Ecclestone wants double points for three races

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Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2010In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says he wants to award double points for the last three races of 2014 or not at all.


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Double-point rule ‘could be scrapped next month’ (The Telegraph)

Bernie Ecclestone: “It may well be that the rule is cancelled altogether at the next [Strategy Group] meeting in January. I think it should be the final three races or nothing.”

Double points too artificial – Ferrari (Autosport)

“Autosport has learned that teams were pressured into supporting the move because they were told by Bernie Ecclestone that television companies and race promoters had asked for a way to ensure the world title battle was kept alive for longer.”

Kobayashi set for F1 return with Caterham (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

Kamui Kobayashi is set to return to F1 with Caterham after emerging as the most qualified candidate for the seat.”

Di Montezemolo looks ahead (Sky)

“I’m in favour, and I’m sure a lot of people, the public, the large public, want Formula One more extreme in which you have you push you have to do your best engine, gearbox, car, maybe one pit stop, not too many because if not it becomes like a circus. But we will see and we have to accept these new ideas and we will judge everything after a while.”

Jenson: The McLaren drive (McLaren)

Lewis [Hamilton] is the fastest team-mate I?ve been up against. Rubens Barrichello could sometimes pull it out of the bag in qualifying and be quick over one lap, but Lewis does that pretty much every qualifying session and he?s also very competitive during the race. A lot of drivers would say that Lewis is the worst possible team-mate to have because he is so fast, but I find that exciting, it pushes me forwards.”

Internet hits to choose name of new F1 car (Ferrari)

“The name of the Scuderia?s car for 2014? It will be chosen this coming January by millions of Ferrari fans from around the globe through the Internet.”

The farce of the 1999 title decider (MotorSport)

“What a performance, though, what a lot of time and effort ?ǣ to say nothing of legal fees ?ǣ had gone into somehow keeping the world championship alive to the end.”


Comment of the day

@JerseyF1 on Luca di Montezemolo’s plan to bring F1 teams together for a summit on the future of F1:

Great idea, get all the teams together to talk. You could give this group a name, maybe “Formula One Teams? Association” or “FOTA” for short. Oh, wait a minute…

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Happy birthday to Dan M and Huhhii!

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On this day in F1

Lorenzo Bandini was born on this day in 1935. Having arrived in F1 with Scuderia Centro Sud in 1961, and returned on the team when he was dropped by Ferrari at the end of 1962, Bandini became a fixture at Ferrari from 1964. He picked up the single win of his career that year while team mate John Surtees clinched the title.

Two years later Surtees left Ferrari and Bandini became the senior driver at the team. But at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1967, while pursuing leader Denny Hulme, Bandini crashed and was trapped in his burning Ferrari. An age seemed to pass before he was extracted, and after three days he succumbed to the terrible burns he had suffered.

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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104 comments on Ecclestone wants double points for three races

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  1. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 21st December 2013, 0:08

    It’s really cool that Ferrari are going to let the drivers chose the name of the new car. Now that’s something new.

    Call me a fanboy, but IMO Ferrari have became a more likable team ever since Domenicali took over from Todt.

  2. hunocsi (@hunocsi) said on 21st December 2013, 0:18

    So no confirmation on Gutierrez yesterday… I saw he tweeted a picture of him attending his sister’s graduation, maybe it’s delayed because of that?

  3. hunocsi (@hunocsi) said on 21st December 2013, 0:22

    I hope that rumour about Kobayashi is true, it would be great seeing him back in F1, even with a small team – after all, he’d be probably the best experienced guy to join a small team after Glock (and maybe Kovalainen) in my opinion.

  4. spoutnik (@spoutnik) said on 21st December 2013, 0:23

    This double points crap seems to have reached the next level – boss fight.

  5. HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st December 2013, 0:29

    So Bernie makes a ludicrous demand for 3 races with double points or none at all, Bernie could teach the chinese a thing or to about saving face. Bernie never had a bad idea in his life, only ideas that other people mucked up.
    Any way 3 cheers for fan power.

  6. Dave (@raceprouk) said on 21st December 2013, 0:32

    “The name of the Scuderia’s car for 2014? It will be chosen this coming January by millions of Ferrari fans from around the globe through the Internet.”

    If this is a free suggestion/vote, what’s the bet the name would be akin to ‘Mr Splashy Pants’?

  7. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate) said on 21st December 2013, 0:32

    Bernie, why not just extend the double points for the entire season. That way everyone gets what they want!!

  8. MarkM (@mpmark) said on 21st December 2013, 0:46

    this “ridiculous” double points talk is all about making us fans have something to read and talk about in the off season, the talk was dieing down so what else is bernie going to say but “lets have 3 races with these ridiculous points”. So here we are again.

    I will put money on it that it will never fly…all about press mumbojumbo

  9. Bernie, you need 3 diapers or none of them.

  10. Sean Doyle (@spdoyle17) said on 21st December 2013, 0:54

    So, what… Vettel: 5, Alonso: 14, Hamilton: ?, Raikkonen: 7, Bottas (if no-one between he and Hamilton choose first) 77? Who else has set their eyes on specific numbers?

  11. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 21st December 2013, 1:10

    I’m nonplussed by the idea of Kobayashi returning. I always thought he had more style than substance.

    • Yes and there are some guys on the grid that still share that path like Maldonado Perez and Massa.

    • I guess, like Hamilton, his advantages of overtaking moves were nullified by the DRS. He needs to show consistency and his best pace now, after Perez seemed to outclass him with strategy and tyre preservation. A little more Suzuka, a little less anonymous results (or being taken out in Spa, like others with a chance to shine there after a good Q, like Alguersuari being hit by Senna).

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st December 2013, 23:07

      His driving style (loose) should be more effective with the promised more durable tyres and torquey motors of 2014, he was seriously handicapped by the clown tyres of 12 and 13.

  12. David-A (@david-a) said on 21st December 2013, 1:12

    In fairness, it’s going from 1 race to 3 races. Give it eight more amendments and we’ll be at 19 races of double points. Then the ridiculousness of the rule would be cancelled out.

  13. Paul (@frankjaeger) said on 21st December 2013, 1:14

    I sincerely hope the Kobayashi rumour is true and my prayers weren’t made in vain

  14. If all races end up with the double points, it will only be worth for Alonso’s points record written on his helmet
    Or let’s put the points in the races as in the TV show “Whose Line is it anyway” when Drew Carey says: “That joke was amazing! A million points for you”

  15. Alfie (@alfie) said on 21st December 2013, 1:53

    It may well be that the rule is cancelled altogether at the next [Strategy Group] meeting in January

    called it

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