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Vote for your United States GP driver of the weekend

2013 United States Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Which F1 driver was the best performer during the United States Grand Prix weekend?

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most during the last race weekend.

United States Grand Prix driver-by-driver

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Sebastian Vettel – Webber’s early runs in Q3 were so strong it briefly seemed a serious possibility Vettel was about to be denied pole for the third time in four races. The final sectors made the difference: Webber’s was scruffy, Vettel’s flawless, and he took his eighth pole position of the season. He easily held off Webber and Grosjean at the start and therafter only had his tyres to worry about. This was not entirely straightforward – he pitted earlier than some of his pursuers after wearing his first set out quickly – but after easing his pace in the closing stages he took his 12th win of the season.

Mark WebberThe sector times from qualifying said it all – Webber had pole position in his hands but let it slipped away. The start was a predictable affair – both Grosjean and Hamilton demoted him. He was able to pass the Mercedes later on, but by the end of the race he was gaining too little from the DRS effect to do the same to Grosjean.


Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Fernando Alonso – Race engineer Andrea Stella praised Alonso’s effort in getting the car as high as sixth on the grid after the team ended practice outside the top ten. Starting from the dirty side of the grid he was unable to keep Perez behind but he jumped the McLaren at the pit stops. He passed Hulkenberg in the final stint but was unable to catch Hamilton as his tyres began to fade. Hulkenberg re-passed him as the final lap began but Alonso used all his savvy to reclaim fifth.

Felipe Massa – Massa was one of several drivers to be perplexed by his car’s handling in the changing conditions of qualifying. Had Maldonado and Sutil not had their problems with traffic he likely would have gone out in Q1. Matters did not improve in the race where he was forced to make a second pit stop and finished out of the points.


Jenson Button – Baffled by the “weird” qualifying conditions and found himself in the middle of the grid again, demoted a further three places by a needless penalty after passing a car under red flags during practice. An excellent pass on Ricciardo recovered a single point.

Sergio Perez – Faced a tough weekend after McLaren confirmed he will lose his place at the team next year. Nonetheless qualified a strong seventh, bringing his score against Button level at 9-9. Passing Alonso at the start was a bonus, though as his team admitted it was always going to be unlikely they could keep the Ferrari behind. Sure enough Alonso jumped him, leaving the McLaren driver seventh.


Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Heikki Kovalainen – Got the call to replace Raikkonen three days before practice began. He qualified eighth which was on par with his predecessor’s average qualifying position. But a cautious start cost him four places, and a front wing problem and KERS glitch consigned him to finishing well out of the points.

Romain Grosjean – Made it through Q1 without having to use the softer medium tyres – a “nice surprise”, he said – and despite having grappled with his car’s set-up at times qualified ‘best of the rest’ behind the Red Bulls. An excellent start split the two RB9s and an error-free race allowed him to stay there, claiming his fourth podium finish in five races.


Nico Rosberg – Baffled by how the changing temperatures affected the tyres in qualifying and produced his worst performance of the year – 14th before being promoted two places due to penalties. Passes on Kovalainen and Di Resta helped undo some of the damage in the race, where he finished ninth.

Lewis Hamilton – Heading into the weekend Mercedes revealed they had discovered damage on Hamilton’s chassis which they believed contributed to his problems in previous races. He took fifth on the grid: “I had a good balance but we just couldn’t get the tyres to work,” he said. Passed Webber at the start but had to let the Red Bull driver go in the first stint as he looked after his tyres. But his caution paid off at the end of the race where he had enough in hand to keep Alonso at bay.


Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Nico Hulkenberg – Was concerned by the change in his car’s handling as qualifying began but after a few set-up tweaks he put the Sauber on row two for the second time this year. Slipped back to fifth at the start but ran convincingly among the front-runners, only losing out to Alonso in the final stint. Had a chance to pass him on the final lap and arguably should have made it stick.

Esteban Gutierrez – Should have started tenth on the grid but was relegated to 20th by a penalty for dangerous driving during qualifying. Damage forced a pit stop behind the Safety Car and a two-stop strategy was unlikely to lift him back into the points. Had put a fair move on Vergne for 12th on the last lap when the Toro Rosso driver caused contact between them, dropping Gutierrez behind Massa.

Force India

Paul di Resta – “This is a track that does not particularly suit my driving style,” said Di Resta after qualifying 12th, missing the cut for Q3 by less than a tenth of a second. Was forced to make a second pit stop in the race and was the last driver on the lead lap when the chequered flag fell.

Adrian Sutil – Sutil’s car problem during qualifying was originally suspected to be a puncture turned out to be a broken brake disc. It left him 16th on the grid. Laid the blame for his lap one exit at Maldonado’s feet, but both deserved a share of the blame for managing to tangle on such a wide straight.


Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Pastor Maldonado – Was quick not only to blame his team for his qualifying problems but also to suggest there was a sinister motive behind it, as they are parting ways after the next race. Traffic was a particular problem for him during the session, with both Chilton and Gutierrez holding him up. After a a very early pit stop he ran a huge 47-lap stint to the end, unsurprisingly losing a couple of places in the latter stages.

Valtteri Bottas – Maldonado’s frustrations stemmed in part from the gap to his team mate – it was a surprising one-and-a-half seconds in Q1. Bottas held the upper hand throughout practice as well, but made mistakes on his best lap in Q3 and lined up ninth. He took a place off Kovalainen at the start and, remarkably, held the resulting eighth place until the end for his first F1 points.

Toro Rosso

Jean-Eric Vergne – Found a huge lap time improvement when he put the mediums on in Q1, but not in Q2. Still penalties helped him to 14th on the grid. The only driver to start on hard tyres, he switched the “Plan C” during the race to go to the end on a one-stop. Had his team mate in sight on the last lap but made a mistake while under attack by Gutierrez and hit the Sauber, which earned him a penalty.

Daniel Ricciardo – Was generally on the fringes of the top ten he didn’t make it into Q3, though the margins were very slight, and lost the final points place to Button two laps from home.


Charles Pic – A gearbox change penalty left him last on the grid. He kept pace with Giedo van der Garde but a drive-through penalty for holding up Hamilton dropped him out of contention.

Giedo van der Garde – Was very pleased with the overnight changes to his car on Friday and was quickest of the tail-enders during qualifying. But Bianchi passed him at the start and although he felt he could go quicker Van der Garde was unable to pass. “Obviously for us we need a bit of a crazy race to be in with a chance of reclaiming tenth in the championship, so now it goes down to the wire in Brazil,” he said.


Jules Bianchi – Gonzalez drove in first practice, meaning he had to begin his familiarisation on a new track with high-fuel running. He was unhappy with the car’s balance and the team made several changes. However he managed to get ahead of both Caterhams at the start and held them off until the end.

Max Chilton – A brake disc failure limited his running on Friday. During qualifying he held up Sutil and Maldonado, earning a five-place grid penalty for the race. That left him well out of contention, though his race pace suggested he wouldn’t have been in the running anyway.

Qualifying and race results summary

Driver Started Gap to team mate Laps leading team mate Pitted Finished Gap to team mate
Sebastian Vettel 1st -0.103s 55/56 1 1st -8.396s
Mark Webber 2nd +0.103s 1/56 1 3rd +8.396s
Fernando Alonso 6th -1.224s 56/56 1 5th -57.322s
Felipe Massa 13th +1.224s 0/56 2 12th +57.322s
Jenson Button 15th +0.177s 0/56 1 10th +30.586s
Sergio Perez 7th -0.177s 56/56 1 7th -30.586s
Heikki Kovalainen 8th +0.56s 0/56 2 14th +88.779s
Romain Grosjean 3rd -0.56s 56/56 1 2nd -88.779s
Nico Rosberg 12th +0.51s 0/56 1 9th +31.783s
Lewis Hamilton 5th -0.51s 56/56 1 4th -31.783s
Nico Hulkenberg 4th -0.738s 56/56 1 6th -61.307s
Esteban Gutierrez 20th +0.738s 0/56 2 13th +61.307s
Paul di Resta 11th -0.356s 0/0 2 15th
Adrian Sutil 16th +0.356s 0/0 0
Pastor Maldonado 17th +1.53s 0/55 1 17th Not on same lap
Valtteri Bottas 9th -1.53s 55/55 1 8th Not on same lap
Jean-Eric Vergne 14th +0.565s 5/56 1 16th +23.57s
Daniel Ricciardo 10th -0.565s 51/56 1 11th -23.57s
Charles Pic 22nd +0.105s 0/55 1 20th +30.255s
Giedo van der Garde 18th -0.105s 55/55 1 19th -30.255s
Jules Bianchi 19th -0.873s 54/54 1 18th Not on same lap
Max Chilton 21st +0.873s 0/54 1 21st Not on same lap

Review the race data

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job this weekend?

Cast your vote below and explain your choice in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2013 United States Grand Prix weekend?

  • Sebastian Vettel (19%)
  • Mark Webber (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (5%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Jenson Button (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (1%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Romain Grosjean (27%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (2%)
  • Esteban Gutierrez (0%)
  • Paul di Resta (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (41%)
  • Jean-Eric Vergne (0%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (0%)
  • Charles Pic (0%)
  • Giedo van der Garde (0%)
  • Jules Bianchi (1%)
  • Max Chilton (0%)

Total Voters: 617

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2013 United States Grand Prix

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120 comments on “Vote for your United States GP driver of the weekend”

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  1. Massa was thrashed by Alonso, and given the performance that Bottas extracted from that Williams, I predict next year will be about the same or even worse. At least he will be giving some good feedback regarding car setup that could benefit the team as a whole, but sadly I’m not expecting anything brilliant on track.

    1. Looking at Maldonado vs Bottas, I’d imagine, it’s Bottas who will have to be on his toes as Filippe can be as fast as the fastest driver sometimes, while Bottas turned out to be just another quick driver. Otherwise he would been wiping floor with Maldonado all season, unless Maldonado is very good himself – which I think he is.

  2. Bottas – brilliant all through practice and qualifying, could have done a slightly better q3 lap. Then held on to the back of the Alonso/Perez train through the first phase and held off Rosberg towards the end. What was really impressive is how he held it together when Rosberg was catching him at a second a lap – he had a delta to stick to and stuck to it. Instead of wrecking his tires trying to pull out a gap, making it easy for Rosberg to pass in the final laps. Very mature drive, plus that move on Gutierrez was super-brave!!

  3. Grosjean or Bottas.

  4. Interesting how, in your reviews, Keith, you make a good point about everybody other than Chilton. Let me correct that for you.

    Errmm… Oh, there are none.

  5. Extremely close between Grosjean and Bottas. Bottas was more shocking and executed one of the most exciting overtakes of the season (against a rather dirty defender, no less), but Grosjean again provided the only real challenge to Red Bull’s supremacy and flawlessly resisted a much quicker car all race.
    … By the slimmest of margins, I’m going with Grosjean. Bottas deserves massive credit for his drive, and it was made all the sweeter by Maldonado’s sub-Chilton driving.

  6. that’s a tough one – Bottas, Grosjean and Vettel were really good. Perez and Hülkenberg were also pretty good.

  7. I’m going for Raikkonen, stunning qualifying lap, nobody saw it coming!

  8. I should have checked the results, I could have voted for Chilton, as he hasn’t had the opportunity to do so yet!

    Went with Vettel. As boring as the race.

    1. Well I voted Chilton as he’s still the prettiest twink on the grid.
      Whadda you mean it’s not a beauty contest?

      1. @TimothyKatz GCOTD (=Gayest Comment Of The Day)! That’s the main reason why I want to see Alex Yoong replace Jules Bianchi at Marussia, that would surely make for the hottest driver line-up ever :D

  9. Tough decision this race as there were a lot of great performances. Grosjean, Vettel & Bottas the real stand outs for me.
    I’ve gone with Grosjean as he didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend and got the maximum out of the car, including holding off a RedBull!

  10. Vettel was untouchable. Grosjean outstanding (where did all the nay-sayers go?). Bottas did a good job too. Its got to be Vettel, but Grosjean is a close second.

  11. And I hate to say I told you so, but Kovalainen was rubbish, just like I said he would be…

  12. Romain G. exceeded expectations and continues to be the only real threat to the very dominate Red Bull line up of best cars and driver team in decades. Hoping that Heiki K. would do well after a surprisingly good qualifying. but not to be. Would like to see Massa win in Brazil, actually I am always hoping Massa will win somewhere but …………….. RnR

  13. I voted for Vettel simply because he was supreme all weekend.

  14. I almost always vote for Vettel when he wins, because i know that his achievements are not valued highly and i want to support his second places at least :). So i voted for him again, but must say that i am incredibly happy for Bottas and that he is going to win. Great guy, i really enjoyed his progress this season and i think he will become better driver than Pastor soon, if he isn’t already.

    And Hulk is about to become the next Vettel – incredible drive once again, but one that we expect from him, so no credits there ;) I hope he beats Di Resta in the standings, he needs only 1 point for the second place in the midfield championship :) 1st goes to Button.

  15. Grosjean : finished just 6 seconds off “run-away Bride” Vettle , in a car of 0.8 seconds per lap ( i.e 0.8 x 56 =44.8 -supposed to be secs over the entire race) off the pace of Red bull and Finished ahead of Mark . Soaked the pressure from Mark , and delivered it .
    And Bottas was brilliant too . But , Always knew he is something special , specially Compared to that Maldanado ..
    Stars like Like Lewis , Fernando , Vettle , Kimi , Nico , have Enough Fans in F1 . I am now Officially a Grosjean Fan ..

  16. good drive from Bottas, he showed what he can do with a sort of quick car, but shame for Maldanado. I think he’s a bit jelly of Bottas and wants to have the limelight back, but otherwise, I congratulate Bottas on his first points in F1

  17. the guy beats a 60year old record and no love?

  18. Vettel did, well, a Vettel. 5 seconds into the race there was no doubt he would win *yawn*

    About the mortals on the track, Grossjean did a great job but lately we are growing accustomed to it. Same for the solid drives by Hamilton and Alonso (2 great non-DRS overtakes and a solid defense fron the Hulk on dying tyres, but couldn’t get Hamilton and lost buckets of time in the Hulk-Perez train) Bottas was the surprise of the day, but could have qualified better. Again, my DOTW is… none, would have voted Alonso if he had managed 4th, the podium was out of reach for him.

    1. I must say I’m confused that you decide not to vote on anybody, there were three guys who did a amazing job in the race who equally deserves the vote in my opinion (Vettel, Grosjean and Bottas)… But it is your reasoning that is confusing.
      First on the “Vettel did a Vettel”, well what he did was a almost 100% perfect weekend, why wouldn’t one vote on him?
      Then you say we are getting too accustomed to Grosjean doing a great job and therefore you can’t vote on him while at the same time mentioning Bottas being the surprise of the day and can’t vote on him because he could have qualified better, hell that argument suits all drivers but one.
      But the last thing that you are stating is that you didn’t vote just because Alonso didn’t do a good enough job, blows my mind.
      I still respect your opinion on not voting if no one impresses you, but your reasoning is indeed confusing.

      1. +1 I’m as confused as you are.

      2. he could have qualified better, hell that argument suits all drivers but one.

        You mean there is only a pole so everyone except the poleman could have qualified better? Well, in a way, but that’s not the way I see it. Grosjean was 3rd and he couldn’t have qualified better, there was no way he could beat the Red Bulls. And Hulk couldn’t have done better also. On the other hand, Hamilton, Alonso and Bottas could have qualified somewhat better (but not for pole, certainly). Nothing new for Alonso, but a bit disappointing for Ham, who is usually great at qualy, and for Bottas, who had otherwise a superb weekend.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on what you wrote, you’d vote Alonso as DOTW if he just finished 4th instead of 5th even if he only qualified 6th, instead of say, Grosjean, who qualified 3rd and finished 2nd, which clearly was a better performance for the entire weekend?

      1. Looks like some people confuse “reasoning” with “rambling thoughts” ^_^ .
        Maybe I should have voted Grossjean, or Bottas, but I was too bored by the race to vote anyone. Definitely not Vettel, I think he spent the race playing Solitaire in the onboard laptop or writing letters home, only seemed to awake at the end to do the flap and collect another win.
        I won’t deny that Grossjean, did a better job than Alonso, at least he maximized his chances, he could never have won. But qualifing 3rd and finishing 2nd isn’t all there is to it. There is no way (in normal circunstances) that Alonso could have done a podium with that Ferrari, but with a slightly better Q3 he could have qualified fifth, overtake Hulk on the start and avoid the slow train. If some guy does a perfect race I can still vote for him even if he is 4th, can’t I? (well he didn’t, so neither did I).
        I was so bored I even considered voting Button for the overtake on Massa, that was a good one, may be the best. And AFAICR I’ve never voted Button.

  19. It was close call between Grosjen and Bottas. Grosjean got my vote in the end. He’s proved massively this season and has scored a lot of points for Lotus and even out performed Kimi. Can see him getting his first race win in 2014.

  20. Grosjean for me, did the maximum in qualifying and race, separating the Red Bull’s on merit. I must give a mention for Bottas though, he definitely exceeded expectations in the race and now has four times as many points as Maldonado.

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