Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special

Caption Competition

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013

The last of our three Mark Webber Caption Competition specials brings us up to his last race weekend at Interlagos.

Webber has always been one of the most quotable drivers and in his final appearance at an FIA press conference it seemed he might be the only driver to quote as he arrived well before the others.

Post your funniest suggestion for a caption below and a pick of the best will appear in a future round-up.

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100 comments on Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special

  1. Jaanus (@) said on 30th November 2013, 17:37

    “I make everyone disappear.”

  2. SaturnVF1 (@doublestuffpenguin) said on 30th November 2013, 17:46

    “No support, as usual.”

  3. Master firelee (@master-firelee) said on 30th November 2013, 18:05

    Surprise F1 Retirement Party: Mark Webber, pictured only a few moments before all 21 other drivers jump out from behind the back board in complete crocodile onesies with cork hats on and each holding 2 cans of alcoholic beverages known as fosters, Marks only comments were “fosters? Good call!”

  4. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan) said on 30th November 2013, 18:16

    “Mark, the season is over, you can go home, you know…”

  5. LuvinF1 (@luvinf1) said on 30th November 2013, 18:30

    Surely, I can’t be the only one leaving this year …

  6. spoutnik (@spoutnik) said on 30th November 2013, 18:38

    Drivers were relieved to hear that FIA decided to put a picture of Mark in the press room to help them with his painful absence.

  7. Mathers (@mathers) said on 30th November 2013, 18:48

    Bernie had a plan to be cryogenically frozen so he could rule F1 for the next 100 years. Unfortunately the aiming of the scientists was slightly off…

  8. D (@f190) said on 30th November 2013, 19:09

    Not bad for a number 2 press conference.

  9. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 30th November 2013, 19:15

    – stay under there! Someone’s coming… No, no! Please continue! …. Oh now he wants to take a picture. Continue! I just smile…

  10. Tomsk (@tomsk) said on 30th November 2013, 20:20

    Webber takes his usual place in the front row, but as soon as the press conference started, he’d find he had five other drivers in front of him.

  11. ElBasque (@elbasque) said on 30th November 2013, 20:48

    45 minutes after the meeting ended, the remaining journalists started to doubt that Mark is ready to leave F1.

  12. Billy Nomates

  13. Rocky (@rocky) said on 30th November 2013, 20:55

    Not bad fora number two driver hmm make that three and out.

  14. MarkM (@mpmark) said on 30th November 2013, 21:22

    “I know you’re not going to believe me but I couldn’t tell you what happened to the others, no idea mate, now lets go racing already!”

  15. “Okay Mark, Seb won’t hand you a win but loooook….you can pretend you won by sitting in the middle…see” – Horner

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