Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Interlagos, 2013

Maldonado confirmed at Lotus in 2014

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Interlagos, 2013Pastor Maldonado will drive for Lotus in 2014, the team has confirmed.

The Venezuelan driver, who spent his first three seasons in F1 with Williams, will partner Romain Grosjean at the team next year.

Maldonado said his move to Lotus is “fantastic opportunity”.

“It’s no secret that I have wanted a change of scene to help push on with my Formula One career and Lotus F1 Team offered the very best opportunity for me to be competitive next season.”

“It is with great pleasure that we can formally confirm that Romain Grosjean will continue with Lotus F1 Team next season,” said team princpal Eric Boullier.

“He has really made the most of his tremendous talent over the latter part of the 2013 season and will be a fantastic asset to our 2014 challenge.”

“Romain will be joined by Pastor Maldonado; a driver I have known since he drove for me at DAMS in the 2005 World Series by Renault season,” he added.

“It is clear that Pastor has pace and potential – demonstrated by his 2010 GP2 Series title success and then through strong races throughout his career at Williams F1 Team – and we are convinced that we will be able to provide the correct environment to enable him to flourish regularly on track.

“We have been working on our new car in alignment with the new regulations for over two years and we are confident that we have a very good solution to all the challenges ahead. With Romain and Pastor I believe Lotus F1 Team will be able to cause quite a few surprises next year.”

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  1. i have 2 doubts on this

    1. Eric Boullier publicly said that his recommendation to replace kimi is hulk. So how does he look at it now? Can he manage with Pastor?

    2. RoGro’s sponsor Total and Pastor’s sponsor PDVSA are in same business. Doesnt this deal effect Lotus’ existing deal with Total?

    My opinion is – Lotus are crumbling and this deal says publicly that they accept they are crumbling. Even after finishing 4th in the championship they cannot afford to pay their driver(kimi) then definitely something is wrong with F1

  2. Sad day for the sport.

    1. This fellow was just beaten by a rookie, unleashed loads of crap on his former employer and admitted he’s hot-headed. Yet Lotus chose him over Hulkenberg. He says he has a race win, agreed thats impressive, but the corollary from 2013 season is that anyone, decent enough, in a Williams car would have won the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix and would have scored way higher than the paltry 29 points he scored throughout the 2012 season.

      1. Correction: he scored 45 points in 2012 season.

      2. It’s not that impressive mate, considering that car was quite superior on that circuit and he did not had to battle anyone.

  3. OMG I hope this talentless “superstar” won’t go to Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes or McLaren in the future! That would be a disaster!!! I understand that there is a crisis (since forever!!!), but teams cannot go so low, come on!!! There are so many other drivers who are talented and deserve a seat in F1, this is absolutely sad!!!

  4. McLaren could’ve taken Hulk, they don’t need the PDVSA money.

    1. No they dont? And clearly they rate Magnussen higher than the hulk.

  5. This so bad for the sport. The only advantage I can see is that it may help Lotus survive until (financially) better times.

  6. Warning to other drivers. Brace for impact if you see any lotus car around you.
    There will always be uncertainty for the drivers who will directly line up in front of Lotus.
    Mid-season, we will be calling it as Team Crash instead of Team Lotus. :)

  7. Worst possible news that I have read for a long time. Maldonado is a thug who should not be welcome in any F1 team but it seems that his money talks. My respect for Team Lotus, very high at the start of the season has taken a nosedive following Raikkonen’s revelations and now…..this.

    I really feel sorry for The Hulk. No one will blame him if he now turns West for his career.

  8. wendinger and frentzen were maybe better than schumacher before approaching f1, but who won 7 f1 titles?
    f1 is a business, you get a lucky deal or an unlucky one. that’s all about it.
    talent is not the olny and main issue, but the more talented drivers are the ones who won almost everything before getting into f1 and who impressed in f1 with very little experience in minor formulas.

  9. It is quite appalling to think that an unknown group named Quantum held the Formula 1 drivers market hostage for weeks if not for months. Given that Quantum deal is now a hoax, I personally think that the Maldonado deal is the best thing that happened for Lotus and Hulkenberg. While Maldonado is looked upon as the villain here, people must remember the very fact that Lotus is a team struggling with teething financial problems. Let’s rewind a little bit to the summer break where the whole series of events started with Lotus.

    1) Kimi Raikonnen started looking out for a seat for 2014 starting initial talks with Red Bull.
    2) Infiniti Group which was later renamed as Quantum rose as the shining knight in the armor to save Lotus
    3) Allison moves to Ferrari from Lotus.
    4) Kimi accepts the offer from Ferrari. [ Probably the last place he wants to go given his history with Luca/Alonso in 2010, even though Luca says it is a great out there]

    At this point things were pretty clear that there is not much confidence with Quantum. Lotus was on a downhill slope with respect their financial situation. Things go from bad to worse when Kimi reveals his salary situation.

    Now that Quantun is a No deal, lets imagine Hulkenberg moves to Lotus for 2014. Lotus would neither have money to develop their car nor pay Hulkenberg’s salary. What good does this do for Nico ? Change another team at the end of 2014 ? Given the expensive 22 race schedule of 2014, who knows Lotus might even fold up as a team mid season without the PDVSA money. Hulkenberg did himself and Lotus a favor by not joining the team. I know many people here would not like to hear this but Maldonado is the savior for Lotus today. Lets just accept the truth here. Maldonado’s sponsorship money would bring in the much needed oxygen for the team. If Lotus develops a good car and Maldonado performs well then people would start saying that “see if Hulkenberg was there they would have been a world champion by now”. Unfortunately that is not true it is a 2 way street.

    Also a few points to ponder.
    1) It is not like Maldonado is a bad driver. He is one of the few race winners in the grid today.
    2) Who knows Hulkenberg might have rejected Lotus instead of the other way around.
    3) Why is Hulkenberg moving back to Force India instead of being in Sauber where he is respected? I believe that Sauber is a better team on any day given than Force India.

    1. Man , what don’t you understand???? The race Maldonado won, was not impressive at all, the Williams was superior on that track ! Show me other race, apart from that one where he impressed you! If I’d see him coming from 7, 6th or 5th to the top, I would have given him some credit! Other than Barcelona 2012, it’s just mediocre performances and crashes. Without his beloved Oil Company, he would be nowhere, if it were to judge by talent alone. But as it’s been said, MONEY TALKS!

      1. @Barney If superior car is an yardstick of racer quality then

        Ayrton Senna and Prost are very bad drivers because they had fast cars n 1988, 1989 et all
        Mansell , Hill, Hakkinen, Schumacher, and Button are all poor quality drivers because they all had great cars.

        Please dont tell me that the Williams was a great car so much so that all others were 20 seconds away. Maldanado was chased down by Alonso on his home track and he defended that well.

        If Starting from 22nd on the grid to win races is the yardstick of great racer then we have very few great drivers in the entire history of F1. [ Definitely Senna will not be one of them for sure !!!! ]

        Anad last but not the least lot of great drivers in the history will not be anywhere if they did not have good financial backing starting with Nikki Lauda, Ayrton Senna… all the way to lot of drivers today.

        Lets admit this. There is no point trying to be naive about this. This is a very expensive sport and money speaks a lot…. Burning all the Fuel, Rubber , engines…..somebody has to pay for it. It is not like Football where the direct cost of a match is the price of a football + price of the poles to build the goal posts.

  10. And meanwhile it is being reported that the Quantum deal is still being worked out.

    Kind of late now that Hulkenberg is with FI and James Allison is with Ferrari. If F1 was better at sharing the wealth, maybe this whole debacle would not be the biggest F1 story right now.

    1. @bullmello it looks like Quantum has’nt had enough taking the entire formula one world for a big long ride !!!!!

  11. People keep saying F1 is TOP SPORT! But how the heck is it? There is no professionalism anymore! 3 , maximum 4 teams can pay their drivers! The rest cannot afford it anymore, more so , they DEMAND money from their drivers!

    F1 should represent the talented drivers in the world pushing their limits??? Nah, what it represents is the RICH PEOPLE , trying to manage TYRES! LoL what a big joke formula 1 became… and Maldonado getting a seat at Lotus is the last drop!

  12. BasCB (@bascb) said
    I just hope we see Maldonado’s good side

    Maldonado has no good side. Only bad and worse sides.
    He has no consideration about other drivers on the track and had the nerve to suggest that the Williams team had somehow sabotaged his car.

    1. OH, come on @loup-garou. You can heartily dislike the way Maldonado behaves, the backing he gots etc. But just watch him do a lap of Monaco when he is tuned in, and you recognize that he IS very good when he does that (His pole lap in GP2 there, Monaco 2011 he had a great quali lap, or watch him in Barcelona 2012 of course, or one or 2 other occasions that same year).

      To say there is nothing good about the guy is just as much nonsense as saying that Alonso drives like god all the time, or that Schumacher was infallible

  13. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    1st December 2013, 0:39


  14. Mark McDonald
    1st December 2013, 0:40

    Would it not have made far more sense for Lotus to sign Sergio Perez (with his Telmex money)? From what I have read over the past couple of days, hiring Maldonado has already turned out to be a PR nightmare. Mister Lopez and Mr. Boullier either live in a fantastically magical dreamworld or they’re under a lot of pressure to find a lot of money.

  15. the F1 movie for next season.

  16. So this means the Quantum deal was a phantom deal? Such a shame Hulk again misses out on a top seat that he so deserves. While winning in a williams is great, that alone doesn’t instantly make PM better than Hulk. It is obvious that Hulk is better than PM but because of money which is so necessary for this sport PM gets it over Hulk. Money talks not talent and it has been like this for some time now.

  17. I do love to hate pastor.

  18. How many races before Maldonado blames Lotus for “sabotaging his car” after RoGro kicks his butt all over the track? I’d say it will happen before the mid-season break.

    Maldonado is a toxic piece of garbage and it is such a shame to see Lotus forced to take him and his money to survive.

  19. I am disappointed too. But the critics on Maldonado remind me on last years critis on Grosjean. Deja vu?

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