Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Suzuka, 2013

Hamilton makes debut as pop vocalist

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Suzuka, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton appears as a vocalist on a track by American singer Ana Lou.


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Hamilton on a different track as Mercedes star unleashes singing voice in pop debut (Daily Mail)

“[Hamilton] is featured singing lyrics such as ‘Why don’t you give love another try?’ ‘Baby, you should let me be the one’, and ‘I ‘aint nothing like those other guys.'”

Update: Hamilton has since denied it is him singing on the track.

Ferrari: group governance F1’s future (Autosport)

Luca di Montezemolo: “There is no question the young boys love cars and F1 less. One of the reasons, but not the only one, is that the races are becoming too complicated to follow.”

After ‘Rush’, F1 safety hits the screens (Reuters)

“A generation of drivers has now grown up that has never suffered the loss of one of their own at a racetrack, nor started a season wondering whose funeral they might be attending before the year was out.”



Comment of the day

Will this year’s dominant car be venerated in the same way other great cars have?

I was looking at this video about the McLaren MP4-4, the most successful F1 car ever made. So many people writing down what a legacy it was, how good it drove and how fast it is. Wondering whether people will remember 2013 for the Red Bull RB9 and Sebastian Vettel dominance in the same way or whether it will always be ‘that boring season’.
Sam (@Ardenflo)

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Lazzar!

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark put a seal on his domination of the 1963 championship 50 years ago today by winning the South African Grand Prix.

It was his seventh win in ten races, and in five of those he had led every lap. Dan Gurney was a minute behind in second and Jack Brabham a lapped third.

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  1. Wow, Nicole really did a number on Lewis! Now what?? Lewis out to form his own boy-band?? I am a bit disapointed in Lewis, it seems he has too many things on his mind. This might definitely be the reason for his inconsistency. He needs to prioritize!

    On another note… One would think that with the money Bottas has, he could at least get the f1 steering wheel from thrustmaster! geeeez…

    1. “Lewis out to form his own boy-band?? I am a bit disapointed in Lewis, it seems he has too many things on his mind.”

      Lol, what a load of horse ****.

      You think F1 drivers have to think about driving at every moment of the day, even in the off-season? They are normal people with normal hobbies. All drivers have hobbies, its just the media don’t care about the other drivers hobbies and therefore you don’t hear about them.

      Stop being a **** and let Lewis live his life, he knows how to go fast in a race car without it having to consume his day from the moment he opens his eyes to the moment he sleeps.

      1. Well Vettel seems to live and breathe F1 off track and keeps his distractions to a minimum.

        So….It would appear that not only are you rude and aggressive, you are also wrong.

        1. Paul Ogbeiwi (@)
          28th December 2013, 17:01

          LOL any proof perhaps? You have a handle on his day to day activities/hobbies?

        2. Again, what a load of horse ****.

          You know Vettel has a girlfriend right? you think they don’t have a normal relationship where they go places? You think Vettel sits on his own 24 hours a day thinking about what rear third spring setting he needs? lol, you are proper delusional.

          And I think if you actually do a bit of reading, you’ll see Vettel has plenty of hobbies outside of racing that keeps him occupied. As has every driver in history.

    2. Paul Ogbeiwi (@)
      28th December 2013, 17:00

      I’m also dissapointed in Alonso for opening his own exhibition.

      1. The charity where the ticket money goes is not.

        1. Paul Ogbeiwi (@)
          28th December 2013, 17:13

          Oh, so its not a sign of Alonso lacking focus? When Hamilton thought about the same sometime ago that was his judgement!

    3. G27 is alright, I have a G25. Not sure if others are better (e.g. Thrusty). The real question is, what sim/game was he driving!

  2. “[Hamilton] is featured singing lyrics such as ‘Why don’t you give love another try?’ ‘Baby, you should let me be the one’, and ‘I ‘aint nothing like those other guys.

    Rumour has it that Rosberg plans to respond with “Hit me Lewis one more time”.

    1. Lol so you are suggesting LH was singing those lines to NR (aka Britney)?

      ‘Why don’t you give love another try, Nico, and stay behind again when ordered.’

      ‘Baby, you should let me be the number one.’

      ‘I ain’t nothing like those other guys, so don’t drop the soap.’

  3. I remember when everyone hated Senna. Those old enough to have watched him can deny it all they like, but Senna was thought of exactly the same as Vettel when he was in his prime.

    It winds me up when my fellow Brits or Europeans go on about how great Senna was, even though they were the one’s booing him and ripping on him ‘cos he destroyed their hero Mansell for the best part of a decade.
    Now they all love him, obsessed even, Senna is the Godwins Law of F1, any argument ends with ”Well Senna did this, Senna did that”

    Well….I loved him in 1990 and I love him now, not a bandwagon jumper like 90% of the rest of you.

    Same with Vettel, you’ll all jump on the bandwagon in 20 years and say how great he was and how it was one of the best era’s of F1 blah blah.

    The RB9 and the MP4-4 are both classic, dominant cars that should go down in history. And Vettel is one of the greatest drivers in history.

    I’ve just finished building the bandwagon….You can all jump on in 2030.

    1. @ukphillie here in Latin America, and for sure in Japan, people worshiped Senna. but thanks for the update, I didn’t know Senna was hated in Europe back in the 90s.
      And I would be proud in 2030 to say I was Vettel’s fan before he got his first Red Bull car. It all started with his great performances in 2008, the year when I was disssapointed of Kimi. How great was Italy and Brazil for Seb that year!

      1. I have actually only became a Vettel fan this year, the only thing stopping me from cheering him on every race is my love for McLaren. Vettel at McLaren is my biggest dream.

        Yeah in UK Senna was vilified almost every race. He was treat a lot worse than Vettel is now in fact. I can’t say for sure the rest of Europe had the same attitude but the French and Germans couldn’t have been massive fans with Prost and later Schumacher going up against him.

        It just shows how time changes views. Vettel will be talked about in the same breath as Senna, Prost, Fangio, Clark….one day. I guarantee it.

        1. For me, if we were to take SV’s career so far, the only context for putting him with Senna, Prost, Fangio, and Clark, would be in numbers, but certainly not in terms of race craft. And that’s an unfortunate side-effect of today’s F1 that is shamefully being forgotten. Race craft is being replaced with guaranteed DRS passing, and lottery tires that hopefully will at least be less lottery like for 2014.

          Without the massive danger Fangio and Clark faced, and the massive competition physically and mentally on and off the track that Senna and Prost faced, SV’s experience has been tame, and that is said without trying to take away his 4 WDC’s. It’s just an inevitable fact.

        2. What a load of rubbish…

          1. @Baron

            Yeah, erm…..No.

            As I said, deny it all you like, that’s how it was?

            In denial or too young to remember? Either way you’re argument really was a thought provoker…Oh wait, no…It was a load of rubbish :)

          2. Senna wasn’t particularly ‘vilified’ until he and Prost decided to completely ignore everyone else decide two world championships their way. Senna was a sore loser and bad sportsman; Prost was an equally poor loser but both men had undeniable talent behind the wheel of an F1 car. Todays’ pilots are far better team players and all round sportsmen than those two ever were. As good in the driving dept? Not hardly.

    2. Nope. For me…loved Senna…and for now I will never consider SV as being able to stand in his shadow. Greatness is simply not something that can be achieved while being a passenger monitoring tire conditions and being told over the radio when you can compete, and don’t even get me started on DRS passes and how they shape a race even for passes that are not done using DRS.

      If F1 continues their trends of late, there won’t be an entity called F1 before long, and so the only way people will look back at 2013 with admiration is that ‘at least back then they had F1, dumbed down as it was.’

      1. Yes but you don’t get DRS in P1…………

      2. doesn’t say much for Alonso either… even less successful than Vettel.

        1. You mean taking two championships from the most successful driver in the history of F1, going up against Schumacher, Villeuneve, Raikkonen and Montoya? And doing that back in the days of tyre war and no DRS?

          1. @breno – And Vettel in only 3 pre-DRS years already became champion, fighting against a strong teammate and 3 WDCs, Alonso, Hamilton and Button. In the other 2 years he already became the youngest race winner for STR and championship runner-up. And a “tyre war” isn’t a criteria to be boasting about, in comparison to the identical Bridgestones of ’07-10.

  4. will 2038 be a season dominated by someone?
    2013- sebastian vettel 13/19 wins
    1988- mclaren 15/16 wins
    1963- jim clark 7/10 wins

    ALL 25 apart…..

  5. Um considering the fact they’ve now taken the song offline, gone after the youtube videos and deleted the dailyhatemail article, I’m going to have to presume that was a Demo or not something that was intended for release. It doesn’t sound like its been through final mastering to polish it off yet, the Auto-Tune is so obvious it’s on the verge of being used as an effect in its own right! It actually has the potential to be a good R&B song, generic tripe that I personally can’t stand but decent for what it is. Though one entire verse of Lew’s falsetto was pretty painful!!!

  6. It’s all a hoax, Lewis just posted this on his twitter
    “Hey all. Have just heard that someone has put a song out saying it’s me..LMAO I’ve never met this girl Ana nor heard of her. #***”

  7. According to Lewis’ Twitter account that’s not him singing, nor has he heard of the girl who he’s supposedly dueting with…

    1. Even the page in the daily fail is gone. All those posts critical of Lewis because of a story in one of the worse papers in the world.

      1. Not to mention on this site.

        Hopefully this article is removed.

  8. given that none of this is TRUE w/r/t Hamilton, why doesn’t @keithcollatine CORRECT THE HEADLINE? If the Guardian can make a correction when it reports totally bogus information as fact, then why can’t this site????

  9. he should stick to racing

  10. As for the pop song story, the biggest tell that it is fake is that Hamilton, who has never stayed his thumbs from a self-promoting tweet, was not hyping the song for weeks in the internet.

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