Sergio Perez, Vijay Mallya, Force India, 2013

All change at Force India as Perez joins Hulkenberg

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Vijay Mallya, Force India, 2013Force India have confirmed Sergio Perez will race for them in 2014 after signing a “multi-year deal” with the former McLaren driver.

Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya said he was “very impressed with his recent performances”.

“He already has several podium finishes to his name and being chosen by McLaren last year was a clear indication that he is a driver to watch for the future,” Mallya added.

Perez will partner Nico Hulkenberg, whose signing was confirmed earlier this month, as the team changes both its drivers for the new season.

“By pairing Sergio alongside Nico, we enter the new season with an extremely competitive line-up, which will go toward helping us achieve our goals for the new season,” said Mallya.

“Coming here was always my first choice and I’m really happy everything has now been confirmed,” said Perez.

“This is a young team with a lot of determination and they’ve produced competitive cars for the last few years. It’s all change for next season with the new regulations, but I already have a good feeling about 2014.”

The news means both Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil have lost their seats.

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  1. mallya made 2 great choices with what he had left to choose from! glad he removed “complaining di resta” and Sutil to start fresh. tyes di resta is a great driver but he complains way too much in my opinion…

    this will be interesting pairing, I think sergio will be a great gauge for nico to prove and show the top teams what he can do, even with a weight disadvantage as sergio is of the smaller stature which is more desired by a most teams and probably one of te reasons nico was left out to dry by the top teams for next year due to the minimum weight limits on the cars.

  2. Good news for Force India, its a far more dynamic line up.

    Sutil had a couple of decent races in his career but he’s had a good run and its probably time for somebody else to have a go.

    Di Resta for me has shown to be very ordinary, I think he’s had plenty of time and to be brutally honest he’s brought nothing special to the table at any grand prix he’s been to, I think back to Anthony Davidson, that guy showed more potential in an f1 car but had far less of an opportunity. I think his career in f1 is over and with some justification, there is much talent out there that will do more with that opportunity, drivers can’t cruise through there careers now and keep getting drives (Nick Heidfeld anyone?!).

    It does leave Sauber with the only recognisable decent seat. They need somebody established, Kovalinen?

    1. Kovalainen will go to Caterham, along with Gutierrez…Sauber will end up with Sutil paired with Sirotkin!

      1. Sauber are screwed!

  3. The question is: what will Sauber do?

    A Sutil-Gutierrez duo is weak, a Sutil-Sirotkin duo even weaker.

    Come back Kobayashi! :D

    1. I love KK! Great driver. Great to watch!

  4. I think thats a brilliant line-up, so much better than sutil and di resta

  5. They tried conservative last year, so to see this kind of decision from FI is refreshing! I think they’ve done a really good job getting this lineup.

  6. heres a question for everyone, if you were the boss at mclaren, would you rather have the confirmed line-up of Maggnussen & Button, or Force indias confirmed line-up of Perez and Hulkenberg? presumably thats a line up Mclaren could have made happen, i know which pairing i think is stronger

  7. Di Resta and Sutil were a great combonation. I don’t even know why Force India took in Perez, he’s a pay driver, just like Maldanado, always has to buy his way in. There is some good talent going to waste all because of this stupid trend. I think it is all rubbish and that anyone who has to buy their way into something that you have to work for shouldn’t be allowed to compete. But on the flip side, Hulkenburg is a good driver with a thing called “talent”, so he deserves a drive somewhere like Force India, or even a higher up team like Ferrari or McLaren

    1. Last time I checked Perez had more podiums than Hulk, or Di Resta or Sutil, what are you talking about?

      1. Exactly, @Tur
        @Kiefer Hopkins, you are wrong!
        I dislike Di Resta but I still hoped he would get the Sauber seat, same for Sutil but really FI can’t afford a pair of mediocre low-points scorers.
        FI have done a great thing here, a driver with great potential and a driver with some potential and a lot of cash!

  8. It just occur to me that Perez and Hulk are getting the seat Martin Mclaren was seeking for Magnussen, thumbs up for Vijay calling his own shots, it actually manage to reverse the line up with Mclaren…I mean if this line up is mouth dripping good for any team !
    Hope Mercedes engine is much faster than renault !

  9. Force India maintains their record of never entering an F1 season without a German Driver

  10. Now i hope they change their livery to the official Indian sports colour rather than the tri colour.

  11. It became my favorite team now.
    Very strong line up, hope they can develop a good car to fight for podiums.

    for me, until today, the worst line-up is McLaren…

  12. Think the statement is wrong, should be:

    Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya said he was “very impressed with his financial backing”.

    (I don’t paid drivers is nothing new, but really does annoy me…having said that, must rather see Perez in the seat than moody “never my fault, always the team” Di-Resta)

  13. Great news for FI! A driver like Hulk who has great potential and a driver like
    Checo who has a lot of skill and bags of cash! I really hope they do well!
    Teams I am supporting for 2014:
    Force India,

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