Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013

Red Bull expenditure has “distorted” F1 – Whitmarsh

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Singapore, 2013In the round-up: McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh says Red Bull are leading the way in terms of spending on Formula One.


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Red Bull Says Vettel?s F1 Success Won?t Scare Away TV Audience (Bloomberg)

“McLaren manager Martin Whitmarsh, whose team has been in Formula One since 1966, said Red Bull?s arrival has ‘distorted the sport’ because of its level of spending. He said a claim by Horner that his team isn?t the biggest spender in Formula One is misleading.”

Ecclestone may face fresh battle (BBC)

“A year ago, BayernLB wrote to Ecclestone’s lawyers demanding $400m in damages, to no avail. The state-owned bank is watching current proceedings in the High Court as it decides whether to formally begin a lawsuit.”

BayernLB seeks Ecclestone documents (FT, registration required)

“Bernie Ecclestone could face a new court battle after the German bank at the centre of the Formula One bribery scandal sought access to documents being used in the civil lawsuit against the motorsport chief executive.”

Formula One almost collapsed in 2009 due to FIA threats, says series owner (Autoweek)

Max Mosley: “I said there had to be a rule enforced by the FIA [to restrict budgets in 2009]. The teams said they could do it themselves without the FIA – the so-called Resource Restriction Agreement. I thought this would never work. Some might say I have been proved right.”

FIA proposes ‘pole trophy’ for F1 (Autosport)

“The idea of such a change to the points structure [giving points for pole position] was rejected by a number of team principals present, so FIA president Jean Todt instead proposed the creation of the ‘FIA Pole Man of the Year in F1’ trophy instead.”

Pujolar to Toro Rosso, Smedley to Williams (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Williams chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar is quitting the team to join Scuderia Toro Rosso ?ǣ leaving the door open for Ferrari?s Rob Smedley to take over his job at Grove.”

Marussia: A massive boost (Sky)

John Booth: “It’s almost negligible, the [financial] difference. Morale is the biggest thing. If you’d seen the reaction of the guys afterwards, it was incredible – like we’d won the bloody race. I’m sure it was the same back in Banbury.”

Brawn’s exit leaves giant hole to fill in every sense (The Telegraph)

“Paddock opinion varies but one can only think that Mercedes bungled it. Having brought in Toto Wolff to run the team, they prised Lowe from McLaren, then 2013 went better than expected and they realised that maybe it wasn?t such a smart idea to let Brawn go.”


Comment of the day

Steven on Ross Brawn’s departure from Mercedes:

I would sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. He?s given his life to F1, produced results most people can only dream of, and will go down as one of the legendary figures in F1. Given that it?s probably still his passion, a consultant role with any team would probably be the best way to keep some involvement in F1, without the commitments required of a team principal.

I find it hard to believe he?ll join another team immediately, I think he?ll probably take some time off and decide on a return (if at all) during that time.
Steven (@Steevkay)

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On this day in F1

Chuck Daigh was born on this day 90 years ago. His F1 involvement was largely confined to trying to qualify the outdated and uncompetitive front-engined Scarab chassis entered by Lance Reventlow in 1960. He managed to drag the car home tenth at home in Riverside that year.

The Scarab project enjoyed greater success in sports car racing. Daigh passed away in 2008.

Today also marks the 38th anniversary of the plane crash which claimed the lives of Graham Hill and Tony Brise.

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