Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Singapore, 2013

Gutierrez: Late-season form shows I belong in F1

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Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Singapore, 2013In the round-up: Esteban Gutierrez says the form he showed in the last seven races of 2013 shows he deserves to stay in F1.


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Rookie diary – Sauber?s Esteban Gutierrez (F1)

“The bottom line is that I have big goals in F1 and I want to achieve them. I believe that with my race performances from Singapore onwards I have proved that I have the level to be in Formula One. So I am confident for my future. God will place things where they belong.”

Hamilton: I failed to deliver in 2013 (ESPN)

“The only real positive is the team’s performance this year. That’s huge and nobody expected that. I couldn’t have hoped for better or for more from then but I feel like I should have done more.”

McLaren will have ‘no excuses’ in 2014 (Autosport)

Martin Whitmarsh: “What I know in terms of level of resource and type of organisation, I think they will have done a competent job and have applied the level of resources you would want on it. I suspect we will be competitive.”

Hulkenberg set for Force India after Sauber turns him down (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Despite his good performance on track he has apparently fallen out of favour off it, presumably by not only agreeing the deal with Force India, but also paying a visit to Lotus prior to the US GP, which included a seat fitting.”

The manifesto without fanfare (Joe Saward)

“Todt and his team argue that the media (and therefore the public) does not have a vote in the election and so their views do not matter.”

Mark?s mates mate (well, most of ’em…) (Peter Windsor)

[Webber on Flavio Briatore] “I was disappointed about Singapore ??08 and how that was played out but I can only take on what he?s done with me and he?s always been straight up and down and extremely consistent.”


Comment of the day

Interesting background on Luca di Montezemolo’s recent comments about Ferrari’s political clout:

There have been quite a few complaints recently here in Italy. The Italian journalists complained that Massa received a penalty in Brazil and Vettel and Webber didn?t. Some commentators said that that?s because Red Bull has now more political power than Ferrari.

Same for the tyre change after Silverstone, Italian journalists are saying that Pirelli changed tyres because Red Bull complained and they have so much power in F1 that Pirelli obeyed (of course, that?s not what happened, but who cares).

I think Montezemolo wanted to reassure the Tifosi that they still have an unfair advantage over the other teams!

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On this day in F1

Two-time F1 entrant Joe Kelly passed away 20 years ago today. He qualified 19th for the first ever F1 race at Silverstone in 1950 but did not take the start in his Alta, nor did he in similar circumstances 12 months later.

Image ?? Sauber

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  1. Gutierrez may feel he improved at the end of the season, but apart from Japan, he still didn’t get the results.

    If Sauber keep Gutierrez for next year, they should consider this a second and final chance for him. They should also only give him half a season to improve, if not then they should fire him.

    1. Agreed. His pace has clearly improved but he is still looking a bit ragged in the races. If his clumsiness can’t be remedied then they should look elsewhere, as you say. Mind that’s easier said than done with Sauber’s financial troubles and the money he brings with him (unless that’s cut because of Perez at FI).

  2. Regarding Gutierrez and the current state of Formula 1 and its drivers, as an f1 fan, I can’t help but feel somehow alarmed. Gutierrez, I think we can all agree, is not at the same level of Perez (the one with my name). However, his future looks more certain than the former. The same goes to Di Resta, who, like him or not, is a very quick driver. A DTM winner against former F1 drivers and very talented young factory backed drivers. And he beat Sutil, again, another highly regarded driver. Both seem to be exiting F1. As a fan, I want new blood in Formula 1, but not at all costs and because of the “wrong” reasons. F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport. If the best teams or top midfield drivers have to choose a driver not for talent but for financial backing, then isn’t formula 1 downgrading itself as a “lesser” category? Seeing the likes of Hulkenberg, that have proven again and again his talent, and newcomers like Da Costa, Vanthoorne out of a deserving place on the grid, and seeing the likes of Chilton, Van Der Garde, Gutierrez as regulars makes me worried about the route the way things are going. No disregard for these drivers whatsoever, I think they are good drivers, but F1 should be about the Best of the Best. In order to get to F1, a championship win or runner up in euro Formula 3, F 3.5 or GP2 should be mandatory- or at least a top 3 result in Macau Formula 3 race. If a driver can’t achieve this, in my view, he doesn’t deserve a place in Formula 1 . In Moto GP, it seems, its much more straightforward.

    1. I meat “if the best teams or top midfield teams”, not “top midfield drivers”, sorry about that.

    2. I think I agree with you. But I also feel that it’s disappointing to see certain ‘senior’ drivers not giving up gracefully and retiring. I want to see new talent in F1 as well, not elder-statesmen of the grid slipping down from front-runner teams to midfield.

      1. Wel, button only went that way because the car turned up bad @timothykatz ;)
        ,I’d say both Barrichello and Massa felt they still had something to prove though, and Schumacher entered what he had thought was a winning team; not sure who else you mean though?

        1. You certainly mentioned the current quartet I was thinking of, but I’d also go back to the later careers of Jacques Villeneuve, Jean Alesi and even Damon Hill to some extent.
          In addition, there is a particular driver who seems to be ‘mired in midfield’ where he has driven for several years without either setting the Championship on fire, or moving up to a top team. After six or seven seasons, I think that it would be better for them to move on and allow some new talent to have their opportunity.
          Think of the ‘star drivers’ who might have been, but never quite got a real chance. Anthony Davidson, Daniel Juncadella, Mike Conway, Marco Wittmann, possibly even Robin Frijns. Not saying that any of these would have been champions, but I feel that the constricted state of F1 has prevented them from having a chance.

          1. I agree. What I found interesting also was the hurry to promote Kviat to Toro Rosso and make him skip the other formulas (and the Macau Grand Prix). Yes, he won GP3, but GP3 is no F3 in terms of competitiveness (or F Renault 3.5). He was impressive in friday testing, lets see how this translates next season. Da Costa deserved the seat, for example. He just got 2nd place in Macau after a year in F R 3.5, in a car he didn’t race for a year. That’s a proof of talent in my book. Edoardo Mortara was another case of this. No chance to show his potential. And Kamui Kobaiashi, a podium finisher, consistent scorer and exciting driver, also sidelined. Next on the line seems to be either Hulk or Di Resta.

  3. Mclarens poor form this year got me wondering if they could become the next “Williams” . But with talented drivers in kevin magnussen and button they may recover next year

    1. Its not the drivers mate, they got the car design totally wrong this year…I am really worried it will happen again in 2014 (not even hiring Alonso or Vettel would save them with such a slow car…)

  4. Juliano Backer
    29th November 2013, 12:52

    I don’t agree. I personaly have the feeling that he was one of the worst pilots in the season. I know he did well in the past, but I got the feeling that be ready is something he’s not.

    I realy miss Kobayashi. =/

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