Double points ‘artificial and unsporting’ – Ferrari

2014 F1 season

Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari, Finali Mondiali, Mugello, 2013Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has criticised the plan to award double points in the final race of 2014 as “artificial”.

??I can?t say I like this idea very much,” said Montezemolo, “as it seems rather artificial and not very sporting.”

Montezemolo wants F1 teams to have a greater say in the future direction of the sport.

“I think the time has come to all sit around the table with the other teams to discuss the overall approach to Formula 1 and, with that in mind, I want to organise a meeting in the second half of January, here in Maranello.

“I want to talk constructively, without discussing anything to do with competitiveness but putting forward proposals in a transparent manner, without any under the table agreements. There should be more dialogue between the teams when it comes to discussing the problems affecting Formula One.”

2014 F1 season

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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37 comments on Double points ‘artificial and unsporting’ – Ferrari

  1. Juan Pablo Heidfeld (@juan-pablo-heidfeld-1) said on 20th December 2013, 19:22

    I thought Ferrari had a veto for this type of thing. Hopefully they use it

    • Joshua Mesh (@joshua-mesh) said on 20th December 2013, 20:26

      He said in the same article that they wont use it for something like this because it is not important enough a thing to use the veto. They are calling a summit of team leaders to discuss it and perhaps then they may all agree that ferrari should use its veto.

  2. Bullfrog (@bullfrog) said on 20th December 2013, 19:27

    Who was representing Ferrari at the F1 Strategy Group meeting, then? A chimp?

    • Cacarella (@cacarella) said on 20th December 2013, 19:32

      Why, did Ferrari vote for this at the F1 Strategy Group meeting?
      My understanding is the teams hold 6 votes out of 18 and unanimous decisions
      are not required.

    • A chimp? Good one. Of course he could blame Massa. What a politician, votes for it, now tries a 180, and saying come on over to my house “…without any under the table agreements”. Reckon that’s easy to say when you alone have the under-the-table agreement. What a chump.

  3. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 20th December 2013, 19:29

    Ferrari being sporty and thinking about the well-being of F1 rather than their own self interest, as usual. :p

  4. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 20th December 2013, 19:30

    I thought the strategy group voted it and they all agreed…

    Seems weird, but if Ferrari has more power than the other teams, this would be a nice time to use it, so they revert this stupid decision…

  5. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 20th December 2013, 19:39

    Anyone wondering why the sudden change of heart should read the Autosport article which clearly states it was Bernie who pressurized the strategy group in voting in favour of this ridiculous plan. He claimed the television networks and race promoters insisted on a system which would allow the show to last until the last race.

    Luca doesn’t often make much sense but his words today have been music to my ears, calling all teams together to discuss the direction of the sport and to see what can be done about this without exclusion of the little ones.

    • Timothy Katz (@timothykatz) said on 20th December 2013, 20:31

      Yes, extraordinary isn’t it? I actually found myself agreeing with Montezemola.
      Reading the quote in the article and the quote that @gt-racer pulled up from the BBC article, it seems as though Ferrari and the other teams might have agreed to the sill points proposal perhaps reluctantly and possibly as an experiment for one year only. That certainly wasn’t how it was presented afterwards.
      But yes, it’s got to be good to have all the team’s talk together, as long as no one team has a veto over what’s decided . . .

  6. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Finally someone with real power and influence in F1 weighs in. With Ferrari against it, as well as the fans I am hiding a smile, confident that this silly rule will soon be removed

  7. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 20th December 2013, 19:49

    I’m a Ferrari fan, but I don’t agree with the huge political influence that they can exert over the sport. However, if it came down to it I wouldn’t mind at all if Luca had one of his tantrums and leaned very hard on the powers that be to get rid of the double points abomination. It’s been a few months since Ferrari have threatened to leave the sport, they can trot out that ultimatum and hopefully get rid of this joke.

  8. Aimal (@aimalkhan) said on 20th December 2013, 20:02

    I don’t think there is any need for a double points final race to attract fans. Personally i watch every single race regardless of who is winning or losing the championship and so do most of the F1 fans around the world.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st December 2013, 0:20

      Quite possibly Bernie realises that when he is finished cost cutting F1 will be so boring that only a teen fanbase following their idols championship placing will keep viewer numbers up.

    • drmouse (@drmouse) said on 23rd December 2013, 13:02

      I don’t think there is any need for a double points final race to attract fans. Personally i watch every single race regardless of who is winning or losing the championship and so do most of the F1 fans around the world.

      That’s the point. You are already a fan, so don’t need to be attracted to the sport. You will probably continue to watch it no matter what they do.

      On the other hand, they want to attract new fans viewers. These need persuading to watch the sport show. They need every race event to be exciting, and don’t want the drivers performers to win until the very end.

  9. Deej92 (@deej92) said on 20th December 2013, 20:41

    Refreshing words from di Montezemolo? Well I never.

    Let’s hope this double points codswallop is given the elbow soon if the teams meet without any external pressure, so we have a fair finale. But say it is overruled, the FIA won’t be able to shake off this episode easily.

  10. MtlRacer (@mtlracer) said on 20th December 2013, 20:50

    I wish a transcript of the Strategy Group meeting that passed the double-points rule was available. The best explanations I can come up with for such a rule being voted on unanimously are (a) they had to choose something and the other choices were even worse, or (b) everyone was stupid-drunk and completely misunderstood what they were voting on.

  11. Please, use your power Ferrari – for once it may be constructive.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 20th December 2013, 21:19

      Oh, there’s still political gain to be had. Ferrari have been criticised for their tight relationship with the FIA and their veto in the past, but Luca says they won’t use it over something this small. So if he can rally the teams to get rid of double points, he proves that Ferrari don’t need a veto to get their way. It will also establish the team as someone the non-SWG teams can approach to voice their concerns.

      So there is a lot of political power to be gained here. Removing an unpopular rule is just a means to an end, and to be blunt, a double-points finale might be a lesser evil than Ferrari gaining too much political power.

  12. With all this talk about the veto power that Ferrari has, does anyone know how often can Ferrari use this veto power? I mean, I read somewhere that they have this power till 2020 but can they use it only once till then or for once in year or as much they want for whatever they want?? Anybody?

  13. kkierann said on 20th December 2013, 21:41

    Call me crazy but… I still can’t help but feel this is all for PR, and by the time the season starts it will be abolished, I’d be very surprised if it actually happens next year…

  14. dragoll (@dragoll) said on 20th December 2013, 22:52

    I’d be interested to know if any team will think about the double points and how to strategically get the most of it? One thing that I thought of, is that many teams have cars that suit certain track styles/types better than others, e.g. some cars are faster at Monza on a low down force setup. I wonder if any team will actually now focus on changing their designs for the last race at Abu Dhabi?

  15. JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 20th December 2013, 22:58

    Great idea Monty, get all the teams together to talk. You could give this group a name, maybe “Formula One Teams’ Association” or “FOTA” for short, oh wait a minute….

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