Andreas Sigl, Nikolay Buturlakin, Sebastian Vettel, Oleg Zabara, Sochi, 2013

Russian Grand Prix team hire Abu Dhabi race boss

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Andreas Sigl, Nikolay Buturlakin, Sebastian Vettel, Oleg Zabara, Sochi, 2013In the round-up: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix organiser Richard Cregan joins the Russian Grand Prix team.


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Yas Marina chief to work on Russian GP (Autosport)

“Russian Grand Prix organisers have recruited Richard Cregan, chief executive of Abu Dhabi Formula 1 venue Yas Marina, to work on the inaugural Sochi race.”

Honda Releases Formula 1 video ‘The Challenging Spirit of Honda’ (Honda via YouTube)


Comment of the day

@Bag0 on Luca di Montezemolo’s aversion to simulator testing:

I’m a software engineer, I work with prototype devices, and while I agree that real life testing is invaluable, simulations are just as important.

If you have a good correlation between the simulation and real-life data, using sims is way cheaper and faster.

You can test parts without an actual driver driving the simulator and without actually building the part, which means, you can run a lot more simulations in an hour, than on track. You also don’t need the staff to change the setup, the fuel to run, the money for track time or transport. For the same amount of money you gain a lot more information. (I cannot be sure about the numbers, because I don’t know the price of the on track testing, but I do know that running the simulations is basically free, so we are talking about a hell lot more data)

Simulations cannot replace real life testing, but there are indisputable advantages. Of course going by just simulations and CFD results you cannot be competitive (as Virgin/Marussia just showed), but you can work out heuristics for car setup, basic part designs, and train your drivers.

All in all I don?t think Luca sees the real benefits of having a good simulator, or they just don’t have a good one.

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On this day in F1

Andre Pilette died 20 years ago today. The Frenchman finished sixth on his world championship debut at Spa in 1951 – though as points were only awarded to the top five then he did not score. Three years later his put that right with fifth at the same track.

He appeared at several European races over the following years. Further attempts to rejoin the fray in the sixties, however, usually ended in non-qualification.