Hulkenberg returns to Force India for 2014

2014 F1 season

Vijay Mallya, Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, 2013Nico Hulkenberg will drive for Force India again in 2014 after his departure from Sauber was confirmed.

The 26-year-old will return to the team he raced for in 2012 in a “multi-year deal”. Hulkenberg also drove for Force India as a reserve driver during the 2011 season.

Team owner Vijay Mallya said Hulkenberg had shown he was “an exceptional talent” when he last raced for the team.

“Having Nico in our line-up is a real statement of intent and a huge boost for everyone associated with the team. We have high hopes and expectations for 2014 and by signing Nico we have put ourselves in the best position to achieve those objectives and enjoy what could be our most competitive season yet.”

“I am happy to come back to Sahara Force India,” said Hulkenberg. “The team is aiming high for next year and I believe that the experience I have gained over the years will help us achieve those goals.”

“I genuinely believe we can have a competitive package in 2014. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about the Mercedes engine as well, so I think there is a lot to be excited about for next year.

“I know this team and I can see their determination; it’s a great bunch of people and we all share the same hunger for success.”

Force India are yet to confirm which of this year’s drivers, Paul di Resta or Adrian Sutil, will be replaced by Hulkenberg.

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2014 F1 season

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155 comments on Hulkenberg returns to Force India for 2014

  1. Rooney (@rojov123) said on 3rd December 2013, 17:34

    The funny bit about this is that just last week, Mallya was saying how he will decide on the lineup only after the annual Christmas party. Kinda lame to give out a statement like that and then confirming 1 of the drivers within a week.
    It kind of goes show how little truth there is in most statements made by F1 personnel!

  2. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 3rd December 2013, 17:41

    It’s good news that he’s staying in F1, and his return to Force India is better than him getting the Lotus drive. Mind I would’ve liked to see him remain at Sauber. If FI sign Perez as well (it seems logical given his talent and backing), that is one hell of a line-up and miles better than this year’s. They both flourished in Saubers and both have a point to prove!

  3. Next year Ferrari, please.

  4. Dion (@infinitygc) said on 3rd December 2013, 18:16

    I’d say they’re either going with Hulk/Perez, Hulk/Sutil or Hulk/Calado. I don’t see them continuing with DiResta, and Sutil has been pretty positive about next year.
    Perez is quick and has backing, and Calado is their new Bianchi.

  5. Hamilfan (@hamilfan) said on 3rd December 2013, 18:25

    Now Perez . quickly . That would complete it . FI will have the best lineup in midfield .

  6. Fixy (@fixy) said on 3rd December 2013, 18:28

    I’ll only be happy once I see they are a strong team next year… I much prefer Sauber as a team, but would never want Nico to spend so many years in average cars. I hope he can fight for wins next year and that Sauber won’t be on the podiums again just to play him a cruel joke.

  7. James (@jaymz) said on 3rd December 2013, 18:39

    Poor guy.

  8. Will Perez get Telmex backing? If yes, then please don’t give Gutierrez any.
    Chilton drove better than him this year.

    • Beto (@chebeto) said on 3rd December 2013, 19:42

      @udm7 How is that?

    • @udm7 even I would finish 19 out of 19… just driving at 100kph and getting lapped over and over again… Chilton showed so-called consistency that really means being sooooooooooo slow.

    • Kimi4WDC said on 3rd December 2013, 22:49

      No, he did not. Both should not be mentioned in relation to F1 driver standards.

    • bharat (@bharat141) said on 4th December 2013, 4:41

      What has Chilton done better than GUT? Atleast GUT has a few decent weekends whereas CHI has done nothing to be remembered. I feel VDG is a much better driver than CHI as he has atleast taken risks and got that Caterham to Q2 twice this season.

      Both GUT and CHI should be out of F1 ASAP

    • -Gutierrez crashed with Sutil, breaking the SFI’s Rear wing and Jennifers’ smile.
      -HE only got 6 points against the Hulk’s 51. Many other drivers would have done a better job.
      The Sauber, overall was a good car. Better than McLaren in the top 5. All I’m saying is that drivers like VDG, Pic and escpecially Bianchi deserved the seat more and could have done a better job than him.
      Marussia was the slowest and Chilton only made a joke of himself.
      In other words, if I had to rank the drivers, Chilton would be second last for out-qualifying Bianchi once and out racing him twice (I know Hulk is much better than Bianchi). Neither of them deserve seats in F1, but Gutierrez didn’t impress me even once and he had a good car.

  9. Len (@lunara) said on 3rd December 2013, 20:04

    I believe that’s the end of his career and no wonder. The most overhyped driver on the grid, very flattered by his weak rookie teammate.

    • TheBass (@) said on 3rd December 2013, 20:14


      • Len (@lunara) said on 4th December 2013, 8:19

        All the top teams have had chances to sign him, and they have all passed on him. They are obviously not as impressed with him as the Internet. I think the fact that all top teams chose someone else over him speaks for itself. McLaren even preferred a rookie over him. Ferrari preferred a 34-year-old Kimi. Red Bull never even considered him. Even Zauber didn’t want him to stay, and they’re the ones who know how good Hulk really is(or is not). Something to think about. If Hulk couldn’t secure a top seat when there were 4 top seats available, what makes people think he would be able to secure one in the future? There would be new hot overhyped drivers next year and Hulk isn’t getting any younger. He’s 26 year old. The same age as 4 times world champion.

        • TheBass (@) said on 5th December 2013, 11:22

          @lunara Your gross oversimplification of the situation is unreasonable, to say the least.

          McLaren even preferred a rookie over him.

          A rookie part of their internal Young Driver Development Program, which McLaren takes very seriously. Besides, the reason for them not considering Hulkenberg was because of his weight, as they openly admitted. It speaks way more about the current state of F1’s rules than about Hulk’s skills.

          Ferrari preferred a 34-year-old Kimi.

          Is that supposed to be a bad sign? One of the 4 best drivers on the grid, which, among other things, is the last Ferrari champion. The fact that Hulk was the second option of F1’s most famous team says a lot of good things about how teams see Hulk.

          Red Bull never even considered him.

          Because they have a second team, which they spend a ridiculous amount of money at, just to promote drivers to their main team.

          Even Zauber didn’t want him to stay

          He’s 26 year old. The same age as 4 times world champion

          • Len (@lunara) said on 5th December 2013, 19:09

            @silence I’m afraid you’re the one oversimplifying everything. Yes, every team had their reasons not to choose him, but ultimately, they didn’t choose him. All of them.
            As for Ferrari–yes, the fact that they chose a 34-year old Kimi over him shows that they don’t think he’s that necessary for them. It shows that for Ferrari Hulk was something easily disregarded when the better option presented itself. And there always might be a better option. Let’s say one of Kimi or Alonso leave Ferrari, but where’s the guarantee that Ferrari would choose Hulk? Vettel might decided to take on a new challenge, and again, Ferrari would disregard Hulk for someone better. There’s a precedent already, after all.
            As for Red Bull, you’re very oversimplifying it. Red Bull were considering and negotiating with Kimi; choosing from the junior team was the preferable option, of course, but not necessary. If they really thought Hulk was something special, they would have gone for him. They aren’t idiots.
            As for Sauber,
            As for drivers stats you linked, what is that supposed to tell? Yes, years ago, world champions were much older, but the grid is getting younger with every year, as you probably noticed.
            As for McLaren, they didn’t have to bring Kevin in right now. He could wait a year or two until Button retired. Unlike Red Bull with RIC, no one expected McLaren to bring Kevin straight into the top team. So they voluntarily disregarded Hulk. What makes one think that they will choose him next year? Nothing. He would be just one year older next year, and some of the new rookies might become the new media darling. Last year it was Perez, this year it was Hulk, next year it will be Kvyat or Nasr or someone else. If Hulk can’t secure a top seat within a year or two, I’m sure he’ll be out of F1 before he’s thirty.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being a Hulk hater, but the amount of hype that guy gets doesn’t correspond with the teams’s lukewarm interest towards him. And the teams would know better. In my opinion, Hulk is a very solid driver, of Mark Webber and Button sort, but ultimately, easily replaceable. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Not everyone is destined to be a Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso.

    • vickyy (@vickyy) said on 3rd December 2013, 21:38

      Hello Paul, welcome aboard.
      Any news on seat in Indycar yet?

  10. Paul (@frankjaeger) said on 3rd December 2013, 22:27

    I will definitely be keeping an eye on Force India if they indeed do have Perez + Hulk. I wonder what they can achieve, solid line up I say

  11. I really hope the Mercedes engine is good because all my favorite drivers have it now.

  12. Nick (@npf1) said on 3rd December 2013, 23:02

    Not sure how I feel. I’m sure I’ll be happy with this move once Hulk finishes in front of a Sauber, come 2014, though.

  13. Jono (@me262) said on 4th December 2013, 2:49

    @rojov123 good point, I guess since hulk was available vijay snapped at the chance lol is this the second time he’s signed for the team? and more importantly: will he get paid..

  14. bharat (@bharat141) said on 4th December 2013, 4:34

    @hohum Roflmao

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