Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Kiss, Melbourne, 2008

It’s Caption Competition time and with Kimi Raikkonen heading to Ferrari here’s a memorable snap from his last spell at the team.

Can you think up a good caption to go with this picture? Post your best suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in tomorrow’s round-up.

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

137 comments on “Caption Competition 41: Raikkonen at Ferrari”

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  1. Kimi’s bandmates bid him farewell to Ferrari after touring with them to make ends meet with his stint at Lotus.

    Kimi said he will miss the platform boots the most.

  2. “Maybe I should’ve gone to Williams”

  3. Michael Mercieca
    4th January 2014, 20:29

    Hey Kimi, these are big, more like avatars, better do as they say!

  4. Looks like Brazil wasn’t his only wrong turn.

  5. In an unusual turn, kiss visited the raikkonen waxwork at madam tussauds to get their photo taken with the iceman, the founding member, to recreate the original lineup. Iceman, starchild, the demon, spaceman, and the one who thinks he’s a cat that no one likes.

  6. Following the re-election of Jean Todt, the new FIA dress code raises some questions. An un-named sources claim Todt himself was particularly keen on the footwear. Bernie Ecclestone, pictured 2nd left, is quoted as saying, “This is fantastic, I’ve just discovered letter boxes, and boobs”.

  7. Kimi: i know i shouldn’t have had that extra bottle last night!!

  8. Thinks: “Thirty seconds of this is worth more than a season at Lotus?”

  9. These guys look like the McLaren pit crew.

  10. Rui (@ruicaridade)
    4th January 2014, 22:26

    Kimi :” Damn this vodka thing is really getting to me”.

  11. “Seriously? Even the car has fancy boots on!”

  12. Ferrari and Kimi kiss and make up.

  13. Reno (@avengedreno)
    4th January 2014, 23:26

    Gene: C’mon Kimi we already went over this earlier remember, all you have to do is smile.

    Kimi: Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what I’m doing!

  14. It’s not fair, I want high heels too !

  15. This.. and Pentagram rims on the car, jeezus

  16. The unveiling of Kimi’s record attempt at “how many clowns will fit into a Ferrari?”

  17. I wonder which one of these are Lewis Hamilton?

  18. Give me a kiss and a ferrari and I drive for you montezemolo!

  19. Project to lure a reaction from Kimi: Attempt 71.

    Failed to produce results.

  20. Oh, how I missed you, money.

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