Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012

Schumacher in “critical” state after skiing accident

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012In the round-up: Michael Schumacher is in critical condition after suffering head injuries in an accident while skiing in France.


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Michael Schumacher undergoes tests after injuring head in skiing accident (The Guardian)

Grenoble hospital spokesman Jean-Marc Grenier: “Mr Schumacher was admitted to Grenoble hospital at 12.40pm following a skiing accident in Meribel towards the end of the morning. On his arrival, he was suffering from severe head trauma, with a coma, which required immediate neurosurgical intervention. He remains in a critical state.”

Force India ‘can break top five’ (Autosport)

Deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “If we have made the right decision on the powertrain, and we won’t know that until we start running, we have got to be looking at podiums and at least fifth place next year. That will be the target.”


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More on Mike Beuttler from @Girts:

Thanks for mentioning Mike Beuttler, the only known gay driver in the history of F1.

I would like to add that Beuttler was a talented driver, who won several races in Formula Three and Formula Two against James Hunt and several other drivers, who would later go to F1. His nickname was ??Blocker? because he used to close the door on the overtaking driver.

Beuttler?s F1 career never really came off as he didn?t manage to score a point in his 28 grand prix appearances. His financial support came from several London stockbrokers so the 1973-74 stock market crash put an end to his career.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Journeyer, Naz3012, Rick and Liam Stroud!

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On this day in F1

Mike Spence was born on this day in 1936. He gained swift promotion to F1 with Lotus in 1964 and some encouraging results including fourth in Mexico earned him a second year. After making more progress in 1965, and taking a podium finish again in Mexico, he was dropped in favour of the returning Peter Arundell.

He continued to race a Lotus in 1966 but driving for Reg Parnell instead of Colin Chapman meant he had to make do with an older 25 instead of the cutting-edge 33. He switched to BRM the following year but the results remained no better than fifth.

After Jim Clark’s death in 1968 Spence was welcomed back to Lotus. But he was struck by a wheel in a crash during practice for the Indianapolius 500 and died.

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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  1. Get well soon Michael.

    Life is dangerous, not just F1.

    1. Life is probably more dangerous than F1 these days.

      Schumacher’s own words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv3ARjAqioA#t=0m55s
      Let’s hope the outcome is different this time.

  2. Lewis’ tweet is from one day ago, nothing to do with Michael.

    1. Ben Thomas (@)
      30th December 2013, 0:08

      Well pointed out. I’d hate to hear someone slate Lewis for that tweet whilst all the others picked for today’s round up are about Schumi.

    2. There’s nothing unusual about either of those two points. The Tweet is from the last 24 hours, which obviously is the time period normally covered in the daily round-ups. And the Tweets section typically isn’t limited to a single topic.

      1. Poor show really. 1st a topic that claims Lewis singing in a pop song which turned out to be untrue then displaying a tweet of his explanation at the bottom of multiple tweets from other drivers all paying tribute to Schumacher.
        I hope your cheap stunt at trying to reduce his popularity backfires.

      2. @Keith, This tweet completely out of the context, it seems you always try your best tarnish Lewis’s image knowingly or unknowingly. IMO this is disgrace to journalism. Get well soon.

        1. Ease up @alokin@keithcollantine has already explained that the Tweets section isn’t limited to 1 topic and given that people have tried to report that Lewis has released a song in the last few days, that tweet has earned its placing in the round up. It doesn’t put Lewis in bad light at all, if anything it clears up the above mentioned issue.
          If you still feel put out by the round up, you do always have the option not to read it.

          1. While true, in this context with all the other tweets related directly to MSC’s situation, and the way Lewis’s tweet is last in the list, it removes the tweet from it’s context and makes it appear as if it’s related to the rest of the included tweets.

            To a reader that doesn’t follow their tweets in real time, it can easily look like Lewis’s tweet as a negative.

        2. Overreaction much @alokin? The tweets section covers a number of topics in any given day. The Hamilton music story was in Saturday’s roundup and in the comments a number of people said things which weren’t exactly complimentary, so yes, that tweet deserves to be mentioned in todays roundup seeing as it appeared in the last 24 hours.

          1. @geemac why accuse alokin of over-reacting when @skinbintin explains quite lucidly what the issue is:

            While true, in this context with all the other tweets related directly to MSC’s situation, and the way Lewis’s tweet is last in the list, it removes the tweet from it’s context and makes it appear as if it’s related to the rest of the included tweets.

            To a reader that doesn’t follow their tweets in real time, it can easily look like Lewis’s tweet as a negative.

            I agree 100% and the Hamilton tweet is totally devoid of necessary context.

          2. @joepa I’m not on twitter so I don’t have the luxury of following them in real time either, but I do follow the sport and this blog, so when I read the roundup I knew exactly why the tweet was there.

            The statement that it was an overreaction relates to him saying including the tweet in the roundup was “a disgrace to journalism”.

      3. To Adam and @alokin. This is getting very silly now. I don’t know how I can more clearly explain that I’ve treated it in the normal way I would in a round-up. It’s not as if it’s the only thing in there that’s not to do with Schumacher: look at Links, From the Forum or On this Day for example.

        And why I should give a toss about making him or anyone else seem more or less popular I have no idea.

        1. Absolutely. This is after all a news round-up which means a round-up of articles and a round-up of tweets, it’s not a news article about Schumacher’s injury. Keep up the great work Keith.

        2. @keithcollantine – the fact that you keep trying to defend yourself rather than just rectify the situation by clarifying the context for Hamilton’s tweet and making it crystal clear that it’s not connected to Schumacher just shows that those who called attention to this like @skinbintin were right to do so.

        3. @keithcollantine Personally I don’t mind at all, but obviously there are people out there who like to grab on the slightest opportunity to make a bull out of a fly.
          Meanwhile folks, lets not get into these silly discussions, and hope for a good recovery of Schumacher who has been an important part of the sport we do love and gives us thrills all year long, even when it is not running.

        4. @keithcollantine, As you state, you have done absolutely nothing wrong here and certainly you have not attempted to smeer Lewis H. If people are too stupid to put news from the round-up in context it is not your fault. Please keep up the good work and don’t attempt to pander to these people.

        5. And why I should give a toss about making him or anyone else seem more or less popular I have no idea.


          You don’t need (nor CAN you) make someone more or less popular even if you tried. But I personally think that tweet doesn’t belong there. Nor does the follow-up language.

          1. But I personally think that tweet doesn’t belong there. Nor does the follow-up language.

            @maksutov What is the issue here? Placing a tweet from an F1 driver in the Tweets section of the Daily F1F roundup? Just because the roundup is a short one doesn’t make it a dedicated post on the condition of Schumacher nor is it a selection of tweets wishing Schumacher speedy recovery.

            The only thing that @keithcollantine could have done is to place the tweets in chronological order, so that all those who get confused by the so called ‘context’ can get their things right.

      4. Still haven’t seen Keith make any attempt to correct this rubbish fictional story. He seems to be happy to allow his site to become a meeting area for some nasty. it’s such a shame and waste of what was a potentially good site. This is why i don’t visit anymore. Keith…surely do u not feel embarrassed when u see the collection of nasty troll comments? Do u not feel ashamed when some people are allowed to post nasty comments personally aimed at individuals (drivers) & their loved-ones (eg. Nicole). It’s below being gutter press. Hopefully one of ur New Years resolutions will be to adopt some moral fibre. On the Michael Schumacher situation..I find it a bit of a joke how suddenly some of our media individuals, ex-drivers and pundits suddenly develop a heart after years of berating Michael & trying to make him a villain out of sheer bitterness – hope their good wishes are genuine & not made for the purpose of their own publicity.
        My thoughts and prayers are with Michael & his family…come on mate u can pull through!

        1. haven’t seen Keith make any attempt to correct this

          The original article was edited to draw attention to Hamilton refuting the story, a comment was added to it pointing out the same and, of course, the Tweet above was put in the round-up giving everyone who hadn’t gone back to the original article a chance to see Hamilton’s view. All of this was done more than 24 hours ago.

    3. Obviously not, but this is today’s round-up so it is supposed to include other tweets also.

      I know Lewis made that tweet before Michael’s accident, but I must say that in this context it’s quite amusingly in contrast with other driver’s tweets.

      1. I know Lewis made that tweet before Michael’s accident, but I must say that in this context it’s quite amusingly in contrast with other driver’s tweets.

        @hotbottoms – give that Schumacher is fighting for his life and is reported by l’Equipe to have undergone a second operation, and @keithcollatine’s noted antipathy towards Lewis Hamilton, I can’t imagine what you could possibly find amusing about any of this.

        1. @joepa

          noted antipathy towards Lewis Hamilton

          I have none.

        2. You don’t get to say noted if your the one making all the notes -.-

    4. Well, 1:57 AM, technically it was from the same day as the other tweets.

      I raised an eyebrow when I saw that tweet, but I understand why Keith included it (Linked to a previous round-up headliner). I just think in the context it’s been a bit misinterpreted. Remember that the tweet was sent out nearly 12 hours before the accident, even longer before we knew what was going on..

  3. Get Well Soon Schumi ….

    The news keeps getting worse over the day…… Hope we get better news from here on.

    1. Let us all pray for him…

      1. Only thing that we have the right (or obligation) to do and might help.

        1. I’m pretty sure medical training and the fruits of scientific research are the only things which can help at this point.

          1. I am with you on this one… But let them pray if that makes them feel better.

          2. Ok then. Lets HOPE he gets better.

  4. I would have omitted Hamilton’s tweet to be frank, or at least specially sectioned it – it just looks a bit egoistical in the context (which I know is emphatically not the case).

    I am really worried for Michael currently though and I just hope that Gary Hartstein is correct in what he is saying and that Michael will be absolutely fine. I don’t suppose that his injuries are anything like as severe as Massa’s were after his head injury so hopefully he can make a speedy and full recovery!

    1. @vettel1

      I would have omitted Hamilton’s tweet

      Then I would have had people complaining I had deliberately omitted a relevant piece of information just because I contradicted something which had been mentioned here previously. It’s clear from the date stamp on the Tweets that Hamilton’s was published long before the Schumacher news broke.

      1. I understand that entirely @keithcollantine, it just looks at a glance to reflect quite poorly on Hamilton is all, and I wouldn’t want to see someone being unjustly riled for it!

      2. @keithcollantine maybe it’d be a better idea to put all the tweets in chronological order, because reading it just like that looks very weird on Hami’s side.

        1. I think that’s the best yes

      3. ahhh but @keithcollatnine it’s 100% in your capacity to adjust the layout of the information on the page to clarify that Hamilton’s tweeting is not connected to Schumacher’s accident, yet you don’t do that…why is that?

        1. I think everyone, including the ones complaining, is capable of understanding that it isn’t connected to Schumacher’s accident. It’s a round up of articles and tweets, not an article about Schumacher’s accident, so it will contain articles and tweets not related to the accident. I have not seen anyone so far who actually misunderstood this, just people complaining for the sake of complaining.

          1. @metallion the chronology is rather unfortunate, and it is surely a rather simple fix – move the tweet to be the first to distinguish it from the “get well soon” tweets. That way there isn’t an issue, which there may well be for the casual viewer who doesn’t usually comment.

        2. +1 I’d like to know.

        3. @joepa, there is absolutely nothing in Hamiltons tweet that would lead a half-intelligent person to believe it was connected to MSCs accident.

    2. The juxtaposition is a bit unfortunate, although the info contained is relevant to notable stories we’ve seen lately. But i like to think the readers (intelligence) on this site are a class apart from the users i see, for example, on Sky and the Daily Mail sites. So i dont think there will be any problems, as like Keith says it’s all timestamped.

      1. @elbasque true, we can always be reliant on the more astute members of the site to take that all-important second glance.

  5. I really hope Schumacher turns out to be okay, he’s won many battles and hopefully this is another one where he emerges victorious. He’s the best driver ever in my opinion.

    1. He knows how to fight, and has an incredible will. I too hope he can overcome this.

  6. Thanks for the round up Keith. It is amazing to see so much of support pouring in for Michael. I really hope that he pulls this one through. He is the one driver I always supported throughout. He was the one why I got hooked onto F1.

  7. So the “Hamilton makes debut as pop vocalist” daily round-up on the 28th of December was nonsense. I’m disappointed. :(

    1. But it was a pretty funny subject…

    2. He he, well where I live in December 28 we celebrate the “fools day” not in April, a coincidence maybe?

      1. The way the tweet was represented made it look like Lewis didn’t care about Michael and was more concerned about his own image :-)

  8. Prayers with Schumi and his family.

  9. Next years engine performance rankings are likely to remain unknown for a lot longer than normal as, like in free practice, we will not know how much fuel is effecting performance but in this case it will be how much is being burnt rather than how much is being carried.

    1. @hohum Quite the opposite, as everyone will carry the same amount of fuel at the start and the flow is limited, the cars that finish ahead will obviously be the ones that had the most powerful engine.

      With the old ones more power could compensate for a higher fuel consumption (heavier car) but that’s not possible anymore, efficiency is now more directly related to lap time than it’s ever been.

      1. @mantresx, Sorry to have to bring up the past again but when engines were free of development restrictions their performance was observable when they were first tested, I am saying this time we will have to wait longer at least until the 1st.race or I suspect longer because as RBR/Renault have demonstrated there is more to winning F1 than horsepower.

  10. Woke up to this news a couple of hours ago and waited for the roundup to get the right info.
    Here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery, such a shock to hear.

  11. We all pray for Schumi to recover.

  12. That comment by Hamilton at the bottom of the Tweet list is really out of place.

    I know it’s not HAMs fault…..Hey, maybe F1Fanatic can be the ONLY F1 news source or newspaper or blog to apologise for writing false news? No one else has, including the Daily Mail, they just Room 101’d it.

    1. Not just that, it is completely irrelevant when we have Schumi fighting for his life, who cares whether Lewis sang a song or didn’t right now?!!!!!!!

      1. @zippyone Note when Hamilton posted his message.

        1. @philereid yes I am aware of when Hamilton posted his message, what I mean’t was it shouldn’t be included in the tweets section of the roundup – it is irrelevant

          1. @zippyone No it isn’t – it’s a subject that was mentioned here a few days ago. The Tweets section often includes Tweets on more than one subject.

          2. It is irrelevant right now when many people care so passionately about what happens to Schumi, how is Lewis making a song/not making a song even F1 news in the first place?

            Anyway we have a long wait ahead for news so it’s a nice distraction, maybe?

          3. One big story doesn’t negate all others. Modern news coverage might have you believe otherwise, but that isn’t how it should be.

      2. Yeah it’s out of place, as I said.

        Maybe could have modified the original article with the updated news.

        Anyway, not the end of the world, I’m sure Keith didn’t mean anything by it, just a tiny oversight.

        1. @ukphillie It’s not “out of place” and it’s not an “oversight”, it’s exactly where it would normally be in the round-up.

          I can’t help but think the wrong thing is being focused on here.

          1. Doesn’t bother me, just ”looked” out of place.

            You’re right though, such trivial crap is for another time.

          2. It’s exactly this kind of inability to admit an error, or even a minor lapse in judgement, that caused me to cancel my support of this site. Keith, you’re an incredible journalist, but you need to park your ego and listen to others. Michael Schumacher is fighting for his life and you’re arguing about whether it’s right to include a silly tweet. You’re damn right that the focus is in the wrong place.

          3. @dusty-in-california It’s not about ego here, if @keithcollantine had not included that tweet, it would mean that he is unwilling to admit his error because of the 28 Dec roundup. By including LH’s tweet, it shows that he knows that particular headline was wrong. Him saying that it wasn’t an oversight just goes to show that he deliberately included the tweet, that’s all.

            Caused you to cancel support of the site? What, Keith is supposed to feel bad now?

          4. What error or lapse in judgement? This is a news round-up, and Hamilton’s tweet was a (some would say vaguely) relevant bit of news. He’s arguing against an unreasonable issue people have.

            Michael Schumacher is fighting for his life and you’re arguing about whether it’s right to include a silly tweet.

            Wait, so if other people make an accusation and you defend yourself, you’re guilty of an unnecessary argument, which you imply to be a callous action? And you haven’t just involved yourself in that argument (also callously)? As have I unfortunately.

          5. I read through pages of comment for and against LH because of his pop debut a few days ago. How can it not therefore be relevant to the round up to publish a denial of the story. Yes it looks strange in this printed list but the information is all there for readers to then put it in context without being “offended”, and even less reason to impune KC’s integrity. Let’s maintain a sense of proportion.

    2. Seriously? I didn’t even know the tweet was there. Did you guys really read 15 tweets saying “get well”? I thought it was the perfect place for Hamilton’s usual drivel.

  13. Lewis just sounds more and more pathetic. He really should stop using twitter.

    1. I think he’s lying. But thats just my opionion, can’t prove it.

      And I don’t want any nasty comments to that unless you can prove he’s telling the truth…hehe ;)

    2. If it were proved he was lying, then yes. How so otherwise?

  14. Come on Schumi, you can get through this!

  15. I cannot tell a lie… I chuckled good and loud at reading through the list of MSC tweets to get to Lewis Hamilton’s tweet about not recording that awful noise. It was perfect, in so many ways…

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Michael.

    1. I have to confess that happened to me to, even though I’m a huge Schumi fan and I’m praying for him.

    2. Seconded. Its a stunning example of mood whiplash.

      I have no problem with HAM’s tweet being included but it probably should’ve been put before all the others.

      1. Yes put it first and listen to the howls claiming it should not be put above the only subject that should be reported.

  16. Skiing is an extremely dangerous pastime, and no matter how experienced you are, an unfortunate incident is only literally around the corner. The seeming “soft” snow hides rocks, boulders and ice extremely well.
    Just returned from a skiing trip in St Moritz, and a friend (experienced skier) fell on what seemed like powder snow and shattered his shoulder. He had to be airlifted of the mountain. I also got lost trying to get back to the ski lift to take me down the mountain. I eventually ended up walking all the way down the mountain in darkness and zero visibility fog; with sheer drops either side of me. It took me 2hrs and i was quite lucky to find my way down – It could easily have been a different story.
    There is also the issue of colliding with trees or other skiers – a very common occurrence and one with often disastrous consequences.
    Wearing a helmet on the slopes should be made compulsory. I wore one (as i was a learner), but didn’t see any experienced skiers wear them (Snow boarders tend to wear them more IMO).
    MSC should count himself lucky he was wearing one; it shows how safety conscious he must be, as it certainly isn’t the norm on the slopes!

    1. @kbdavies

      A bit of an exaggeration. Skiing is nowhere near being “extremely” dangerous. If you have your gear properly set up, use helmet, know your skills AND ski only on the marked slopes you’re gonna be fine. Obviously, accidents happen but you can have just as severe injuries just from walking down the street and falling. However it’s a whole different story if you decide to leave the marked slopes as I understood Schumacher did.

      Nevertheless, my thoughts and prayers are with the Schumacher family.

      1. Really? What would be the criteria of an “extremely dangerous” sport then? A risk of death? Severe head trauma? Broken limbs? Shattered cheekbones? All these injuries happen in skiing. And the point is most people do NOT use helmets, though their use has been mandated by the FIS since 2006.

        1. Surely it’s just highly dependant on the type of skier you are. If you stick to the main slopes you will be considerably safer.

  17. Not sure where the Guardian get some of their f1 facts from, in the 2 articles concerning michael schumacher that i read, they called Massa an f1 champion, and said that schumacher returned to the sport in 2009 and covered for Felipe massa after his crash.

    But this is a newspaper we’re talking about, what do they care about facts..

    1. @scuderia29 it’s on an alternate universe, where also as I’ve heard Schumacher was reportedly conscious and complained of headaches, but it doesn’t matter does it it’s life and this is gossip certainly useless. It’s unfortunate but there’s people dying every day so I just wish well to everyone, including Michael of course.

      1. @peartree although i cant think of anything worse than media being full of nothing but death, its close enough to being like that as it is, i hope it doesnt get any closer

      2. Glad I wasn’t the only one to read a conflicting report.

      3. This type of injury often starts seemingly fine and then gets seriously critical after a bit of time. Not gossip at all, just different info at different time… Exactly how Liam Nieson’s wife died.

    2. @scuderia29 We had a pretty awkward report in Australia. Apparently Michael crashing out of the Adelaide GP in ’94 with Hill handed Senna the championship…

      Anyway, I really hope he’s ok and pulls through.

      1. @tommy-c
        wowww world champion despite passing away earlier in the year

  18. Some very conflicting reports on Schumacher’s condition out there at the moment. Surely there will be a more accurate update tomorrow, and hopefully it will bring us good news.

  19. It was such shocking news and I am still quite taken aback from it. Let’s hope for some good news at 10am and he recovers from this incident.

  20. Mark in Florida
    30th December 2013, 1:17

    Hated to hear the bad news about Michael Schumacher. It seems like a Greek tragedy .The hero who conquered all falls at the end of the story. I hope that he will pull through and make a full recovery. May God watch over him and his family.

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