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Webber says poor starts are partly down to him

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Start, Circuit of the Americas, 2013Mark Webber says his spate of poor start in recent seasons is partly due to his technique of getting the car off the line.

The Red Bull driver has consistently been among the drivers who lose the most places on the opening lap of races for the last three years. He lost 22 places on lap one in 2011, 23 in 2012 and 22 again so far this year.

During the press conference for the Brazilian Grand Prix Webber said the reason for his slow starts was partly due to how the Red Bull is designed. “First of all we are not completely in a position like Ferrari with their clutches, we know they have a very, very good start system,” he said.

“So yeah the initial starts have not been, the initial part has not been always consistent and then I think my reaction to this inconsistent is not as good as it could be. So we you go for the second lever, when you go for the KERS, when you go for the slip control, especially on the Pirellis… with the Bridgestone you could slip the tyre a little bit more and you get no penalty. With the Pirellis you can slip the tyre a little bit and you lose time.”

Webber admitted team mate Sebastian Vettel’s starts were usually better than his but also weren’t among the best on the grid.

“I think that we’ve never seen Sebastian go through the row in front either, we are either holding position or losing, and Seb has got the starts just because I think he can manage some of the problems. But for me it has not, particularly in the last few years.

“The Bridgestone year we were fine, 2010 was actually pretty good. But in the last few years it has not been our strength and it has not been a strength of mine.”

“But I enjoy the starts,” he added. “I’m relaxed on the grid, I could sing a song to the guys, it not something which… When the lights are on, it’s a great part of the grand prix.”

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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