Spark-Renault SRT_01E, Formula E, La Ferte Gaucher, 2013

Lucas di Grassi gives Formula E car its first test

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The FIA’s plans for an all-electric racing series came a step closer to reality when Lucas di Grassi drove the car at a test in France.

The former F1 racer completed 40 laps of the La Ferte Gaucher circuit in a Spark-Renault SRT_01E last Wednesday.

Di Grassi only had a quarter of the car’s intended power output available as it was fitted with a 50kW battery compared to the 200kw (approximately 270bhp) the final car will have.

“I can assure all the drivers will have a lot of fun with this car,” said Di Grassi after the test. “Even with just a quarter of the power, it has quite a lot of grip and the electric motor produces huge torque.”

The inaugural Formula E championship will begin in Beijing next September and will race in nine further cities in its first year. Super Aguri, Andretti Autosport, Audi Sport Abt and a team backed by DAMS and Alain Prost are among the confirmed teams.

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  1. I like the sound actually, just hate that front wing.

  2. If there was ever a car fit for a city it would be Formula E and Austin, Texas. The anti- combustion engine nuts here in Austin would love to see this.

    I hope it works out…

  3. The drivers will experience a whopping 1.5 G’s in these mean machines.

  4. Sounds like a giant remote controlled car

  5. What’s its top speed?

  6. I think this video proves how bad the big rims look in such small wheelbase cars, I still don’t know how good they look on longer wheelbase cars like the F1, the indy though looks horrendous. I kind of like the E cars, I’m looking foward to watching some races in full KW!!

  7. looks great! sounds sh…

  8. I don’t see this becoming the next Formula One by any means, but i am very happy to see it come together and i hope it works out. Just look at all of the creations that have came out of an F1 paddock over the years…if Formula E can do 1/4 of that, just look at all of the electrical development that will follow. Stronger battery tech, electric motor tech, increasing EV range, it’s pretty cool. Who knows, the car you buy in ten or fifteen years may have tech that came from a Formula E team.

  9. I’m actually really looking forward to this series. Whether the racing will be good is yet to be seen, though I am confident, but I’m more interested in how technology will advance thanks to this series’ success. What will be intriguing is when they have a few seasons under their belt and start to open up the regulations, which could lead to some fantastic developments.

  10. Looks good….sounds terrible!! It seems like you´re playing with RC cars :(

  11. I remember the first time I went to a F1 race, back in the 90’s, we arrived there with no tickets, and the only ones available were with the resellers at a very high price, so we hesitated expecting to find a better option, but then, at that very right moment the cars started to go off for the first practice, and as soon as we heard those spectacular engine noises we bought the tickets immediately!! no matter the price!!!

  12. Hey maybe this league can take care of the politically correct nonsense, and F1 can go back to V10s and V12s.

  13. There are these scientists in America who have managed to synthesise petrol from thin air using concentrated solar energy.
    That is the answer to the energy problem; all you need is an amplifier which is basically a 1 off purchase and keep it clean and free from dust.
    This machine is called the CR5 and 1 machine can make approximately 70 litres overnight.
    This also effectively removes the CO2 from the atmosphere which causes global warming if done to a large extent.

  14. Not a big fan of EVs… however, I love the concept of Formula E and I think the cars look & sound great. Something totally different for us motorsport fans; the more variety, the better. Why bash it before it even begins?

  15. Greg czebatol
    23rd November 2013, 4:56

    Sounds like a cross between a turbine and a teapot. Maybe they could put air-driven sirens or aero-fluting on them.

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