Fernando Alonso, Guillaume Rocquelin, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Vettel: “We don’t have to prove anything”

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Fernando Alonso, Guillaume Rocquelin, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel denies his reputation would be enhanced by having a stronger driver in the second car at Red Bull.

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Sebastian Vettel?s 2013 Season Review (F1)

“I think at the end of the day we don?t have to prove anything. We?ve proven enough. We have had four fantastic years – and where were all the others in those four years? Nothing happens without a reason. Of course you need the right package – and we had that strong package – but I remember we also had a strong package in 2009 and finished second in the championship. Think of last year: the championship was not decided when I was sent to the back of the grid in Abu Dhabi and had to fight my way back. Then we had a nightmare of a race in Brazil: the car was damaged and I was last after the first lap and managed to come back. So we had our share of misfortune on many occasions and it was down to the others to seize their chances in such moments.”

Todt attacks Ward over campaign (ESPN)

“I deeply regret that in the course of these last few weeks we have had unfounded insinuations cast on the FIA’s governance, the transparency of its accounts, and the integrity of its members. Worse, the Press was used repeatedly to spread these false claims, where they only harm the image of our FIA family. Faced with this irresponsible attack, we took a decision not to engage in a public fight with the media which would have only been destructive for our organisation.”

Maldonado: 2013 my strongest year (Autosport)

“Thinking about the results and thinking about what I experienced in F1 for the past three years, I think this is my best year, even though the results are not there.”

Lotus: We can tame Maldonado (Sky)

Eric Boullier: “I think we just need to make sure he can keep his focus – actually similar issues we had with Romain last year – keep his focus on track.”

Hamilton 'withdrew' gift offer of $4m to father (The Telegraph)

“At the start of 2010, around the time [Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Hamilton] split in what later turned out to be hugely acrimonious fashion, the McLaren star suddenly offered to give his father ‘between $3-4million’.”


Comment of the day

@PeteBaldwin is looking forward to seeing what Kevin Magnussen can achieve at McLaren:

Magnussen is seriously quick. If you look at his past record in championships, he has been there or thereabouts every year. In the last five years, his finishing positions across various championships are hugely impressive he?s won two of them, come second twice and third once. The only time he?s struggled was his first year in Forumla Renault 3.5 where he came seventh. The following, he won the championship!

Whether he is as fast as Hamilton ?ǣ who knows? One thing is for certain though, in a time where money tends to overshadow talent, McLaren deserve a lot of credit for giving someone like Magnussen a chance.

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