Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special

Caption competition

Charles Pic, Mark Webber, Renault Twizys, Dubai, 2013

As Mark Webber says goodbye to Formula One here’s the first in a trio of Caption Competitions featuring Red Bull’s race-winner.

The first shows Webber on PR duty for Renault, driving their unusual Twizy electric car around Dubai with Caterham’s Charles Pic.

Can you think up a funny caption for this picture?

Submit your funniest suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will be appear in a future round-up.

And stay tuned for two more Caption Competitions featuring Webber later today.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Renault/DPPI

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85 comments on Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special

  1. AMR (@aiera-music) said on 1st December 2013, 0:01

    Charles and Mark begin early testing for the 2014 F1 chassis and Pirelli tyres.

  2. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 1st December 2013, 0:04

    “I tried to tell the parking inspector that these weren’t boats, but he wouldn’t believe that they were cars, either.”

  3. Mark manage the tyres. You are not racing Pic. You are on different strategies.

  4. IsaacTham (@isaactham) said on 1st December 2013, 2:49

    Still a more interesting series than F1

  5. runforitscooby (@runforitscooby) said on 1st December 2013, 4:59

    Renault designs a car for taller drivers.

  6. alexf1man (@alexf1man) said on 1st December 2013, 8:18

    Might take the parts from this and put them in my RB9, they seem to do more than 50% of the recommended distance unlike my engines, gearboxes, KERS units and Pirellis!

  7. Red Bull Racing continue to insist that both Mark and Seb drive identical cars…

  8. Bobbi F (@bobbif) said on 1st December 2013, 23:10

    Mark was relieved the blue ‘go faster’ stripes we’re actually doing their job

  9. Mark is unimpressed as he finds endurance racing is not as advertised.

  10. Webber – See these 45cm between us? Yeah, well that represents how far ahead of you I was at turn 1 in Brazil!
    Pic – …What?
    Webber – You know me and my slow starts, don’t you?
    Pic – …
    Webber – I thought tail-enders understood me, oh well.
    Pic – …I suppose I should leave now, Caterham want to fire me later so, erm, see you later
    Webber – …I thought he was cool…

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