Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2013

Mandatory pit stop plan scrapped

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Plans to force drivers to pit twice per race during 2014 have been dropped.


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Formula 1 teams reject proposal to enforce two pit stops (BBC)

“The proposal received no support from the teams at Monday’s meeting of F1’s rules strategy group.”

Vettel against double points rule change (Reuters)

“‘F1 demeans itself with double points gimmick,’ declared a headline on the F1 Fanatic website, whose poll of more than 700 members showed 90 per cent opposed to the idea.”

Formula 1 to award double points for final race from 2014 (The Times, subscription required)

“Fans immediately took to Twitter and website forums to criticise the idea. One site, F1 Fanatic, carried out a poll that found 91 per cent of respondents were against the idea.”

(NB. Both figures for the percentage of voters were correct when the respective articles were published)

F1 champion Vettel slams rule changes (The New Zealand Herald)

“I respect old traditions in the Formula One and I don’t understand the new rule.”

Teams consider postponing Jerez test (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“It seems that some teams won?t be as ready as they thought they would be, with Lotus apparently pushing the idea of a delay.”

McLaren, Force India won’t run (Sky)

“It now remains to be seen how many of the remaining four teams named on the FIA announcement – Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and Toro Rosso – will be in action at Sakhir.”

Budget cap no easy fix – Whitmarsh (Autosport)

“If we want to do it [introduce a budget cap] we have got a way of doing it, but a minority will always be opportunistic or try to frustrate it.”

Di Resta accused of entrapment as he admits recording Hamilton’s call (Daily Mail)

“‘I didn?t know it was illegal at the time,’ responded Di Resta, 27.”

Paul Di Resta’s Force India days look numbered as he eyes potential Sauber move (The Mirror)

“The only team that really has any possibility is Sauber. There has been nothing other than a chat with my manager.”

Merc ready to beat Red Bull – Rosberg (ESPN)

“We’ve made massive progress and really everybody believes that this team can do it and beat Red Bull.”

Martin Brundle on Formula 1 in 2014 (MotorSport)

“From what I?m hearing, I think it could be complete chaos in the early part of the season.”

World Formula One champion Vettel to become a father (AFP via Google News)

“German magazine Bunte revealed the Formula One star and his long-time girlfriend Hanna are expecting their first child in 2014.”


Comment of the day

@Melkurion worked out how the ‘double points’ rule would have changed past championships:

Fangio would lose the 1956 title, but gain the 1953 tile, leaving him with five
Ascari would only be a single instead of a double champion
Hawthorn would lose is one title
Moss would be a (deserved) double champion
Ickx would be champion over Rindt, though I doubt he?d be very happy with it
Gilles Villeneuve would be champion
Scheckter would not
Jones would be a double champion
Piquet would be a double champion instead of a triple
Lauda would be a double champion instead of a triple
Prost would have five titles instead of four
Schumacher would lose one giving him six
Raikkonen would be a double champion
Alonso would be a triple champion
Hamilton would not be a champion
Massa would be

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