Start, Shanghai, 2013

Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best

2013 F1 season reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Shanghai, 2013

Your nominations for the best overtaking move of 2013 have been counted. Now it’s time to vote for the best out of the top ten passes of the year.

Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta

Mark Webber often found himself needing to make up ground following a bad start during 2013. Here he gets around the outside of Paul di Resta at turn nine during his home race.

Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber

Extra spice was added to this tooth-and-nail scrap between the two Red Bull drivers by the fact Sebastian Vettel had been ordered not to pass his team mate. Webber put up a stern defence but Vettel squeezed through to claim is first win of the year in controversial fashion.

China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013

Lewis Hamilton passed former team mate Jenson Button twice during the Chinese Grand Prix. The pick of the two moves was a sweep around the outside into turn one, giving him the advantage into the following left-hander. No suitable video available.

China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton

Three passes from the Chinese Grand Prix made it into the top ten. Felipe Massa put an opportunistic move on Hamilton after team mate Fernando Alonso passed him for the lead.

China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa

Vettel wasted no time getting past Massa after his pit stop, diving past at the turn six hairpin.

Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button

Sergio Perez Passes Jenson Button @ 2013 F1 Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix saw a few surprising passes including this ballsy dive from Sergio Perez on team mate Button.

Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso

Later in the race Adrian Sutil surprised Fernando Alonso with this pass at the Fairmont Hotel hairpin.

Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa

Unfortunatley for Romain Grosjean he put all four wheels off the track while overtaking Massa during the Hungarian Grand Prix and gave him a drive-through penalty. Grosjean later said he thought he had at least two wheels still on the track during the pass.

Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber

Fernando Alonso took third place off Webber with a late-braking move at the Variante della Roggia during the Italian Grand Prix.

United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez

Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Circuit of the Americas, 2013

Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutierrez went side-by-side through the snaking Ess-bends at the start of the lap at the Circuit of the Americas, the Williams driver coming out on top on his way to his first ever F1 points. No suitable video available.

But what about…?

This top ten was compiled from the Pass of the Year Nominations by F1 Fanatic readers throughout the year. If your favourite pass doesn’t feature in the final ten that’s because it didn’t get enough nominations.

Cast your vote

What do you think was the best pass of the 2013 season? Cast your vote below and having your say in the comments.

Vote for the best pass of the 2013 F1 season

  • Australia: Mark Webber on Paul di Resta (3%)
  • Malaysia: Sebastian Vettel on Mark Webber (28%)
  • China: Lewis Hamilton on Jenson Button (3%)
  • China: Felipe Massa on Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • China: Sebastian Vettel on Felipe Massa (1%)
  • Monaco: Sergio Perez on Jenson Button (8%)
  • Monaco: Adrian Sutil on Fernando Alonso (13%)
  • Hungary: Romain Grosjean on Felipe Massa (21%)
  • Italy: Fernando Alonso on Mark Webber (14%)
  • United States: Valtteri Bottas on Esteban Gutierrez (7%)

Total Voters: 483

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Images ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Williams/LAT

122 comments on “Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best”

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  1. I had predicted Webber v Vettel would be the least popular to be honest!! (Not my opinion, just thought that because of the controversy behind it)

    In the end I went for Massa on Hamilton. Threw it down the inside like Lewis did to Jenson in 2011, brilliant! I remember jumping in delight at that one :D

  2. Bottas on Gutierrez. Being able to pass in the esses get my vote.

  3. Voted for Sutil on Alonso. Brave move, surprised Alonso completely.

  4. Where is Webber on Raikkkonen at Silverstone?

  5. Vettel on webber was a good battle, but they weren’t pushing the didn’t risk it all. Maybe when vettel went next to the wall but he didn’t overtake at the corner.
    Sutil on Alonso, and Alonso on webber were both pure race driver instinct.

  6. Since it’s very well established that Grosjean did NOT overtake Massa, and the video very clearly shows him at 6 seconds driving well off the track in a straight line parallel to the track with all 4 wheels, I have to ask:

    Why is this included as a “pass of the year”?

    When he didn’t legally pass anyone, and the video leaves nobody in any doubt?

    1. @hairs

      Why is this included as a “pass of the year”?

      Because it received enough nominations. If enough people chose to ignore the points that the stewards considered it an illegal pass that’s their decision.

  7. Vettel on webber.
    It made me remember the good times of Senna and Prost

  8. was disgusted to see the Vettel vs Webber in Malaysia even nominated. Total insult to intelligence this one. I hope it’s not a case of look at his fans and see who the driver is, but based on such things, is there any wonder Vettel gets booed all the time? Best overtake of the season? Riiiight.

    Pathetic. A big boo to all who nominated it and a bigger boo to those who voted for it. I bet you wouldve also voted the Rascasse parking as the best moment of the 2006 season and the Schum Adelaide chop as the best defensive move of the 1994 season. How low can you get?

    1. @montreal95 – Such a ridiculous post. You’re really comparing deliberately hitting a rival to someone passing their teammate without contact?

      1. @daviid-a If you really think that the overtake is what I’m having a problem with and the reason why I think it’s not worthy to be considered as a best overtake then you either really have no clue or no morals. So which one is it? “passing cleanly” yeah right whatever

        1. @david a Sorry for the typo, hate touch keyboards

        2. @david-a wanted to quickly improve but made it even worse with the typo in your name. Sorry to both of you

        3. @montreal95 The storm raised about the pass by people like you was total nonsense. Webber for all his experience, apparently doesn’t suspect that someone who is side by side as he comes out of the pitlane might be racing him. Yeah right. You’re accusing others (and Vettel) of having no morals because he defied a team order. Yet there’s supposed to be no problem with RB applying team orders in the first place. There’s supposed to be no problem with Webber disobeying team orders himself, at more crucial times than the 2nd round of a season.

          1. @david-a I’m not accusing Vettel and those who think this pass deserves to be in the top 10 of lacking morals because there was something wrong with the way the pass was executed. I oppose this as a break of trust. That’s the difference between this and Silverstone 2011. There was a pre-race briefing. Both drivers agreed to a multi-21. Both shouldn’t have done so, but that’s what they did. Had it been the exact reverse of the Silverstone 2011 situation(Rocky from the pits: Seb hold station behind Mark, Seb: No way in hell!) I would’ve lauded Vettel as I hate team orders unless one driver is out of contention. But it wasn’t. Basically Vettel just lied there pure and simple and you see nothing wrong in that? Hey I advise to invent another award for Vettel to win as bonus for best overtake: the coveted Didier Pironi Lying Schumbag Award. As easy a win as he ever had, or will have. Enjoy!

            And if you also refer to the Brazil 2012 situation then the notion of Webber disobeying team orders there is a myth and a rewriting of history spread by a special sort of Vettel fans and/or Webber haters. Even Keith who is no fan of MW(that much is crystal clear), refrained from spreading it in any of his comments since he’s a credible journalist as opposed to armchair experts with a Webber-dislike syndrome. So as I said above, only the other way round now: I hope it’s not a “like fans, like driver” situation here.

            Brilliant! after 445 votes, there in first place sits an overtake based on a lie and in second place an overtake made with all four wheels off the track in clear contradiction to the rules, while the real great overtakes of the year namely Sutil on Alonso, Alonso on Webber and Perez on Button sit 3-5(at least they’re in the right order). A real boo(boo-boo)st of credibility for F1 Fanatics right there

          2. @montreal95

            Keith who is no fan of MW

            Which is only true insofar as I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘fan’ of any of them.

    2. it’s nice that you have just started to watch f1. but the lack of intellegence comes from you and you alone. How about you study the sport by actually watching races from previous seasons. Now if you had you would realize that the move you claim to be disquesting was an all too common event. Study prost vs senna, Mansell vs piquet, and mansell vs senna just to name a few…..

      1. @jasonryan Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I’m not sure if you were born when I started watching F1. Prost vs Senna was a disgrace both in 89 and 90, not to mention none of them was competing with one hand behind his back. I’m not sure which incident between Senna and Mansell you were referring to, but if it’s the Jerez accident after which Nigel was disqualified then it was a disgrace too. Mansell and Piquet hated each other so much when they were team-mates that there would never be any talk of holding positions etc. as Williams knew they would never agree to it. Again this not at all like the situation we’ re discussing here. Seems the intellectual failure is yours after all

  9. Not surprised that Vettel on Webber was top, it was a good side by side battle. But it was aided by DRS (would have happened otherwise, but it’s still a factor), done on different tyres and up until the battle itself with one driver unsuspecting, which altered the strategy. For that reason I can’t vote it top, but in saying that, how many of these 10 passes are relatively DRS free, and done on similarly aged same tread tyres?

  10. Where can I find the voting results for previous years?

  11. im amazed you got the video links you did, given the copyright minefield.

  12. Vettel on webber was the best tooth and nail battle of the last couple years…the dice between the divers was a nail biting fight, where neither driver was relenting no matter what it was either “win it or bin it” it was some of the best side by side racing all year

  13. Surprised at the lack of overtaking’s that have been missed on here. Granted the Vettel vs Webber one was very scary and tactical from Seb lasting several corners as mentioned above previously but there are others which should be on here namely the Raikonnen vs Button in Singapore, Vettel vs Alonso/Rosberg in bahrain, and the Spain one for Alonso against Raikonnen/Hamilton too. Can’t think of any other good ones if i’ve missed any of them out feel free to let me know.

    1. @ajmal92

      there are others which should be on here

      Did you nominate them?

  14. Actually Raikonnen on Button (No DRS) overtake and also Raikonnen on Hulkenburg in Japan through 130R and into the chicane side by side with both drivers giving just enough room was awesome. I think Kimi overtoook outside of 130R in the same race too but not sure. Also a mention for Bottas in US gp same as Kimi on Hulk in 2012 US gp into the esses. Them three are definitely my highlights

  15. That very ballsy dive from Perez at Monaco got me.

  16. I promised myself to not vote for any pass made with DRS, but Vettel-Webber in Malysia was simply too intriguing. Best moment of the year for me.

  17. For me it’s GRO on MAS in Hungary.
    Worth to mention: VET vs. WEB, PER vs. BUT and SUT vs. ALO (but this 1 not that much because I think ALO was kinda sleepy there, plus the McLaren hold him back and also braked earlier)
    Rest of them, not impressive in my opinion. Just nice, flowing passes on the interior… like it was meant to happen.

  18. Perez/JB and Bottas are probably the 2 best but the Vettel/Webber was good even though it is clearly flawed it don’t matter for the people that liken F1 to soap.

  19. Really bad that Grosjean got a penalty for that, brilliant move, but I went for Perez’s, the guy doesn’t have much brains behind the wheel, but he’s got balls! Gutsy!

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