Alonso says he “can learn a lot” from Raikkonen

2014 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Interlagos, 2013Fernando Alonso welcomed new team mate Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari, saying he can learn from the 2007 world champion.

“I have faith in Ferrari and I am happy to be able to work with Raikkonen, a driver who has a rare talent and from whom I can learn a lot,” said Alonso.

“The experience he and I have will be vital to develop the car: the most important thing is that we work together for Ferrari and that a red car is first across the line, no matter which one.”

Alonso, who was rumoured to be considering leaving the team during the season, said he was optimistic about Ferrari’s prospects with the new 2014 regulations.

“Maybe now there are those who believe that it would be better to chose Red Bull, but Ferrari is always the winning hand and one has to have maximum faith in them. I hope we can improve on 2013, maybe making the most of the rule changes to be at the same level as the best.”

Alonso added his preferred number for next year, when drivers will be able to choose their car numbers, is 14. “It?s always brought me luck, ever since I won at the age of 14, on 14th July in 1996, with a kart that had the number 14. Let?s see it if still brings me luck.”

2014 F1 season

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51 comments on Alonso says he “can learn a lot” from Raikkonen

  1. quads said on 22nd December 2013, 0:56

    ALO being as usual humble and a gentleman. He did beat RAI to the drivers title already in 2005 and has beaten him comfortably, every season he had a somewhat competitive package since then. Besides, RAI was literally kicked out of Ferrari to make place for ALO – Ferrari, having first hand knowledge about RAI, obviously rated ALO much higher and the results since speak for themself.

  2. zoom (@zoomracing) said on 22nd December 2013, 4:34

    People saying that Alonso can’t learn from Kimi because Kimi does not talk are missing the point. He can learn a lot from telemetry. People is going to be surprised next year, they expect fireworks?, there will be none,

    • Nathan (@il-ferrarista) said on 22nd December 2013, 15:52

      Sure, but telemetry is obvious. Of course Alonso will learn from Raikkonen (that’s just Fernandos usual public talk..), I mean behind camera he really talks. Another thing is that they don’t have any negative episodes or history between them, not any that I can remember of, and I’ve watched F1 closely since about 04.

  3. uan (@uan) said on 22nd December 2013, 5:47

    People keep saying Raikkonen doesn’t talk, but that’s not true. He doesn’t talk to the press, but by many other accounts, he does talk (and a quite a bit as well) within the team and among different members of the paddock.

  4. SauberS1 (@saubers1) said on 23rd December 2013, 16:59

    It will be very interesting which driver will get more points the next season with the new regulations. Go Kimi and Sauber F1 Team!

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