Alonso “gave up a little bit” – Ecclestone

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit of the Americas, 2013In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says he was disappointed Fernando Alonso didn’t give his all in 2013.


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Alonso gave up a little bit, says Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone: “I’ve been a little bit disappointed in Fernando because I’m a big supporter of him and of Ferrari. I thought he gave up a little bit which is proof that he was looking for another team.”

Ross Brawn admits he is open to offers from outside of Formula One after leaving Mercedes (The Mirror)

“Maybe around the summer time I’ll decide what’s happening, it is a sabbatical.”

Ross Brawn will return to Formula 1, says Niki Lauda (BBC)

“He will not go in pension [retirement]. This is clear. I think he will come back.”

Formula One future muddled by prospect of Concorde talks delay (City AM)

CVC chairman Donald Mackenzie: “Even now, after the latest contracts, which have been signed up to 2020, the first thing any new shareholder says to me: it?s not enough. Can?t we make it a longer period? We don?t want the uncertainty.”

Vettel: F1 cannot lose thrill factor (Autosport)

“I just hope that we are not going down from a power point of view. We will lose the revs which I think is a shame – because it is a new direction that we go into and a new technology.”

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Shanghai, 2013Marussia held merger talks with Williams (ESPN)

“One of the discussions [Williams] had was with Marussia. They discussed it with Sauber as well.”

Independent study rates FIA governance below IOC and FIFA (David Ward and Team)

“An independent audit of the FIA?s governance system carried out by I Trust Sport shows that the FIA scores well in some areas but is also significantly failing in others, especially as regards financial transparency and reporting.”

Adrian Newey on 2014: “Mild panic and crisis management…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Reliability could be a big issue, it?s far from clear how the three engine manufacturers will perform relative to each other. We?ve got the aerodynamic changes. So it is a complete clean start, unfortunately.”

Sir Jackie Stewart on leaving IMG and Formula One?s financial health (Sports Pro)

“They no longer are in Formula One Grand Prix racing. Mark [McCormark] always had good people and I enjoyed it but if they?re not in the sport that I?m involved in, then there can be very little chance of proper deals being done and me giving commission to two companies wouldn?t make any sense.”

Brazil 2013 – race edit (F1)

Highlights from the season finale.

Seb and Mark put helmets up for auction (Red Bull)

“Seb and Mark have each donated a helmet from the 2013 Formula One season to raise money for spinal cord injury charity ‘Wings for Life’ at a Bonhams Auction on 9th December.”

Nigel Bennett’s solutions for F1 and IndyCar (The Way It Is)

“The main problem with Formula One is that it’s just too expensive for all but about four teams. The rest of them are taking paying drivers who are less skilled than many others. There are some really good drivers like Hulkenberg and di Resta who may not have drives next year.”

The 50 Best Films Of 2013: #3 – Rush (Empire)

“Whether you are a Formula One aficionado or the furthest thing from a petrol head, this story of clashing egos and contrasting styles in the quest for the driver’s championship is a compelling portrayal of ambition, determination and going really fast in circles.”

Sebastian Vettel swearing at the Autosports Awards (YouTube)


Comment of the day

@Maciek on the unpopular plan to impose two mandatory pit stops per race in 2014:

F1 might aspire to be the pinnacle of motorsport, but it sure ain?t the pinnacle of forward thinking.

You would think that with all that sheer mass of overpaid brainpower someone in there would pipe up and say: hey let?s stop trying to fix things by tacking on stop-gap solutions and look at root causes. You would think that. But no.

Seriously, if they applied this kind of problem solving to the cars, they?d be held together with duct tape and string.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Riise, Speed Damon, Colm and Rick!

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On this day in F1

Roberto Mieres was born on this day in 1924. The Argentinian racer took a pair of fourth places for Maserati at the end of the 1954 season but was unable to improve on that in a full season with the works squad in 1955. He did not return to the world championship after that but did compete in sports car races in Buenos Aires.

Images ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo, Williams/LAT

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111 comments on Alonso “gave up a little bit” – Ecclestone

  1. troutcor said on 3rd December 2013, 6:20

    Bernie schedules 20 races a year and it’s completely obvious after 12 (at best) that one car is untouchable. Can you really expect Fernando to do superhuman (and dangerous) things for two full years straight just to keep up the facade that the championship is still in play?
    They gotta let engines play a role in this sport again.
    If not, rename it the Adrian Newey championship.

  2. WilliamB (@william-brierty) said on 3rd December 2013, 8:06

    I think that outstanding COTD finds relevance with the culture that Bernie is currently demonstrating. The age old culture is to point blame at both the team and the driver after a poor season, but nobody in their right mind could say that Alonso could’ve done any more this season. For two straight seasons Alonso has found himself second in the WDC having had the fourth fastest car on the grid, which is, logically speaking, a greater achievement than coming first with the fastest car. In recent races he has been the sole source of wheel-to-wheel action as he struggled to maintain his floundering Ferrari’s position in the top five; but does he receive any credit for it? Not when Bernie or di Montezemelo is around he doesn’t. Did Alonso “give up” after the summer break, or did Ferrari more likely go backwards in performance? And so what if he “gave up”? Maybe he could’ve ended up just 120 points behind Vettel! That would have improved the show exponentially! OK, Alonso started to struggle in qualifying, but was that because he “gave up” or was that because the Ferrari had huge oversteer on low fuel? And did these poor qualifying sessions really infringe on his race all that much? No, when you have a slow car in qualifying you have a slow car in the race.

    Just because you quite liked the idea of Alonso and Ferrari winning in 2013, Bernie, doesn’t mean you need regurgitate a pile of BS because he didn’t.

  3. caci99 (@caci99) said on 3rd December 2013, 9:53

    I think Bernie is stirring the pot as usual. Controversies, he likes them a lot, he likes us to jump on the pot :). Maybe he is also responding to assumptions that Formula 1 is getting boring because of Vettel winning. He might be trying to point out that competition is surrendering to easy, thus being the problem of the bored view.

  4. BasCB (@bascb) said on 3rd December 2013, 10:05

    Another great COTD @maciek.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 3rd December 2013, 12:45

      Actually its funny how much that article about what Nigel Bennet tells about his ideas as well as his feedback from talks about change and budgets goes to illustrate exactly what you catch on in your COTD

  5. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 3rd December 2013, 11:16

    I like Bernie’s words.

    As with most of his statements, he could have easily meant something different than what he actually said – but even if he was straightforward for once, it makes sense; here’s how.

    It actually does not matter if he really meant it, because either way Alonso should be fueled by such comments, stirring up his hunger and determination – it would be forgiveable if he really fell below his 100% for one or two races, after all most of the drivers only reach 100% for one or two races in the whole season in fact, and being 2nd best overall for three years out of four for an inferior car, it must have had a detrimental effect on his determination.

    I’m actually glad Bernie made this comment if it ensures Alonso stays at his best for another year – who knows what all the rule changes might bring, this could be his year. All in all, Alonso just have to think positively about this comment, like I did here to make the most of it. I’m sure he will if he does, even more so than me.

    • zoom (@zoomracing) said on 3rd December 2013, 12:55

      I’m actually glad Bernie made this comment if it ensures Alonso stays at his best for another year

      Alonso can’t care less about what Bernie says. I doubt a single word or act from Bernie will make him move a muscle. Bernie is just Bernie, he said things because he can and he takes sides with the winning horse.

  6. Maciek (@maciek) said on 3rd December 2013, 14:28

    Thanks for the cotd Keith : ) I was just having a bit of a laugh all on my lonesome there, but I’m glad to see it strikes a chord with others.

  7. sodesu said on 3rd December 2013, 15:23

    Umm ok. “I thought he […] which is proof”.
    Well hello there serious logical flaw. No Bernie, your OPINION doesn’t prove anything whatsoever.

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