Red Bull and Renault give their V8 one last blast

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber helped Red Bull and Renault to send off their final V8 engine with one last blast.

Webber personally fired up the Renault RS27 in his chassis, glowed white hot as it screamed away at maximum revs with its limiter disabled.

Lotus and Caterham added to the cacophony of noise in the pit lane after the Brazilian Grand Prix as Formula One said goodbye to the V8 engine formula which has been in service since the 2006 season.

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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65 comments on Red Bull and Renault give their V8 one last blast

  1. venom (@venom) said on 26th November 2013, 6:24

    haha this is epic. I used to do this….only with my Nitro R/C cars every time I got a new motor lol..

  2. Jimmyt (@jimmyt) said on 26th November 2013, 12:57

    I think that was Webber’s best start of the season

  3. Corrado (@corrado-dub) said on 26th November 2013, 14:40

    Why destrioy it ?? Isn’t this particular car going to end sold at some auction in the future, and then also be more special/expensive than other chassisses because it was the car in which the champ raced in the last V8 race ?!?!?! Something like, the most valuable car of the 2013 ?

  4. George said on 26th November 2013, 23:28

    My go kart motor Iame x30 revs to 16200 rpm lol 18,000 isnt that much

  5. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 27th November 2013, 8:45

    Never heard an F1 car make that sound before – that was a cool video. I can’t stand RBR but that car looks totally beast with the engine cover off. Nice one.

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