Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 United States Grand Prix

2013 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Circuit of the Americas, 2013What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the United States Grand Prix.

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  1. Welcome to Formula tire saving where the you can breeze past the driver ahead at the push of a button.


  2. Not much action, the action there was, was brilliant, real skill and balls being used! Even if next year’s cars are ugly again, I’m looking forward to it more now!

  3. Great passing moves by Bottas and Hulk through the rattlesnake esses, solid defensive work by Grosjean, and near perfection by Vettel (his lap to lap consistency is outstanding). On top of that, what a track! Just the cure for Yawn Marina. 7 out of 10.

  4. I hope everyone else enjoyed the fruits of “real” racing this weekend with conservative tires we had. Because I didn’t.

    1. @tmekt, you obviously have never seen real nose to tail F1 racing or you would know what is missing, regarding the tyres; as explained above the attempt to get more close racing by reducing the size of the rear wing has failed miserably because the remaining turbulence doesn’t just slow down the following car it destroys their crappy tyres! The one policy was totally destroyed by the other policy.

      1. @hohum

        you obviously have never seen real nose to tail F1 racing

        You may very well be right as I’ve only watched the sport on a more regular basis since 2002-2003. And I was a kid back then but, strangely enough, I don’t feel nostalgic at all.

        Call me crazy but to me it seems important that the sport tries to create itself again all the time, even with the risk of failing miserably. Eventually all the old purists die and if the sport doesn’t change along with new audiences, it will die too. Just look at what happened to Kodak, IBM, or Nokia, for example.

  5. when i want to see racing i watch the BTCC
    when i want to cure my insomnia i watch F1

    1. +1
      Next time they are head to head I’ll be watching BTCC. Next time MotoGP is head to head with F1 I’ll be watching MotoGP. F1 is a joke.

    2. Haha, must admit to saving some recorded races to watch when I can’t sleep

  6. Another race which sent me to sleep this year (the 6th or 7th). I don’t understand how I used to love watching Schumacher dominate 2000-4, but not appreciate Vettel’s obviously incredible era now.

  7. I really think that the past six or so races have dealt a a hammer blow to the popularity of F1 racing.
    Don’t get me wrong; it’s nor Seb’s fault, it’s not Pirelli’s fault, but something awful has happened to F1 racing even at one of the most exciting tracks in the world.
    Based on the costs accumulated by all the teams divided by the number of races this year, we just witnessed the expenditure of many tens of millions of dollars at a single event and it was bloody boring.
    No wonder the global TV audience is falling.

    1. I think it’s noone’s fault, next year there’s a big regulation change, Vettel and Red Bull won the championship very early, so there’s no reason for Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus to bring the fight to them. Everyone is focusing on next year’s car and the results have been quite predictable in the last few races: Vettel dominating, Webber second, third or DNF, Grosjean on the podium, Mercedes in the top 5, Ferrari struggling and so on.

      I think it’s normal that the last few races have been quite boring.

      1. The thing is, because Red Bull started wrapping the championship up two or three races after the summer break, they too started focusing more and more on next year’s car, and even more so after winning the championship in India. So It’s likely that they’ll remain competitive next year, not dominant, but at least competitive. I for one just hope that it doesn’t translate to the somewhat boring racing we’ve had for the last few events.

        1. @toiago Yes , We don’t need a Brawn GP type scenario in 2014 for Red Bull. Then I will bid good bye to f1 for some time .

    2. It may not be Pirelli’s fault but it is certainly, mostly, the tyres fault, whether they are trying to get the softs to last 8 laps, the mediums to last 20 laps or the hards to last 30 laps, the result is the same; “slow down”, ” drop back, suggest 2 second gap”, “we’re not racing him, save your tyres”, “you’re looking good, don’t worry about being passed”.

  8. Overall the weekend was pretty good. The race itself was not very exiting, almost boring at moments even. But qualifying compensated a bit for that. The shootout between Vettel and Webber in Q3 was the highlight of the weekend for me. Also friday was quite good, the Sky team had alot to talk about after all the anouncements this week. Overall 7/10.

  9. I think Keith needs to include a rating guide in the rate the race pieces. How anyone can vote these last few races above five is baffling.

    A rating of 10 goes to a race that is so perfect, so… complete that it leaves you screaming at the TV throughout, speechless for hours afterwards and makes you reflect on it for long into the future. A nine is a race that comes close to achieving the feats of a 10, but perhaps with some unwanted controversy, or maybe a brief lull in activity somewhere in the middle.

    I’ve seen the odd comment here and there over the last few weeks saying, ‘solid 7’, ‘I’ll give it an eight’.


    1. Even more bizarre are the people who say ” boring” but rate above average, like 7 or 8, weird.

    2. Or just let people vote in whichever way they like. I don’t think it takes anything away from the usefulness of the result as a single individual is likely to vote on the same principles, whatever they are, every week making different results just as comparable with each other.

      There would be a problem if same people voted on completely different basis on different polls, principles varying from side to side every other week. But really I doubt that’s the case, even if other people’s opinions don’t always please you.

      The school grades from where I come are from 4 to 10, 4 being a fail and 10 being excellent, so it’s difficult to me to adjust to 1-10-system in which 4 would suddenly be the average. It just seems very harsh to me to give anything below 5. I hope I’m not destroying the poll with my weird voting :(

      1. @tmekt, reminds me of the “News from Lake Wobegone, where all the school children are above average” #garrison Keiler.

  10. This race only encourages American’s to watch NASCAR.

    F1 ain’t getting anywhere in the USA running races like this.

    Why watch F1 if it’s this boring?

  11. I haven’t watched a GP for a while. Doesn’t sound as if I’m missing much.

  12. 4/10. Only the last few laps saved it from a 3. I even got the ironing board out after 20 laps.

  13. I am with the 5% I guess.

    I give it a 1, its so boring and you know what is going to happen from the very first corner.

    F1 without drivers pushing is not F1 at all

  14. The national anthem was sung with admirable restraint, almost with grace, I’d say. ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is so often performed at sporting events with embarrassing trills, gulps, down-home glissandos, and talent-competition warbles. It has become tradition: the American way. In fact, I have my doubts that the singer was even American. (Yes, I guess I’m a Danielle Bradbery ‘birther.’) I was impressed.

    A 3 for the race.

    1. Really? I thought it was the usual USA tacky promotion as always. I found myself saying “Let’s play ball…” just as she finished singing!!!

  15. Bill (@superbillkent)
    17th November 2013, 23:02

    Very, very poor event today. No excitement, no entertainment and if F1 carries on like this there will be no fans and no sponsors. Redbull and Vettel are destroying F1 and if it continues like this I can see top drivers and teams leaving F1 and TV stations refusing to show future races due to the lack of interest. F1 is dying.

    1. @superbillkent

      Redbull and Vettel are destroying F1

      You’re absolutely right. This would have been far more exciting with a Ferrari streaking away at the front……

  16. 5, and the NASCAR ‘finale’ was a 2.

  17. Probably isnt fair to rate a race which i slept through….

  18. I’m not going to post a vote for rate the race, as I didn’t bother watching.

    That in itself is enough of a comment on it, if you want to take it that way. The result for this race like the last 3 or 4 races was well known in advance. Vettel get pole, wins, podium is Vettel + (Webber)*+Grosjean. *Insert other Mercedes/Lotus driver if Webber’s car fails.

    While I personally am not excited by stats and record breaking, the fact that a record was broken isn’t particularly relevant to whether or not the *race* was any good. Unless you’re at the track, then your participation in watching a record get broken is not significantly different to reading it in the paper the next day/on a website afterwards.

    I just don’t get the point of being excited by something when you know what is going to happen beforehand. It’s like listening to the same joke for hours on end. While there is still some speculative interest for the F1 fan (why has Button started slacking off/reverting to crap qualifying, has Hamilton caught Button disease, what is going on with Lotus, will Hulk get a decent drive, given that he’s done more to deserve one than half the grid (grosjean included)? The fact remains you don’t need to watch a race to get involved in all of that.

    1. @hairs, I had to miss this race last year but I heard that the slick surface and hard tyres made for a great race on what seems to be a great track so I was looking forward to this race with great anticpation. I was bitterly disappointed in the race, now that the track is a year old the surface has lost its shine and so has the race, Lewis was being told to save his tyres so early in the race it almost seemed like it was behind the safety, car and that was how the race went till the end.

  19. I pretty much always rate races above a 5, as my criteria for a race being below that is something I genuinely didn’t enjoy and think my time would have been better spent in doing something else, which isn’t the case very often.

    1. Yeah, much the same for me really. Thing is, I really WAS doing something else with the race in the background (last time I did that was about a decade ago), so going on that I would rate it below a 5. But then again I had glimpses of great racing from several drivers that lifted it up a bit to be about an average race in the greater scheme of things (a 5-6)

  20. Wow, what a race! Too bad it wasn’t televised.
    By the way, was there anything worth watching in F1 today?

    On a more serious note, I watched the first few laps until the restart and watched last 4 or 5 laps. I really couldn’t watch the whole race and it’s not like I had anything better to do.

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