Double points to be awarded for season finale

2014 F1 season

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2013The FIA has announced drivers and teams will score double points at the final race of the season from next year.

The change, one of several items which the FIA said had been “unanimously approved”, has been made “in order to maximise focus on the championship until the end of the campaign”. It was agreed after meetings of the F1 Strategy Group and Formula One Commission today.

Points will be allocated as follows:

Position Normal race Final race
1st 25 50
2nd 18 36
3rd 15 30
4th 12 24
5th 10 20
6th 8 16
7th 6 12
8th 4 8
9th 2 4
10th 1 2

The 2014 F1 season finale will take place at Abu Dhabi.

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Should double points be awarded at the season finale?

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2014 F1 season

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398 comments on Double points to be awarded for season finale

  1. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 10th December 2013, 4:20

    The double point finish in the final race is the most stupidest rule the FIA ever made since the 2005 race tyre strategy.

  2. Alex Bkk (@alex-bkk) said on 10th December 2013, 4:23

    Why not pitch pennies to decide the WDC.

    I didn’t watch the last 4 races because the latter part of the season wasn’t that interesting to me. RB had it in the bag. Doubling the points for the last race wouldn’t have made me watch.

  3. GeeMac (@geemac) said on 10th December 2013, 4:46

    No, just no. No one Grand Prix is more important than another, just because it is the final race doesn’t make it any more important than the first, or the 3rd or the 16th.

  4. LOZI (@lozi) said on 10th December 2013, 4:55

    i think its more fair if every team had like a joker that they can use it in a random race based on their decision that can allow them to double their points in that exact race :/

  5. Ben Lee said on 10th December 2013, 5:39

    F1 is turning into the “Family Feud” Double points?? LOL!

    Im glad I stopped watching years ago.

  6. svarun (@svarun) said on 10th December 2013, 5:41

    Make Spa the season ender!
    That’s the best way to implement such a weird rule! :p

  7. Richard Stewart said on 10th December 2013, 6:24

    What if the top scorer wins the last race?
    I suggest a handicap rule. The winner loses 3 places in next qualifying. This will make him try to get a better position in the next race. Also prevents a run off victory. 2nd position gets 2 place grid penalty and 3rd place gets 1 place grid penalty. If the driver gets additonal grid penalty for next race, the worst one takes affect. This will also make points scoring unpredictable and even out the scores. Also it will encourage driver to have no choice but win unless he wants to retain fourth place all the time. For this case, to prevent a consistent 4th placing to have advantage is to rescore like this:
    1. 25 pts
    2. 20 pts
    3. 15 pts
    4. 12 pts
    5. 10 ptrs
    6. 8
    7. 6
    8. 4
    9. 2
    10. 1

  8. LoudHoward (@loudhoward) said on 10th December 2013, 6:49

    “Yeah hello again, it’s Mr Howard, I called a couple of weeks ago about organising some buses to take Webber fans to go watch WEC, yes well um, I’m going to need more buses.”

  9. JoshJ81 said on 10th December 2013, 7:00

    Wow…Bernie is just trying to make sure the new supermo has a big handful of problems to fix. As well, how can Todt continue to let this madness happen? First KERS, then DRS, and now double points? It’s funny how transparent Bernie is trying to do everything he can to get Ferrari back on top, yet nothing is working. When will the racing get back to being pure again? KERS/ERS should be only about providing supplimental power to the gas engine and not as a push-to-pass. DRS gives faking passing…not matter how many zones you give them. Double points will do what? Give Vettle more points to gain for a larger gap at the end of the season?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the final round was rained out to the point that only half points were rewarded? Oh wait…the final is in Abu Dhabi, huh? Heaven forbid, we are held in suspense with a great ending to a season (R.I.P. 2008 season).

  10. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 10th December 2013, 7:04

    I bet Webber is jumping for joy at the fact that he got out while F1 was still relatively pure.

    This is just ridiculous!

  11. davros said on 10th December 2013, 7:08

    I think one way a rule like this could work is if the likes of Bernie and Todt were forced to wander around the circuit blind-folded during the race and any driver who runs them down gets bonus points.

  12. Ian W said on 10th December 2013, 7:28

    Just stop it! Enough with the stupidity F1! Your attempts to ‘improve’ the sport have tried our patience with KERS, DRS, stupid tyres, rev limits and rubbish deserted tracks. Now this. Just stop! What’s next? Rebrand the whole thing as MarioKart F1 and let WWE Wrestling run the show?

  13. McKenzie (@mckenzie) said on 10th December 2013, 8:03

    Each race involves broadly the same effort. Awarding double points in such an arbitrary fashion is stark raving bonkers and wholly inconsistent with sporting principles.

    Teams spend huge amounts of money – and effort – to shave a couple of tenths off a lap time. Yet engineering ingenuity could be trumped by arbitrarily awarding double the points for a single race? Where is the logic in that? F1 is all about intense effort, judgement and ingenuity. This proposal is more suited to a game of bingo; it’s a gimmick.

    Add points for pole position and fastest lap. I could live with the occasional fluke pole for a backmarker, if they got a lucky break in wet conditions. Allowing double points to be awarded arbitrarily, introduces the risk of a whole season of skilled racing and strategy being nullified by chance circumstances. A win at the final race gives the lucky driver the equivalent of two wins and that’s just not fair.

  14. Sohaib Ahmad (@sohebbasharat) said on 10th December 2013, 8:06

    I have got an even better solution to “spice things up”. After the final race of the season, there should be a coin toss, and if the driver who is second in WDC wins it, he automatically gets 50 points added in his tally, that way people will be interested right up to the end…. (even after the end)

    It is that ridiculous……

    • McKenzie (@mckenzie) said on 10th December 2013, 8:18

      @sohebbasharat “Yeah…it was a close season and I was…yeah…not sure if I’d win again or whether Fernando might get the extra points he needed to take the championship. And…yeah…Lewis, Kimi and Romain were all in contention as well. But…yeah…I knew it was 50-50 when Charlie tossed that coin. I guess we got lucky. When Charlie said it came up heads, I said…Yes Yes Yes! Love you guys! Yes!”

      It really is that ridiculous.

  15. PaxJes (@paxjes) said on 10th December 2013, 8:18

    enough!! i had enough! this is it, **** F1.

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