Bernie Ecclestone, 2012

CVC ‘would fire Ecclestone over wrongdoing’

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Bernie Ecclestone, 2012In the round-up: CVC say Bernie Ecclestone would be fired from his position in charge of Formula One if it was proven he had broken the law in his dealings with imprisoned banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.


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CVC would fire F1 boss Ecclestone if found guilty (Reuters)

CVC co-founder Donald Mackenzie: “If it is proven that Mr Ecclestone has done anything that is criminally wrong, we would fire him.”

How Ecclestone ??forgot? $44m of alleged bribes is questioned (FT, registration required)

Mackenzie: “I asked Mr Ecclestone how he could have forgotten that he made these payments [to Gribkowsky]. He said he was embarrassed having forgotten them.”

Maldonado: Williams criticism was wrong (Autosport)

“Maybe some people changed in their approach and I was taking that personally. It was not all the team.”

Lewis Hamilton: “I was doing a lot of soul searching…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“We came here and was just going to try and work even harder if I could, and then we found that big crack, and the car has been night and day different this weekend. I?m pretty happy with that.”

Vettel proud of eight wins record (BBC)

“You realise what it means to look back at those names. People look back and talk about certain drivers. One day people might talk about our time.”

Stefano Domenicali Q&A (Sky)

“Unfortunately we didn’t do any kind of step in the second half of the season while it seems other teams have done it. Mercedes for example may not have done a step, but they have improved more than us so something has happened that we need to rectify immediately.”

2014 rule changes – ERS battery position, exhausts, rear wing (F1)

“The batteries for the Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) must weigh between 20 and 25kg and be contained in single pack (not split, as Red Bull have done in recent years).”

Oakley team up with Ferrari for ??multi-year? period (SportsPor)

“Eyewear brand Oakley has signed a ‘multi-year’ contract to work with the Ferrari Formula One team.”


Comment of the day

Following another strong race for Romain Grosjean @MazdaChris believes he can go all the way in F1:

What a great race this was for Grosjean. Really vindicates all the faith Lotus have shown in him over the past couple of years when things have looked pretty bleak for him.

I?m happy, long been a fan of his through feeder series, so it?s great to see him now delivering on the promise he?s always shown. Put this boy in a race winning car and you?ve got a world champion right there.

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And happy birthday to two-time F1 race starter Philippe Adams who is 44 today. He made his two F1 appearances late in 1994 with the increasingly cash-strapped Lotus team. He spun several times on his debut at Spa and eventually retired. He missed the Italian Grand Prix but returned in Portugal where he finished, four laps down.

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