel parade around.

  6. Nickpkr251 said on 16th November 2013, 9:21

    I’m gut at Valsecchi, he did won GP2 last yr and he would off drive his heart out hope heikki brings points, lots of points !

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