Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Vettel not getting bored of runaway race wins

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit of the Americas, 2013In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel says he’s not getting bored of winning race after race in dominant fashion.


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2013 United States Grand Prix – Post Race Press Conference (FIA)

Vettel: “It?s not as if I?ve been getting bored. Obviously I?ve quite a lot to do, looking at the gaps. First of all, I have to match their pace. Obviously when they do come closer it?s not the best feeling because you want the gap to increase always, but you don?t want the gap to become smaller.”

Nico Hulkenberg welcomes offer of Sauber seat for 2014 season if he wants it (Sky)

Hulkenberg: ??I want to get a car that’s able to do what we’re doing now basically to well in the points and I wouldn’t mind to be on the podium every now and then. But certainly Sauber is one of the possible options.??

Jenson Button admits he needs to ‘sort himself out’ (Autosport)

Button: ??It’s not just that [the car is uncompetitive]. This weekend I just didn’t put it all together. I’ve got to sort myself out.??

113,162 fans watch Vettel make history at Formula 1 race at COTA (San Antonio Express)

??Three-attendance for COTA?s second Formula 1 Grand Prix was 250,324, with 58,276 fans attending Friday?s practice sessions and 78,886 turning out for Saturday?s qualifying rounds. Last year COTA drew a three-day total of 265,499 for the inaugural event.??

STR’s Tost on Ricciardo, RBR and Russian rookies (F1)

Franz Tost: ??You never know when a driver shows his highest potential. For Red Bull the main reason for choosing Daniil was simply the fantastic performance he has shown during this year.??


Comment of the day

With Sebastian Vettel taking a record-breaking eighth successive win yesterday, Garion Higgs (@gazz) gives credit where credit is due.

As much as I dislike Vettel, I have to respect him hugely.

You often see people downplay his achievements, as I have in the past, saying others would have bettered him, had they had a red bull at their disposal, and that he doesn?t deserve wins, championships even.
It?s comments like ??Fernando should have won it in 2012??? and ??Mark/Jenson/Lewis/Fernando had bad luck in 2010 and any should have gotten it over Vettel?? that make me think, ??Fernando and Lewis, whom Vettel are often compared to are outstanding talents, Vettel is a true legend.
You cannot justify that his performance this year has been less than outstanding and that he has deserved every point.

That is coming from a Lewis Hamilton fan.
Garion Higgz

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On this day in F1

Red Bull won the constructors’ championship for the third time in as many seasons on this day last year at the United States Grand Prix.