Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. Silverstone, 2013

Alonso did consider Ferrari exit – Coulthard

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. Silverstone, 2013In the round-up: David Coulthard believes Fernando Alonso was considering leaving Ferrari for another team at mid-season.


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David Coulthard: Plenty to ponder as an F1 era draws to a close (BBC)

“I can’t know for sure but I do believe there is substance to the reports that his management were looking around other teams in the summer.”

Pirelli hurt by Red Bull criticism (Autosport)

Motorsport director Paul Hembery: “If the sport does not protect you from it when you are asked to do something then you have to do it yourself.”

Jean-Eric Vergne’s Christmas Wishes (Toro Rosso via YouTube)


Comment of the day

@McKenzie looks ahead to 2014:

Hopefully no single team will dominate in 2014, despite Vettel?s prediction. Red Bull will possibly stay at the top for a number of reasons: car development, Vettel?s skill (and the continuity factor) and, not least, a whopping budget. But I do hope as many drivers as possible score good points.

I don?t throw my support behind any team or any driver; I like to watch the racing, that?s all. I have misgivings over Maldonado, but that?s simply because I can?t warm to the man, rather than anything to do with his driving. My like or dislike of any driver is neither here nor there though. As long as the teams and the drivers do their level best in 2014, I?ll be happy. Even though I don?t really ??support? any team or driver, I?m hoping Force India, Marussia, Sauber and Williams can all take points off the big boys. I also hope Grosjean continues to develop as a driver.

Regardless of who wins, F1 will still keep me riveted to the television. The only real downer will be if no-one can challenge Vettel.

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Four years ago today Michael Schumacher announced his comeback to Formula One.

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