Charles Pic, Mark Webber, Renault Twizys, Dubai, 2013

Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special

Caption competitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Charles Pic, Mark Webber, Renault Twizys, Dubai, 2013

As Mark Webber says goodbye to Formula One here’s the first in a trio of Caption Competitions featuring Red Bull’s race-winner.

The first shows Webber on PR duty for Renault, driving their unusual Twizy electric car around Dubai with Caterham’s Charles Pic.

Can you think up a funny caption for this picture?

Submit your funniest suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will be appear in a future round-up.

And stay tuned for two more Caption Competitions featuring Webber later today.

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Image ?? Renault/DPPI

85 comments on “Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special”

  1. Webber – See these 45cm between us? Yeah, well that represents how far ahead of you I was at turn 1 in Brazil!
    Pic – …What?
    Webber – You know me and my slow starts, don’t you?
    Pic – …
    Webber – I thought tail-enders understood me, oh well.
    Pic – …I suppose I should leave now, Caterham want to fire me later so, erm, see you later
    Webber – …I thought he was cool…

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