Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix

2013 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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224 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix”

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    1. agreed. very disappointing. bad for the US fans who dont know much about f1.

      1. Tyres again, surely by now it should be obvious, even to those fans who would applaud anything that stopped Vettel winning, that these tyres do nothing for the race except discourage fast laps and attacking driving, barely a 5 for me.

        1. A small 5 from me as well – there was some good fighting after all, and a few very gutsy overtakes.
          Indeed tires again. I just had a thought while drifting off during the race;
          if the pit lanes were either shorter or the speed limits were higher, the pit stops would be faster, and the advantage to manage the tires much smaller, making it pay to push.

          1. @testacorsa, take that thought to its logical conclusion – no pitstops and tyres that don’t need managing, then it’s a car race, not a tyre trial.

          2. Pit lanes could be designed as shortcuts so that the extra time when driving through would only be an extra two or three seconds.

            There was one race at Donnington (?) where Senna (?) went into the pit lane but then decided not to pit after all. He set fastest lap while doing that…


          3. I meant to say @testacorsa

          4. @hohum I get what you mean, but personally I don’t mind that there is pitstops, as they sometimes contribute to the excitement. It is something both drivers and pitcrew has to be very skilled at. Furthermore, to construct a tire that would last an entire race, at these massive grip levels, without them having to be managed, would be hard to do, I would guess.

            @mike-dee Good thinking! I didn’t know about that Senna story. I bet that raised a few eyebrows when they found out.

          5. @testacorsa, I understand that if you have grown-up with pit-stops as part of F1 it is hard to imagine F1 without them but many successful forms of motorsport don’t have pit-stops, F1 used to be one of them. F1 should always be a technical challenge and I suspect tyre companies would rather be challenged to build a better tyre than to build a bad tyre and I am sure they can build a tyre capable of 300Km of hard racing.

          6. I can imagine them not being there, it’s just that it takes a factor away that has potential excitement, more than it’s tradition playing a role.
            It is possible that it would push both man, machine, and tires much more to the limit with no pit stops, I’m just afraid that the tires would be nursed to make them last 300 km. But if it is technically possible to build a lasting tire that could be pushed very close to the max for the race distance, I´m all for it.

    2. Dull? You’re being too soft, heh.

    3. The race clashed with the early NFL kickoffs. I was watching live streams on my computer so I sacrificed one of my windows to show the GP. After half an hour I turned off the GP and went back to the excitement of the NFL. Judging by the emptiness of some of the grandstands I guess a lot of American sports fans found something more interesting to do this afternoon. I rated the half hour I watched as a 2/10.

    4. Draaaaab . So booooring.

    5. softs and mediums would have been fun and safe

    6. Agreed – 0/10 until about lap 40, then a 6, so averaging 3-ish

  1. 5 or 6/10. Definitely better than the past two races.

  2. The race got off with a pretty slow start, but the second half was full of action, it’s about an 8.

    1. I wish I shared your baseline for excitement. That was awful. There have been more exciting practice sessions.

      1. Agreed… few moves, and those that there were DRS-engineered… mostly the race was a parade with few changes of position…

        I pity the commentators having to try to make it sound exciting, they had to resort to talking about the drivers’ girlfriends ***

      2. All the rate the race results are inflated anyway by the inability to vote 0. To completely ignore 0-0.99 etc as a positive score has a knock on effect to provide higher than true numbers. This certainly wasn’t a zero though. It is also a problem that everything thinks the worst race on earth is still a 4 (or thereabouts), generally people are reluctant to dish out the harshest scores even when it would be perfectly reasonable to.

        I gave this a 6. There was some half decent racing up and down the field. I liked watching Romain take Mark at the start and hold him off at the end. Middle was quite boring though.

        1. @nick-uk My baseline is a 2 or something . I gave this 4 . No more .

    2. Yes, and with the same profile pic, I’ve noticed you too are registered here :)

  3. 1/10 Race was over after the first corner: like most F1 races.

  4. Dreadful. 2/10. I’ve had enough.

  5. 7.
    Boring. Just that. I’m happy I went to last year’s race, this was dull as Spain. Extra point for the finish. Webber should watch for his traction on Brazil!

    1. Your scoring confuses me.

      1. I was rating a 6 until the Ricciardo, Button and Gutierrez train and Webber closing on Grosjean.

        1. I mean, why is it so high if it was ‘boring’. Even 6 is high for boring.

    2. Your scoring confuses me aswell especially because you didn’t like Spain.

      1. 5 for me is too low, I rated that for Abu Dhabi. This race was better than that one. Sapin was similar to this race in terms of tyre conservation.

    3. Last I gave this race an 8/10. I hardly ever rate above 7.

      Your scoring escapes me also

      I’d imagine you rate last years race around a 15/10 if you’d rate this one a 7.

      Anyways, I gave 1/10. I’d rate lower if I could. Compared to the racing last year, this year just cannot compare. The highest rating I’ve given this year was 8/10 in Silverstone and Australia.

      I gave 9/10 ratings 5 times last year…. So you see why i’m so harsh.

      1. I agree with you over the action that can’t compare. But i would rather complain to those who are rating this race a 10.

  6. No comment. Heavy eyelid

    1. Usual score for a race without Kimi.

  7. 7, for the world record and for some great drives from Bottas, Grosjean and Hülkenberg – particularly the former. Great last couple of laps between Alonso and The Hulk as well!

    The DRS wasn’t too bad and the tyres generally were quite good at holding up too. Brundle said it all though:

    We are witnessing something really special in sport.

    1. Nomination for overtake of the race definitely, possibly the season, with Bottas on Di Resta Rouen the outside in T2 – brilliant braving it out right on the edge of the track!

      1. @vettel1 I liked JB’s on Ricciardo ! using the slope out of turn 1 very nicely

        1. @fer-no65 me too, I was surprised by that.

      2. @vettel1 watched the race at turn 1 for the start of the race and a few laps after safety car, fans were out of their seats but after lap 10 everyone was just sitting chatting and ignoring race. Only Hulkenberg and Alonso really got persons going again late in the race. Some ppl didn’t even wait until the end of the race to leave, avoiding the traffic was more interesting than the foregone conclusion.

        That said I gave it a six for some interesting battles and maybe some bonuses from being there in person.

    2. @vettel1

      We are witnessing something really special in sport.

      Don’t agree, in the same way that I don’t believe Michael was that good, in my opinion this is how legends are made no one can argue that in this era Vettel has been practically faultless, and no one can denied that that is whats “really special” but things can change as they did from 08 to 09, that said the newer cars are probably going to be even more on the rear axle than the 2013’s.

      1. @peartree I strongly disagree: I think Michael Schumacher dominated because he was just so far ahead of everyone else after Häkkinen left. Nobody apart from Vettel-Red Bull has come close to such totalitarian domination of the sport, and I think that’s vastly undervalued due to the perspective that permeates humanity in that underdogs are valued more highly; unjustly so I feel.

        I would argue that Vettel’s 2013 season has been one of the best of any driver in the history of the sport.

        1. @vettel1 I don’t think “totalitarian” means what you think it means.

          Also, regardless of the stats, this period of F1 just leaves me cold. I genuinely don’t believe we are seeing one of F1’s all-time greats here. It reminds me of the crushing Williams cars of the 1990s. Certain drivers dominated, but probably not the best ones.

          1. Thanks for highlighting that @red-andy, the word it was looking for was simply “total”.

            Again, I disagree. I think you really only need to look at the teammates: Barichello and Webber were not even close to their respective teammates. Vettel’s domination of Webber has been just as profound as Alonso’s of Massa, and I’d still argue Webber was comfortably a better driver than Massa over the time period. (N.B. I’m deliberately speaking of Webber in the past tense).

            Schumacher showed his skill in the 90’s and followed that up when he annihilated the competition in the early 2000’s. Vettel I’m sure will prove over and above his Toro Rosso days at some stage that he can cut it just as well when he isn’t in the best car: I don’t doubt a drivers ability just because his car is good, otherwise I’d be saying Jim Clark was average, and that would be foolish.

          2. @red-andy

            I genuinely don’t believe we are seeing one of F1′s all-time greats here. It reminds me of the crushing Williams cars of the 1990s.

            I don’t remember Hill, Villeneuve or Mansell dragging a Toro Rosso-esque car up the grid at the age of 21.

          3. Just a point about the so-called “Toro Rosso-esque” car – a Newey designed customer car with a Ferrari engine. Drag it around? Hardly! Just needed good drivers.

          4. @david-a Given that none of those drivers were even in F1 at the age of 21, it’s a meaningless comparison. But when those drivers were given front-of-the-midfield machinery (as the STR3 certainly was by the end of 2008), they all performed about as well as Vettel managed. Hill even managed to pick up a win in similar conditions to Vettel’s, at Spa in 1998.

          5. @red-andy – I always felt Hill was quite underrated, but even so, his win at Spa was in a race of high attrition- only 8 cars finished the race, as opposed to 19 at Monza 2008. Did Villeneuve perform as well as Vettel? Or even Mansell? The latter was beaten by his teammates in 4 of his first 5 years in the sport and didn’t win a race until 1985. The former hardly achieved above average results outside of 1996-97.

            @luvinf1 – You point out who designed it but then forget that it finished 7th in the championship with Red Bull Racing. That’s with them starting the season with that chassis, while STR started the season with the 2007 car. In addition it wasn’t just a case of slapping a Ferrari engine in there, a theory debunked by Toro Rosso’s technical director at the time- various components at the rear of the car had to be changed. The fact that Vettel finished 8th in the driver’s championship meant he did have to “drag” it there- as he beat several drivers in superior machinery, and comfortably beat others driving machinery on par with his.

        2. Max it is good no doubt you have fact of 8 wins in a row to back your claim up but again i repeat Webber can gain 8 tenths in 1 sector lol when he overtook Ham. I think is arguably the best redbull they have buil by some margin. 2009-2010 Web was good he then dipped with Pirelli or age, now all of a sudden he is onit and no i dont think its cuz he is leaving because the qually gapsto 3rd proves that. You just love Vettel so much thats all its hard for us to argue when your guy is 4 x wc but man this car is something elsee. No doubt someone will come up with that old argument well why dint Webber win if the car is so dominant.

        3. @vettel1 I’am perfectly aware of the underdog situation, but as @red-andy adds, there are only 2 drivers on the same car and often that car is tailored around what is the driver they believe in. All things considered it’s pretty much impossible to think that someone could have driven better ever since they changed the front tyres and even before that even if RBR wasn’t as dominant I’m sure he got almost 100% from the car. What I am saying is that lately you see how good a driver is by comparing his performances across the regulation changes, because sometimes some drivers lose themselves with the new driving style associated with new regulations, meaning that I certainly rate highly the guys that can adapt and do their best from the get-go irregardeless of the car or style of driving, to make a comparison I speak of Marc Marquez, different sports but he found a riding style that he liked and it is fast but no one can beat match him or beat him right from the start of his career, for me Vettel is a question mark on that subject.

          1. Of course we wait until 2014, but I’d be massively surprised if Vettel loses his touch.

          2. I was sure of Vettels talent, first time he raced in F1, standing in for Kubica. I didn’t think that he would for sure become a new Schumacher, but I was sure he had a lot of potential.
            After Vettels first WC in 2009, I was sure he would dominate F1 for a long period to come. The way he nailed his first title, proved that he had the mental strength, and he was in an ambitious team with Newey. And let us remember, this years dominance only came about because the improvements by the competition after mid season wasn’t efficient as RBR’s.
            Some on this forum will never see Vettel as one of the all times great F1 pilots, but now he is starting to crush Schumachers records!

          3. How do you know that the other drivers are just lousy at adapting? For all you know, their cars might be as quick as the RedBull and its the drivers themselves that are not able to extract the performance from them?

    3. 7, for the world record

      Please don’t rate for World Records , FLAPS , Championship win , Multiple WDC . Please rate based on action or excitement ( you would say Vettel winning by just 8 seconds generated a lot of tension in you that he might lose the lead but I am not going to fall for that RBR trick )

      1. @hamilfan note the subsequent points.

  8. A 6 for me. Very boring at times, but a there were “couples” which made it exciting from time to time. The last bit of the race was nice.

    And the message from Vettel to his team was… special? hard to put it in one word, but he’s really enjoying himself out there. And we’re watching something that might not happen in another 60 years.

    It’s a massive achievement for him, which gets easier the more this season lasts and the longer it goes from the other teams giving up on this cars. But still… inspiring.

    1. I liked that radio message. But still dry race .

  9. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    17th November 2013, 20:48

    Oh, how I miss the excitement of motorsport. A rather lovely early evening snooze – 4/10.

    1. I gave it a 4 too.

  10. Nothing compared to last year US GP ,but still a pretty good race considering that all the teams are almost on same strategy,really a matured drive from grosjean.i give it 7

  11. 7.
    Agree with (@vettel1 that DRS wasn’t too OP here. Well balanced out. Diving moves from Rosberg, Webber and Bottas on Guttierez were spectacular to watch. Mercedes still 2nd in the constructors!!!! YES!!!

    1. @krichelle Rosberg was fantastic .Lewis maintained well and crucially held off Fernando in the end . Mercedes almost nail 2nd place . YES YES YES indeed !

  12. that was a boring race, god im so sick of vettel i know he is a damn great driver but in the end of the day his car just has more grip, bite to the race track.

  13. 6 out of 10. Sleeping was sometimes interrupted by Crofty’s voice going louder with the attempt of an overtake.

    1. Lol.

      This was the first race in a while that actually put me to sleep, but I got woken up by annoying ads constantly.

      Great tyre choice for this race and what an unpredictable result for the win. -> 2/10

  14. I actually liked it. Yes Vettel won once more but DRS felt just about right. Passes were not the usual “have DRS and i fly by” but one had to work for it. Gave it an 8 because there was a genuine contest for places after 1st.

    1. @nmsi DRS was the only good thing in the race . Correct distance , correct advantage and no free pass overtakes :-). But the race itself was a procession. The only thing more worse than that would have been a Sutil train at slow speed .

  15. 8/10 – it wasn’t the greatest race and DRS was too much. But all in all good battles even more so on the live timing app because the director of the international feed had never seen a race before.

  16. 5. Yawn-worthy.

  17. Too much tyre management again which killed the racing AGAIN!

    Watching drivers running around to a lap delta saving tyres, Having to ask the team if they can push or not (As Lewis did) is boring.
    Watching Webber close on Grosjean & then drop back to watch the tyres was boring.
    Watching Webber’s tyres fall off because he was pushing to try & pass Grosjean was boring.

    Formula tyres in general is boring & to be frank im not sure how much longer im going to stick with it :(

    1. Uhhh no, tyres were ultra-conservative this weekend. The one stop strategy was what everyone aimed for and almost everybody succeeded with ease. Seeing the onboards, it was quite clear they could push the cars the whole race.

      1. No the 1 stop strategy had them hanging back and not pushing or racing until they got near their planned pit stop or races end.

        1. If that had been the case, there would have been more two-stopping teams. We have seen races this year that one or two teams have been able to pull one-stoppers but this time it seemed like everyone, even Mercedes and some other teams that have always been struggling with tire wear were able to do it with minimal pace management.

          Obviously they were nowhere near to what they were in 2005 for example but in terms of Pirelli tires, this was a conservative choice.

  18. Watched the beginning…….came back half way ……cars in same positions………..came back for the end……… in same positions……saw webber nearly overtake someone!!………saw alonso get overtaken!!! then he took the place back!!….then it finished…….did I miss anything while I was away?

    1. Not really

    2. I would have missed something, but those who merely seeks entertainment probably didn’t miss anything.

      1. I do know where you are coming from, but if you don’t watch it for entertainment why are you watching it? Are you scouting it your next chauffer?

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