Start, Shanghai, 2013

Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best

2013 F1 season reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Shanghai, 2013

Your nominations for the best overtaking move of 2013 have been counted. Now it’s time to vote for the best out of the top ten passes of the year.

Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta

Mark Webber often found himself needing to make up ground following a bad start during 2013. Here he gets around the outside of Paul di Resta at turn nine during his home race.

Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber

Extra spice was added to this tooth-and-nail scrap between the two Red Bull drivers by the fact Sebastian Vettel had been ordered not to pass his team mate. Webber put up a stern defence but Vettel squeezed through to claim is first win of the year in controversial fashion.

China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013

Lewis Hamilton passed former team mate Jenson Button twice during the Chinese Grand Prix. The pick of the two moves was a sweep around the outside into turn one, giving him the advantage into the following left-hander. No suitable video available.

China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton

Three passes from the Chinese Grand Prix made it into the top ten. Felipe Massa put an opportunistic move on Hamilton after team mate Fernando Alonso passed him for the lead.

China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa

Vettel wasted no time getting past Massa after his pit stop, diving past at the turn six hairpin.

Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button

Sergio Perez Passes Jenson Button @ 2013 F1 Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix saw a few surprising passes including this ballsy dive from Sergio Perez on team mate Button.

Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso

Later in the race Adrian Sutil surprised Fernando Alonso with this pass at the Fairmont Hotel hairpin.

Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa

Unfortunatley for Romain Grosjean he put all four wheels off the track while overtaking Massa during the Hungarian Grand Prix and gave him a drive-through penalty. Grosjean later said he thought he had at least two wheels still on the track during the pass.

Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber

Fernando Alonso took third place off Webber with a late-braking move at the Variante della Roggia during the Italian Grand Prix.

United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutierrez went side-by-side through the snaking Ess-bends at the start of the lap at the Circuit of the Americas, the Williams driver coming out on top on his way to his first ever F1 points. No suitable video available.

But what about…?

This top ten was compiled from the Pass of the Year Nominations by F1 Fanatic readers throughout the year. If your favourite pass doesn’t feature in the final ten that’s because it didn’t get enough nominations.

Cast your vote

What do you think was the best pass of the 2013 season? Cast your vote below and having your say in the comments.

Vote for the best pass of the 2013 F1 season

  • Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta (3%)
  • Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber (28%)
  • China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button (3%)
  • China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa (1%)
  • Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button (8%)
  • Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso (13%)
  • Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa (21%)
  • Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber (14%)
  • United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez (7%)

Total Voters: 483

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122 comments on “Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best”

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  1. I’m surprised a couple of DRS moves are there, but Hamilton letting Alonso pass to get DRS in Spa isnt there. In retrospect, I guess it wasnt a pass, it was a defense.

  2. Sutil vs Alonso
    My final nominees were Alonso on Webber at Monza and Sutil on Alonso at Monaco. The latter was not spectacular, rather a courageous move in a narrow place with no room to out-brake someone as the hairpin is approached at a slow speed, and the cars turn in almost immediately.

  3. Despite the Multi-21, surprisingly Vettel vs Webber is highly voted.

  4. Not sure ALO vs WEB in Italy should be included – you can see Alonso squeezed Webber and there was contact, as you see part of Mark’s wing fly off.

  5. Voted for Bottas on Gutierrez, as it was one of the few overtakes this year that made me turn away from the screen :)

    Vettel on Webber is probably a close second: I still disagree with the sentiment, but merely as an overtake, it was a good, hard fought pass.

  6. The only 2 moves I recall when I think of overtaking this season before I saw this list would have been the Vettel v Webber scrap at Malaysia, and the penalised Grosjean around the outside of Massa move in Hungary so for me it’s got to be between those 2 and in the end I went for GRO/MAS. It was awesome.

  7. How can Grosjean on Massa be in there? He left the track, he got a penalty. It has the most votes at the moment. So people can only get angry when the FIA are stupid but can excuse themselves?

    1. That penalty was unbelievably harsh and IMO it’s the finest overtake in that collection, beautifully executed. Seb on Mark was a close #2, that’s probably the best wheel-to-wheel action I’ve seen in a long time. 2014, give me loads of THAT!

    2. I agree, while it was a stupid penalty. The move was deemed illegal by the stewards and therefore I don’t think it should be on this list.

  8. No Alonso vs Kimi/Hamilton?.

    1. Keith says it’s not on the list because it didn’t get enough nominations.

      I´m astonished too!

  9. Vettel vs Webber. They were pushing each other a lot. Just look at Vettel in T1, he had the inside, he knew he was going to be on the outside for the next corner, so he tried to ruin Webber’s line as much as possible in order to get him in the following straight. The same goes for Webber, leaving just enough space between him and the pit wall on the main straight and not giving up around the outside of turn one.

    It’s true that 2013 wasn’t a great year for F1, but this battle was brilliant, I think we will remember it for a long time.

  10. Grojean on massa was the best pass and should not have recieved a penalty, massa squeezed grojean off the track and he did well to avoid the accident massa was prepared to cause. Im sure if massa had left grojean racing room he would have stayed on the track.

  11. Good job finding so many videos Keith, 9 times out of 10 I cant find the clips I’m looking for.

  12. Easy, Vettel on webber…multi 21 Seb. Multi world champ Mark.

  13. We may never know for certain but there was plenty of discussion at the time that Webber had gone into fuel saving mode at the time which takes the edge of the Vettel overtake in Malaysia for me. Although it shows how much Vettel has improved since his clumsy moves on Webber (Turkey) and Button (Spa) in 2010.
    I voted for Alonso’s inch perfect move on Webber in Monza.

    1. Horner confirmed Webber and Vettel were running the same engine setting during the scrap.

      Also, if Webber did turn his engine down Vettel would have easily passed Webber on the straight with DRS.

    2. I think the differences why Vettel could overtake were that he had the medium tyres (Mark on hard) and that he is a slightly better driver. Definitely didn’t look like a difference in engine settings or fuel savings.

      I think Mark would have had to save fuel soon after so eventually, Vettel would have passed him anyway. But it was a lot more exciting like this.

  14. Im very supriced Alonso’s move at the start at the Spanish GP, and Vettel’s move on Alonso and Rosberg at Bahrain isn’t on the list. Anyway, i voted the Vettel-Webber overtake, which is in my top3 highlights of the year.

    1. Iit’s not on the list ibecause it didn’t get enough nominations. That´s what Keith has written. Incredible!

  15. Hamilton on Webber at Hungary?? Great move!

  16. Surprised at how many good overtakes are not on this list.

    The Alonso’s double overtake on the 1st lap in Barcelona was outstanding and hands down the best overtake on the list

  17. I voted for Bottas’ move on Gutierrez. Grosjean’s pass was the best illegal pass, and Vettel on Webber was a great battle but I think it’s pretty clear that Webber didn’t give it his all so it’s not as great as it could’ve been (he is being extra careful trying not to hit Seb).

    Bottas’ move showed great skill and even if might look easy on television. Overtaking there requires skill as Paul Di Resta proved by failing at the same exact move later in the race ;)

    1. ^^ there’s one unnecessary ‘and’ there: the first sentence of the second paragraph

  18. Went for Vettel VS Webber, the overtake had that thrill factor when Webber almost put Vettel into the wall on the straight.

    I didn’t remembered the Mark Webber on Paul di Resta move, but wow, great move too, should get more votes!

  19. How come Perez double pass in India is absent?

  20. i think the best pass all season was alonso on hamilton and raikkonen in spain

    1. Me too! But many here don´t think the same.

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