Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Jerez, 2012

Lotus will not have new car ready for first test

2014 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Jerez, 2012Lotus will not have their 2014 car ready for the first test of the year at Jerez.

With the first test of 2014 due to being three weeks from tomorrow, Lotus have become the first team to confirm their new contender will not be ready in time.

“We?re going to keep our car under wraps a little longer than some other teams,” said technical director Nick Chester. “We?ve decided that attending the Jerez test isn?t ideal for our build and development programme.”

Chester added the team intends to have the E22 ready for the second test of 2014 which begins on February 19th. “We are likely to unveil the car before attending the Bahrain tests,” he said, “and in Bahrain we should really be able to put the car through its paces in representative conditions”.

The new car is yet to pass all of the FIA’s mandatory crash tests, Chester added.

“We?ve made very good progress with the various homologation tests which took place before Christmas including chassis squeeze and side impact loading tests as well as the rear crash structure, meaning we just have the nose test to complete the car?s homologation.”

“We?ve undertaken chassis fits for Romain [Grosjean] and Pastor [Maldonado]. Certainly, our partners who have seen the car have reported themselves to be very impressed with the layout and various solutions to the new technical challenges.”

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  1. I could go wrong. but if they could`nt pay Kimi. they must be short on money

  2. I would like to have a laugh at this PR spin and the inevitable failure of the Qantum confinancing, but this is a tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes.

  3. Prima facie Nico Hulkenburg was lucky to have moved to Force India and So is Kimi…. Again only time can tell. I could be wrong. Lotus could come back. Last year red bull were not ready till the second test and we all know how that worked out :) Of course needless to say the Brawn GP only did one test in 2009 !!!!

  4. (so far) Hulkenberg 1 – Maldonado 0
    So maybe Hulk made the right move after all.

  5. I expect this to be due to the car not being ready for technical reasons, rather than financial. Lotus has money issues, but they are not broke. That means, in worse case they should be able to make and race a car, but then simply fall back in the development race as time goes, and possibly need to cut down on personal. But as far as i’ve read here, that hasn’t happened yet. As for missing the first test, Ross Brawn already said it a long time ago, it’s no good to miss that test this year

  6. im sure its far too early to say, but maybe force india was the better move for hulkenberg after all .
    missing the first test is a huge deal in my opinion. No team would want to miss the first test

  7. I think Lotus have some problems…

  8. It would seem other teams still aren’t learning from Red Bull:

    Take time to understand what’s going on. Don’t flail about making changes for the sake of it. Take every opportunity, every benefit given, and exploit it as much as you can. Everyone was bitten by tyres last year and teams who got their car to work with them benefited. This year, engines and cooling need to be tested. A lot. Reliability will be everything.

    And here are teams throwing away opportunities to test that reliability, and their packaging…. is it all down to money?

  9. I do believe some teams had control of their tires last year until they changed them, Lotus bring one of them… If they stayed close to the front maybe their money issues might not of been as bad.
    Definitely be tough to make up that test!

  10. Really worrying news for them, no crash test done, no car (even a test bed of last years), no testing.

    Not a good start and not a good sign for the start of the year.

  11. Well it probably takes a little longer to make a car completely Maldonado-proof, it must be difficult to make demolition derby exoskeleton fit on an F1 car while trying to keep it aerodynamically efficient

  12. @Hairs

    A good point there mate and Red Bull have not exploded out of the box in the last few years. “Lets have a look, see what we can make better and go from there”. Maybe they went a bit too much in the last half of last year for all of us!!

    So when were the last major rule changes since 2014?? Must be 2009 I guess! So this would be the most important initial test in 5 years. Too important to miss just for the money- I know the costs are getting extreme ( @Prisoner Monkeys ) had some good points earlier about manufacturing cost with supplier chassis, but also day to day operational costs are extreme, with FOM not helping.

    Can we only assume Lotus have some car issues? I really hope not, I loved seeing Lotus get amongst it this year and was hoping the top 4 closer next year “for sure” :)

    Anyway despite a few of the areas us F1F’s are not happy with at the current state of Formula One (and there are quite a few) I still am looking forward to Melbourne!!!!!!!

  13. It looks like the suppliers won’t play ball until they have been paid and the rumour is that lots of people are still owed for 2013…..including Kimi … so this years sponsors are nervous of paying up until last years debts are sorted out otherwise they see their sponsorship purely paying last years debts which of course is not good!

    no money = no test = no 2014 season

    It’s a pity but is it bye bye Lotus? We think so.

    ….plus other teams as well??? … Sauber, Marussia, Caterham ?
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