Adrian Sutil, Force India, Singapore, 2013

Sutil joins Sauber for 2014

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Adrian Sutil, Force India, Singapore, 2013Adrian Sutil will continue his F1 career with Sauber next season after being dropped by Force India.

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said Sauber “have been wanting to work together with him for a while”.

“Adrian had already visited the factory at the end of September to have a look at the infrastructure. Adrian is not only very fast, but also brings a lot of experience, which is very important looking at the new regulations for next year.”

Sutil said he had “known for a while where I wanted to go” but “the negotiations took a bit longer than planned”.

“I am determined to do my part in order to have a successful future together with the Sauber F1 Team. The long and successful tradition in motorsport, combined with an impressive factory and one of the best wind tunnels in F1, have been fascinating me for a long time.”

Sutil made his F1 debut in 2007 with Spyker, which became Force India the following year, and remained with them ever since. He spent the 2012 season on the sidelines then returned to action this year.

Sauber have already lost Nico Hulkenberg to Force India and it remains to be seen whether Esteban Gutierrez will continue with them next year.

The team said it will announce its second driver at a later date. Sauber appointed Sergey Sirotkin as a test driver in July and said he would be undergo preparations with a view to him becoming “a racing driver for the team in 2014”, but have not yet confirmed whether he will race for them.

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  1. A long story short, FI decided Hulk is better than diresta on talent so got him and then decided sutils capri sun sponsor isnt enough so decided to get perez. looking forward to this team mate battle aswel as nando and kimi!

  2. Delighted to see Adrain’s girlfriend back in the pit lane for 2014.

  3. Pretty solid choice for Sauber, he would be good alongside an improving Gutierrez!

  4. I think it’s the safe choice, especially if Sutil also brings sponsorship with him. One could’ve argued for Kovalainen, Di Resta, or the rookies (like Frijns or Da Costa), but I think Sutil is a known quantity, you know he’ll deliver some points as long as he has a car which is competitive (for the midfield, anyway).

    Largely indifferent to choice, and not really surprised. I don’t think Sutil is good enough for a top-tier seat, but he’s good enough to belong in F1.

  5. Where are the days Sauber was renowend for their renowned for their line ups in the midfield. Sutil is an average driver but nothing more, surely they could have found something better out there. At least it brings in some money for the team.

  6. so it looks like sauber will have the boring line-up next year, i know there are no real facts or science behind a boring driver line-up, its just the way i see it

    1. yep, we had a good line-up from Sauber the past year and a bad one from FI, now it’s the opposite …

  7. Well, i am so pleased that such a talented driver will be on the grid next year! @all his haters: look at his Monte Carlo race from this season. His performance remembered us all Ayrton Senna’s overtakes in his legendary days. Any person with minimun f1 knowledge will praise his talent and speed. Of course that this yeas was a very unlucky one, but i hope that 2014 will be his breakthrough year!

  8. Unspiring maybe, but he is a safe pair of hands like Heidfeld (Most of the time) and he occasionally has his moments, such as Monaco this year… also do remember that he almost helped Force India beat Williams and Renault in 2010 and 2011 respectively, pity his teammates weren’t as consistent back then.

  9. Ok I am no Di Resta fan, but seriously he should have a seat over Sutil. Oh well.

    1. @erivaldonin well, what a dilemma really. Should they hire Di Resta to moan all year long?, or Sutl who always has the “cutting edge”?
      Facepalm for Sauber.

  10. Kobayashi, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase :$

  11. Brw: di Resta thanked his team on twitter. He proves he can show respect from time to time ^^

    1. @Paeschli That’s right, he has actually done that several times. On the other hand, I can immediately recall at least three articles that show Perez in a bad light as regards his attitude. I think people often see what they want to see and the role of media also shouldn’t be undervalued.

  12. Well, I’m glad he stays in. It’s a bigger concern to me that there are so few seats in F1 and that new teams cannot join – he’s in on merit. And he plays piano, so he can’t be entirely stupid.

  13. Michael Brown (@)
    13th December 2013, 17:39

    Good thing they chose Sutil over Sirotkin. Personally I would have gone for Di Resta.

  14. I wouldn’t write Sutil off. Remember the days when he was rumoured to take Alonsos and one year later Kovalainens place at McLaren? after seasons he wasn’t even close to score a point… It’s true that he stucked a bit at Force India, and this move might be just what he needed to save his career. I also believe that even Lewis Hamilton stucked a bit at McLaren – obviously on a whole other level – , but at Mercedes we saw a whole other Hamilton this year. who knows what Sutil can deliver after this change…

  15. What a waste of seat.

  16. I am determined to do my part in order to have a successful future together with the Sauber F1 Team.

    I really doubt that. Considering Sauber’s track record, I really doubt they are going to keep Sutil for more than 1 year. He is certainly one of the greatest average racing driver in the grid in the last few years. And with the situation Sauber is in now, I am sure he is here only for his experience coz of the new regs and the money he brings. Once they are done with that by the end of next year, I am sure that he will be out. Its really a make or break year next year for Sutil and I guess he knows.

  17. Unbelievable… DiResta who actually beat him leaves and this guy stays… F1 is getting far more farcical as days go by…. I`m getting very desilusioned about it…

    1. The same way Sutil got axed for 2012 despite him doing a better job than Di Resta?

      1. He only beat the rookie Di Resta by 42 points to 27 (Di Resta was ‘Rookie of Year’) …… and I think there was ANOTHER reason for him being out for 2012

  18. So 4 seats left and what are the rumours/possibility of people going to buy 1 spare Sauber seat, 2 Caterhams and 1 Marussia. Since Sergio Perez has been announced on a multi year deal now I am sure Carlos Slim will get this Mexican GP ready for 2015 as it will just take under 2 years to do

    1. Vandroome is rumored to go to Marussia. Paul di Resta is a rumour at Sauber while Sergey Sirotkin ‘is in danger’ and Esteban sadly will be leaving Sauber I believe. At Caterham, Hekki and Giedo are likely to be in those seats while Charles Pic ‘is in danger’ and Ericsson is a rumour of going to Caterham

  19. thats a backward step for sauber then, theyd been better off with di resta
    sutils never going to set the world alight, but maybe sauber have a different agenda i do not know

  20. He has experience. But he doesn’t strike me as a Badoer-style development driver.
    He has some speed. But he doesn’t strike me as a Hulkenberg-stlye quick driver.
    His career is in decline, he has been dismissed from the only team he raced for in F1 after an uninspiring season: why, Sauber? Sure, your year wasn’ a great one, but many drivers would love to race for you, and many might have the backing. Heck, Sirotkin might even be a better choice than Sutil. Hope Gutierrez keeps his seat.

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