Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2013

Delaying qualifying was the right call, argue drivers

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Interlagos, 2013In the round-up: senior drivers back the FIA’s decision to delay the final qualifying session by 40 minutes due to heavy rain.


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Formula 1 drivers back qualifying rain delay (Autosport)

Jenson Button: ??I listen to a lot of commentators on TV saying ‘well that is not right, they should have sent them out earlier, look they are going onto intermediates immediately…’ But you are not making the decision. The guys that make the decision are in a very difficult position and I think they make the right call more often than not.??

Webber not anticipating an emotional farewell at the Brazilian GP (SkyF1)

Webber: ??The drivers’ briefing was interesting, just because the guys gave me a very good reception. I had a little chat with them and that was nice because obviously they’re the ones that you work so hard to compete against over 17 years and that means a lot to you.??

McLaren heading for worst F1 finish after qualifying failure in Brazil (Guardian)

??Button, who will become the most experienced British F1 driver on Sunday, with 247 starts, said: “It was very wet and we couldn’t find our feet. We were sliding all over the place. It was a tough qualy. But it may not be as wet tomorrow and we can still have a great race.”??

Perez attributes crash to pushing too hard (ESPN)

Sergio Perez: ??I think it looked bigger than it was, actually. I just hit a little bit of the wall and there was not really much I could do. As soon as I lost the car I went straight in to the grass and then I hit the wall, but the car is not really damaged so I am looking forward to tomorrow.??

Pirelli admits lack of rain testing hurting F1 in wet (Autosport)

Paul Hembery: ??We have made some changes for next year but at the end of the day wet tyres are developed doing wet track testing and we have had minimal ability to go developing wet tyres.??

FIA post-qualifying press conference ?ǣ Brazil (

Sebastian Vettel: ??When I was told I was very happy. I even mixed up Spanish and Portuguese. I was on the radio saying ??ole, ole?? but ole is Spanish so I don?t know the expression in Portuguese but maybe someone can tell me today and hopefully I?ll have another chance tomorrow.??

Brazilian Grand Prix ?ǣ day two (MotorSport)

??A wet morning practice session saw many of the top drivers do few laps as they saved wet and intermediate tyres for qualifying and the race. The rain eased off by the start of Q1, and in the opening minutes it looked like slicks might soon be a possibility ?ǣ only for the rain to return just as teams were thinking of making the switch.??

Emerson: Ayrton Senna, from the heart (McLaren)

??Anyway, one day that weekend, I walked Ayrton from one end of the Osterreichring pitlane to the other, introducing him to every single team boss. “This young man will be world champion; maybe he?ll be world champion many times,” I told them all.??


Comment of the day

After Martin Whitmarsh revealed yesterday that a rival team had originally reneged on a deal to hire Kevin Magnussen, kbdavies lacks faith in the abilities of McLaren’s leader.

McLaren ridicule themselves by the day. What Martin is saying here is that the Button/ Perez combo was a done deal until the other team decided to renege on the Magnussen deal, or they had another driver planned to partner Button, but decided to go with Magnussen as he was free ?ǣ Either way, it hints at a total lack of direction and making decisions on the hop. This is excatly the same attitude that saw them botch up Lewis?s contract negotiations and had them make a knee jerk reaction in signing Perez.
Whitmarsh is no Bernie; so yes he was being naive to think he could do a deal on the basis of a handshake.
Deals are done via contracts, which are signed by all involved ?ǣ unless you have the clout of a certain Mr E; then your word is bond. Whitmarsh really needs to go, or the decision making aspect at McLaren should be taken on by someone else.

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On this day in F1

Lewis Hamilton claimed pole position for his final race for McLaren on this day last year. Championship contenders Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso lined up fourth and seventh.

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