Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Montreal, 2012

Hamilton not on Vettel and Alonso’s level – Webber

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Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Montreal, 2012In the round-up: Mark Webber says Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are the top two drivers in F1 today.


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Vettel ‘favourite’ for title despite new rules (BBC)

“Lewis [Hamilton of Mercedes] is handy but probably not quite as much of a machine as [Vettel and Alonso] are. They are literally ‘plug them in and off they go’. They are very, very handy.”

Brawn to take six months off (Reuters)

“I want to clear my mind, take a rest and then decide if I want to return to F1, subject of course to any opportunities existing.”

Judgement ‘reserved’ in Ecclestone trial (The Telegraph)

“After seven weeks of hearing evidence, Mr Justice Newey said he was reserving judgement. He is expected to take several weeks to consider the evidence. His judgement will hinge on whether he is persuaded that the shares were indeed undervalued as a result of Ecclestone?s actions.”

Newsnight (BBC iPlayer)

A segment on the Bernie Ecclestone trial in which a lawyer representing Gerhard Gribkowsky, the German businessman who was jailed for accepting an alleged bribe from Ecclestone, asserts it is an “open secret” that Ecclestone is in charge of the Bambino Trust which Gribkowsky was paid from, something Ecclestone has previously denied.

McLaren ready to protect Magnussen (Autosport)

McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale: “I hope we can protect him from the ravages of F1. For anybody coming up from another series to F1, the white heat of expectation is very difficult.”

Watch a real 2014 F1 chassis crash test (Caterham via YouTube)

Alonso has his first taste of 2014 (Ferrari)

“The Spaniard arrived at the Scuderia?s headquarters this morning and immediately got down to work with a busy simulator programme. The purpose of the day was to get a first taste of all the new procedures in which the driver will be involved, in managing the 2014 car.”

Volkswagen not interested in F1 slot (ESPN)

“The Volkswagen Group boasts the likes of Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche among its brands, but when contacted by ESPN about whether the company was aware of the FIA’s search a spokesman dismissed any interest.”

Cheap tricks which point to fact that Formula One has lost its nerve (The Guardian)

Richard Williams: “To feel the need for a mechanism intended to ensure that every season reaches a cliff-hanging climax is to severely underrate the audience’s intelligence.”

Double points? Don’t be daft (ESPN)

Maurice Hamilton: “If it is a knee-jerk reaction to Red Bull’s dominance then it should be accepted that this sort of supremacy occurs in F1 from time to time. What, may I ask, was wrong with the last races in 2008 and 2010 – and plenty more before that?”

New double-points system-entertainment or embarrassment? (Motion Cars)

“It has led to howls of derision from many in the sport, who see this as the next step, after KERS and DRS wing ??push-to-pass? buttons, in devaluing the sport still further. It is not even guaranteed to add an entertainment factor.”



Comment of the day

The news of Adrian Sutil joining Sauber for 2014 had a rather muted reception:

Sutil isn?t a bad choice. It?s fairly uninspiring but in terms of a decent driver with plenty of experience, he?ll do good enough job.

Who would be a better choice? They got him because the other options have gone! If they?d acted quicker, they could have potentially brought Perez back or Massa but now they?re left with Sutil or someone with next to no experience.

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On this day in F1

John Surtees won the Rand Grand Prix 50 years ago today, which was a non-championship race held at the Kyalami circuit two weeks before the season finale at the East London track.

Surtees’ Ferrari team mate Lorenzo Bandini finished second ahead of local driver Piet de Klerk in an Alfa Romeo.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty