Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2013

F1 politics almost drove me out in 2002 – Newey

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Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey reveals he came close to quitting the sport in 2002.


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Q&A with Red Bull?s Adrian Newey (F1)

“Probably the closest I came to stopping in Formula One was around 2002. There seemed to be so much politics – Ferrari and the FIA – that it was quite a difficult time.”

Hamilton sets ’14 title target (Sky)

“For everyone and for me the target is to win the world championship, both championships.”

Marussia must wait for big pay day (Autosport)

“Next season’s battle between Caterham and Marussia will have an extra edge, because they will be fighting over tens of millions of dollars.”

The end of an era in Formula 1 (MotorSport)

“The uneasy bit on Sunday was the number of drivers who didn?t know whether they would be walking into a F1 paddock again.”

F1: Five ways to revitalise Formula One following a fourth straight title for Sebastian Vettel (The Independent)

Four sensible suggestions (ignoring the praise for the wretched DRS) but I still don’t believe a budget cap is realistic.

2013 Silverstone Media Awards (Facebook)

“We invite you the fans to vote for your favourite F1 and Moto GP media coverage during 2013.”


Comment of the day

How badly does F1 need Ferrari to stay in the sport?

Would F1 without Ferrari actually be that bad? Personally Ferrari are certainly not the reason I still tune in on every race day.

Think the credibility of F1 as a sport would be greatly increased if the power and financial terms were more equally distributed among all the teams.

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On this day in F1

Giancarlo Baghetti died 18 years ago today. His claim to fame in F1 was to be the first and so far only driver to win his maiden grand prix (with the exception of Giuseppe Farina in the first world championship race).

Despite his surprise win in the 1961 French Grand Prix Baghetti never started a full season in F1 and never finished on the podium again. His last F1 start was in 1967 and he sadly succumbed to cancer in 1995 at the age of 60.