Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Bahrain, 2013

Ferrari have power to veto Ecclestone successor

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Christian Horner, Bernie Ecclestone, Bahrain, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari can block Bernie Ecclestone from appointing a rival team principal as his successor.


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Bernie Ecclestone reveals Ferrari has veto over his successor (CNN)

“We must obtain the written consent of Ferrari prior to the appointment of any person as our chief executive officer if, within the past five years, he or she has held a senior executive office or an ownership interest of 5% or more in any Team or automobile manufacturer which either owns more than a 5% interest in a team or is a supplier of engines to a team.”

McLaren Boss Dennis Plots ??125m Share Swoop (Sky)

“Ron Dennis, the McLaren supremo, is in talks about financing a buyout of a fellow shareholder in the automotive group as a possible prelude to a return to the helm of its Formula One (F1) team.”

Lewis Hamilton boost as Niki Lauda pledges to ‘kick’ Mercedes bosses until they give Briton winning car (The Mirror)

“I was sitting in front of the television [during the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix] and said, ‘Please crash. Please retire’ and bingo! Gearbox gone. I went to see him right after.”

F1 and NASCAR scheduled in Texas for same day in 2014 (Sports Illustrated)

“Our two NASCAR Sprint Cup races draw the two largest crowds in Texas sports. It isn’t the smartest move to try to compete with that.”

S.Korea to push for F1 return, says organiser (New Straits Times)

South Jeolla province governor Park Joon-Yung: “We will make steady efforts to achieve our goal, even though the race will not be held there next year.”

Benfield founder leaves Aon for new Gallagher venture (The Telegraph)

“Mr Chilton [father of Max] said his departure from Aon was unconnected to the broker?s decision to focus its sports sponsorship on a major deal to put its name on Manchester United?s Carrington training ground rather than motor sport.”

Hamilton’s father admits F1 managers ‘swerve truth’ (The Telegraph)

“In Formula One there is a huge grapevine. A lot of truths and untruths are spoken. A good manager is one who will fight for his client. If he has to tell a white lie that seems sensible if he is trying to get the best deal for his driver.”

Caterham eyes established star for 2014 (Autosport)

Cyril Abiteboul: “Heikki is one of the options and you see that there is a lot of movement in the paddock.”

More expectation on Ricciardo – Vettel (ESPN)

“In some ways it’s the same situation I was facing in 2009, but the team has had a lot of success since then so expectations might be a little bit higher.”

Pursuing uniformity (FIA)

F1 race director Charlie Whiting: “As a group, the F1 race stewards are clearly determined to continue improving the system of stewarding, which is extremely important to Formula One.”

Bottas relishing Massa battle (Sky)

“It is a very good reference. He’s got a lot of experience and if I manage to be competitive against him it’s a good thing for me as well.”

Post-season Bits and Bobs… (The Buxton Blog)

“Whoever is responsible for securing such funding [for Lotus] has a lot to answer for, because it is their failure that has led to the team hanging on to the promises of an outfit which, with each passing day, looks less and less likely to deliver.”


Comment of the day

Keith Campbell hopes Paul di Resta doesn’t lose his F1 seat:

I can?t defend his attitude towards his team, and often find myself cringing at his comments to the press. But his on track behaviour, where it actually counts, was very good and barring a few uncharacteristic incidents in the latter half of this season he was one of the cleanest racers out there.

I rate him around tenth best out of the current drivers, although maybe some of the rookies have more potential in the long run, so it doesn?t seem right that he loses his spot while others who have shown little talent remain, or worse, are moving to stronger teams. His problem is that most of the drivers he is competing with for seats bring financial backing, the notable exception being Hulkenberg who has admittedly shown more potential.

Nonetheless, if he is on his way out I hope he gets a seat in IndyCar or wherever he chooses to go and can still have a strong career.
Keith Campbell (@Keithedin)

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