Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

It’s Caption Competition time and with Kimi Raikkonen heading to Ferrari here’s a memorable snap from his last spell at the team.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your best suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

137 comments on “Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari”

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  1. I wonder if they can eat ice cream quicker than I can…

  2. *Looks round* For the first time, I don’t actually know what I’m doing…

  3. What happens when a Kimi fan asks for a kiss…

  4. I didn’t have to do this at Lotus …

  5. I asked for a “Gaytime” ice cream, not four guys in make up

  6. yeah, for sure, anyway the car ran good we had a good time and the team were terriffic. What rock band? Really? Well we had a good race and the car ran good.

  7. I know what I’m doing. Keep It Simple Stupid!

  8. “With heels like these, I can REALLY press the pedal to the metal.”

    1. Errrr *soles

  9. Hey Alonso, kiss this…

  10. Kimi: “I wanna rock’n’roll all night, and party every day”

    Kiss: “Is that your favourite Kiss song Kimi?”

    Kimi: “No, I don’t know any of your songs”

  11. Photographer: smile Kimi!
    Kimi: Kiss my ass!

  12. Kimi wishes his family hadn’t come to the GP with him.

    1. @full-throttle-f1 Haha I liked this one!

  13. The price to pay .. for actually getting paid.

    1. Winner!

    2. good one :)

    3. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
      22nd January 2014, 5:40

      exactly :P

  14. Kimi : I used to dress just like you guys when I was at Mclaren…

    1. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
      22nd January 2014, 5:41

      hhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

  15. Kimi: Were the pit crew always like this?

  16. Kimi to Alonso, is this the best you could come up with to disguise your eyebrows?

  17. I look ridiculous in red….

  18. AMR (@aiera-music)
    4th January 2014, 12:06

    Postcard to Lotus from Kimi: KISS-ing your title chances goodbye guys!

  19. “I know a thing or two about Ferrari
    I know they’ll only make you cryyyyyy!
    They’ll let you walk with Fernando beside you
    But when he wants he’ll pass you byyyyyy!”

  20. “KISS” your chances of winning in the Ferrari next year goodbye Kimi !

    1. @aiera-music Lol, looks like you got the same one in while I was typing it out :D !

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