Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2010

Mosley’s PR man linked to Ecclestone job

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Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2010In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone is tipped to hire Max Mosley’s former public relations representative Richard Woods.


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Bernie Ecclestone turns to spin doctor Richard Woods in fight for F1 (The Guardian)

“Woods has been regarded as F1’s foremost media advisor since his time as the FIA’s director of communications, when he worked alongside the body’s former president Max Mosley between 2002 and 2009. In the summer of 2009 he media managed Jean Todt’s successful presidential campaign and still works for the FIA in a consultative capacity.”

RBS ??careless? with $2.7bn loan to Formula One (The Independent)

CVC chairman Donald Chairman: “The banks were at the height of a banking boom. They didn?t read the [Memorandum of Understanding] properly. They didn?t quite work out that it wasn?t a Concorde and they lent money against something that turned out to be very flimsy.”

Quantum still working on Lotus deal (Autosport)

“High level sources from within the investment group as well as the Enstone outfit have revealed that efforts to complete the Quantum deal are ongoing and have been ramped up over recent days.”

F1 star Jenson Button delivers a high-speed Christmas treat for Frome (Frome Standard)

“Jenson Button promised the people of Frome the loudest noise they had ever heard and they certainly go it when the Formula One racing champion screamed through the narrow streets of Frome tonight.”

Frome Jenson Button Christmas Lights (YouTube)

Jake Humphrey interview: Formula One should join BT Sport to avoid getting left behind (The Mirror)

“I think if Formula 1 want to be in a place where the best sport is they really have to look seriously at joining BT Sport and being part of this revolution, because if you’re elsewhere then you’re just going to be left behind.”

Human Ignition – Official Trailer (YouTube)


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One-time F1 racer Guy Tunmer was born on this day 65 years ago. The South African driver started his home race in in 1975 driving a late-generation Lotus 72E for Team Gunston. He finished 11th but was never seen in F1 again. He died from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident in 1999.

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