Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix

2013 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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224 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix”

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  1. Cheerleaders were my favourite part. Where are the cowboy hats for the podium???????????

  2. A decent 6: Pretty dull at the beginning but it did warm towards the end, with battles throughout the field. Webber as usual useless when it comes to making the overtake that matters.

    1. I hope one day somebody arrives at your work to tell you how useless you’ve been. Stay polite.

    2. You mean he couldn’t pass the guy he was half a second quicker than because because close racing was ruining his tyres.

      1. +1 @hohum that could describe any race this year, and certainly describes what is wrong with f1.

  3. 5 – Good race

  4. I gave it a 5, and that was generous. God that was boring, can’t wait for a Brazil that puts all the missed excitement of this year in one race

  5. Ill give it a 10 just for history, you cant deny its a great achievement i said yday its lucky to have this gd reliability im really wrong about that, you make your own luck. This car is special though guys i no we keep saying it but its undeniable, Webber is not better than Lewis and he took 8 tenths in 1 sector when he got past its unheard of. And that was Webber and we know he is not as good as Seb, so outstanding achievement but its also quit frustrating. Do Vettel fans even enjoy the races alot? I m not going to lie i want Ham to win another championship but not in this way, no driver on the grid has had this car advantage. Hopefully next year is different. I would personally like new tyr supplier, i just cant wait to see back off them they have done something i just dont like,. Today Ham must have been driving to a delta you can hear frustrations in their voice they cant risk pushing. Its no secret they have not helped Ham’s carear imo. But again well done Seb clearly a great driver but it will take a while yet to find out how good, Ric wont hold a candle to him has no race pace.

    But 1 thing id like to say is well done to Hamilton you have beat your teammate in yourr first attempt have more poles should have a win more aswell, sure you have been inconsistent at times but thats the tyres and traffic making him look bad. People say Ros has had retirements, well look at Hungary for insstance Ros retired 2 laps to go in 9th so he lost a measly 2 points lol. He was 6th in Aus and behind Ham. Ham had 12 point loss in Silverstone and retired in Japan. So you have defo finished above him on merit. This wkend i said look at last few races Ham as just been unlucky he as made some great starts and been unlucky today he was not unlucky.

    1. Ham unlucky, Ros bad driver ladie da.

      Must be said though, this is the first season Lewis ends with less wins than his teammate.

      1. Huh what you mean with first sentance. Wh cares Ham beat Rs in his irst year. Ros hamerd Schumi, still looks good even though Schumi was old.

        1. Ha ha my keyboard is awful i can spell trust me.

          1. I have been watching F1 since 2007, I am an avid Lewis fan, so I rarely care about anything bar his race, other than where Nico finishes, being his team mate, and his position in the championship.

            It has been painful watching F1 since 2009, bar a couple of instances where it has looked like he could have had another championship under his belt (Mid 2010, Points in 2012) I feel I can take something positive from this year, he has certainly been far more consistent this year with Mercedes, bringing home points regularly despite only 1 win, and all being well in Brazil, 3rd is the highest position he has finished in the championship since his WDC in 2008.
            I feel he has another couple under his belt, But I have never felt it’d be under this wide winged, DRS, Pirelli tyre, Vettel dominating era.
            There is still hope for us Lewis fans just yet, chin up mate!

      2. @ardenflow good point . But again ‘crappy tyres’. He should have won silverstone .

    2. ‘Ill give it a 10 just for history’

      Are you kidding me ? how can you rate a race for historic things . Rate it based on excitement and action .

  6. Not happy I got up at 5am to watch this race. Totally confusing how people have voted the last few races so highly. Gave it a 3 for the tiny amount of action there was, a grand total of five or so minutes of excitement (if you could call it that) in two hours.

    1. I agree. I cannot understand how some people vote so weirdly. Here’s an example

      7. Boring. Just that.

      So if it was boring, how does that get a 7?

      1. Lol saw that too. My three was quite generous in hindsight. I should have given it a two

  7. 4, a 5 if I was feeling really generous.

    Hearing Martin and Crofty sound like they have lost most of their will to live during a race is never a good sign (Though that could have been for the race director being absolutely terrible).

    The few interesting moments there were did not make up for the long periods of boredom we had to endure.

  8. Happy for Seb on podium he looks really happy talking to the crowd and you can tell the boos do affect him i think he is humble.

    1. @danclapp Where there boos again? I didn’t catch the podium interview.

      1. @svfan

        No, there were only real fans in Austin.

  9. Ignoring Vettel , solid battle second, it was amazing to see Webber hunting down Grosjean i’ll give it a 7.

  10. 1/10 fell asleep because of the boredom, 2014 can’t come fast enough

  11. these rubbish tyres are really killing f1, i wont be watching next week.

    1. I agree, Pirelli should have been more aggressive with their pick ;)

      1. More aggressive tyres just means more pit stops not less tyre management.

        1. I know. And that’s what has made me more interested in F1 the past two years. And that’s what I’d like to have in future as well.

          “Tyre management” only makes a cosmetic difference in terms of what some people call the purity of F1 (which I doubt even exists). For me, the pros are greater than the cons.

  12. Really boring. There were a few good moves and battles (like Bottas at Turn 2 and Alonso picking up a few places), but overall the race lacked any kind of excitement. When the top 5 are all separated by 5 second gaps after ten or something laps, you know there is something wrong.


  13. A solid 6. I call that ‘solid’ after the last one got 2.

    Quite boring but action here and there kept it going for me (unlike Abu Dhabi which I had to turn off)

  14. 5. Some good moments but all in all just not good enough. Kudos to Bottas, who had a fantastic weekend, and Grosjean, who beat a Red Bull fair and square.

    1. with a little help from the other Red Bull.

  15. I rated this 8. HULK and VET had a good day out. I think HULK made a mistake trying to hold up ALO on the apex of T1, ALO was a little more wise to that move.
    There were overtakes up and down the pack, GRO is feeling mighty in that Lotus, and I think perhaps that he will go from strength to strength next year as #1 at Lotus. Lets see if Lotus has the money to give him a car to contend the season with

  16. This is not rate the race if Vettel won.

    We seen some good attempt of overtaking and kudos to Grosjean for good defending.

  17. I vote based on RACING, not based on some pre conception of how I expect a modern f1 race to go. Compared to other forms of motorsport, f1 has become totally irrelevant and boring. Next year better be more exciting or I imagine a large portion of fans will turn off. I know I will

  18. I gave it a 4, and it was a bit generous, The longest ever season for me since i have been watching F1, now i feel what the other fans felt in 2002/2004

    1. At least there was actual racing going on in 2002/2004.
      Yes Ferrari/Schumacher dominated but behind drivers were racing hard, Pushing & overtaking which led to a lot of exciting racing going on.

      I’ve been watching F1 for 35 years & because of these crappy tyres & DRS this has been the worse season ever. No real racing, No real & exciting overtaking, Its all been DRS highway passing & tyre management…. Boringly ridiculous!

      1. which led to a lot of exciting racing going on.

        Not really.

        1. Well if you find the rushing cars with loud sounds exciting , then for sure . No passing manouvers but still drivers pushed ,which was good to see rather than this coasting and lifting and just a procession of fast cars going at snails pace.

          1. indeed, no passing because they only did that in the pits with the refuelling.

      2. Absolutely this! I haven’t been watching f1 quite as long as you, but I feel the exact same way. People refer to teams being closer than ever, but forget that its due to regulations being tighter than ever. Wing aero dependency has killed wheel to wheel racing, and the stupid tyres and drs are a daft attempt to fix it, instead of fixing the underlying problem. 2009 reg change was meant to reduce aero wake and bring back wheel to wheel racing, but its gotten worse since and there simply is NO wheel to wheel racing anymore. We see all too often cars closing in at a second or more a lap, only to get within one second and lose downforce, making it impossible to close up anywhere other than a drs zone, and ruining the fragile tyres. When was the last time we saw f1 cars racing “bumper to bumper” or ” wing to wing” as it would be, like you see in ALL other forms of motorsport? I’ll give it one more chance next year, if it doesn’t improve, ill turn off till they get their act together.

        1. When was the last time we saw f1 cars racing “bumper to bumper” or ” wing to wing” as it would be


          1. @tmekt not quite: never, since I can never recall F1 cars having bumpers ;)

            Although I do think aero dependency still needs to be reduced, or at least redirected towards ground effects which are less affected by turbulent air than wings.

          2. @vettel1 replace wings by active suspension and traction control? :)

      3. Me too, Boyo. and @fangio85.

      4. Spot on. DRS and tyre management are doing a lot of damage to this sport. I’ve never felt so frustrated than i do right now and i’m very close to giving up on the sport i’ve obsessed about my whole life. I have a feeling that 2014 might be the last year i watch and if DRS and tyre management is still the name of the game for 2015 then i’m out.

        1. @tmekt the cars cannot follow each other closely enough due to turbulence, there was no nose to tail type racing, the .001 of a second before a drs pass doesn’t count. When a car is able to follow another nose to tail, hunting for an overtake, like other race series’, it will be exciting. As it stands, and has done for ages, cars cannot follow each other within a few car lengths for long without ruining their front tyres. And, once within a second of the car in front, it becomes a procession, as the following car loses too much front downforce to maintain any advantage that got them that close to begin with.

          1. I say, two element front wings, narrowed further than the 2014 regs, and much shallower rear wings, coupled with ground effect floors, would produce the racing people want to see. The floors can be heavily restricted to prevent too much downforce, then widen the track width back to 2000mm and widen rear tyres a bit and mechanical grip will play a larger role than aero. If I had the money I’d start a series based on this

      5. @AlanBoyo
        It’s not only me then, great to have the same point of view with an old watching fan of this sport, i know that back in 2002/2004 the racing has never been boring like today especially when there was refueling ,V10 engines, right tyres, less aero …….
        The problem is with the people running the sport, i seriously don’t know if they are watching the same races we are watching now

  19. Not terribly exiting, but there was some good battles late in the race and a few surprising results.
    The reason I give it a 7, is because I felt the DRS was good. If we have to have it, it should be like this. Giving chances, keeping things going, without the usual free overtakes. I liked that.
    And while I didn’t mind a 1 stop race for once, I felt there was still too much tyre saving going on for a 1 stop race. Then I would rather have a two stop race with a bit more tyre saving, but with the added excitement of the extra pitstop and strategy.

  20. As a lifetime fan of F1, I must say that I’m simply bored to death of this sport now and I can only hope that next years huge changes make for interesting racing again. One man’s dominance is merely hiding the truth that the sport has lost all appeal. The tyres use to be so marginal that it made for great races, but now the teams have learnt to manage them which has meant drivers having to pace themselves…this is crazy, this is not an endurance race, this is effectively a sprint. How can Vettel or anything one being told to slow down and manage the tyres be racing, it is complete rubbish. DRS is just pointless, KERS is great, but what F1 need to focus on is preventing the air behind the cars being spoilt to allow close racing…not the usual of a car catching quickly then getting stuck behind because the of dirty air…fix that problem and allow 100% flat out racing and you have F1 back! Oh, and let us have some talent back, sick of paid drivers taking the places of the more deserving (PS – less Helmet Marko too, the arrogant f@@@)

    1. More or less exactly what I just said above you mate, agree 100%. I don’t hate one driver or team dominating. I hate the fact that no real racing happens.

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