Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Korea, 2013

Caption Competition 40: Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Korea, 2013

What’s being said between this trio of 2013 race-winners?

It’s up to you to decide in our latest Caption Competition.

Post your funniest suggestion for a caption below and a pick of the best will appear in a future round-up.

The winner of Caption Competition 39 will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

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  1. Kimi: My back hurts.
    Lewis: I’m trying hard to think of something real pithy for my next tweet.
    Seb: My Red Bull has wings.

  2. Seb “Why are you guys wearing those silly flat billed hats, my 80’s headphones are so sweet” Kimi to Lewis “Who is this kid? I bet that is Redbull with out Yager in that bottle… what a looser”

  3. Lewis: “Seb, me and Kimi have been talking, and when we said that the three of us would each take a third of the year…”

  4. Kimi: Hey Lewis, did you get your paycheck this month?
    Lewis: Yeah man, already spent it (snigger)
    Kimi: how about you Seb, cheque arrived?
    Seb: Yep
    Kimi: Damn, they lost my cheque again. Gotta talk to Eric, HR are always screwing up my pay.

  5. Lewis: Kimi,if you want I can teach you how to reeeally get under Alonso’s skin until he freaks out.
    Seb: Vot are you guyz talking about?
    Kimi: Irritating your team mate.
    Seb: I can give you some pointerz on zat azz vell.

  6. So, Kimi, you really hate when two race weekends are “back to back” ?!

  7. Seb: Hey Lewis, you look devastated – late night talks with your engineers ?
    Lewis: Yeah, Nicole broke up again .. Had to have some company.
    Kimi: Don’t worry Lewis. Things will get fine. Ferrari dumped me and now we are back together again.

  8. Lewis to Kimi: See, I told you he wouldn’t go away if we ignored him. He’ll just keep staring and playing with his Red Bull can until one of us says something to him.

  9. Kimi: “…come on.”
    Lewis: “Listen Man, I am not going to let Roscoe ‘try some Vodka'”
    Seb: “But what about…”
    Lewis: “And DEFINITELY not a Vodka Redbull!”

  10. Kimi: It must be karma. Ferrari pay me not to drive and now Lotus won’t pay me for driving.
    Lewis: That sucks man.
    Seb: Now Pastor is paying Lotus to let him drive.
    Kimi: F1 is really screwed up.

  11. “Fernando? What a pity, I must have forgotten to invite him…”

  12. “Yeah, Kimi, only real men have tattoos.”

  13. Raikkonen: “You heard it right! I’ve turned my back on Lotus.”

  14. Kimi: “Hey guys, I just got payed, want an icecream?”

  15. Ere Kimi, these go-faster tattoos just aren’t working.. Vettels got the right idea!

  16. SEB: “I’ve got a goatee” but “Hamilton has got a new cap…” **** I just made highlights and I have to get tats too.

  17. Kimi: “You see Lewis, Seb had a bit of Deep Purple on his livery this year, cause he’s a real Highway Star, a Speed King.”
    Lewis: “Yeah, and Smoke on the Tarmac, too.”

    1. WARNING: only seasoned veterans that’s been around since the sixties, seventies may understand this one!

      1. Or you were born later and just know something about 60’s and 70’s music…

        1. Thank you Google

  18. They conspiring about what to do with Fernando Alonso next year :3

  19. Lewis: Hey Kimi, watch out, there’s a tattoo nude dude gonna spray you with Bull pee

  20. I was just telling Seb about girls.

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