Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013

Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special

Caption CompetitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2013

The last of our three Mark Webber Caption Competition specials brings us up to his last race weekend at Interlagos.

Webber has always been one of the most quotable drivers and in his final appearance at an FIA press conference it seemed he might be the only driver to quote as he arrived well before the others.

Post your funniest suggestion for a caption below and a pick of the best will appear in a future round-up.

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100 comments on “Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special”

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  1. “Why does it always feel like they only question me? .. oh, wait”

  2. “Seb told me that the retirement party was here…”

  3. Mark, you know that the rest of drivers are on the track?

  4. Clutch goes in and the clutch goes out, clutch goes in and you shake it all about…

  5. Stone me Mark! That was a RIPPER!!!

  6. Really looking forward to the sports cars next year. They still use the old style desks with the low sides where the fans will still be able to see proper glass slams.

  7. “Now I can say I was at the frone in 2013!”

  8. Im the champion of the conference!

  9. What d’ya mean, we’re not doing a press conference, cobber ?

  10. “I haven’t showered since Austin”.

  11. Smiling through gritted teeth Webber despised his Vettel seat warming duties

  12. Team RBR standing behind Mark Webber in support of their #2 driver

  13. Christopher Fonseka
    2nd December 2013, 2:01


  14. It is not I who have left F1 – it is F1 that has left me.

  15. Just to wrap it up on my slow starts… What do you mean everyone’s left for their strategy meetings?

  16. “Mark, no one’s here and the room is not ready. What are you ding here”?
    “Warming myself up for the upcoming Lemans Media interest/frenzy”

  17. Bad start – again?

  18. Kenny Ryekonen
    2nd December 2013, 11:19

    ‘Finally, Season’s over… now who wants the real interview?’

  19. Where are the rest of the guys Mark ? Multi 21….

  20. I love the photoshop!

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