Adrian Sutil, Force India, Yas Marina, 2013

Sutil concerned about unreliability in 2014

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Adrian Sutil, Force India, Yas Marina, 2013In the round-up: Adrian Sutil says it will reflect badly on Formula One if there are too many technical failures in


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Sutil excited by fresh start (Sky)

“We don’t want to see races where all the cars are failing and having problems everywhere. At the end of the day Formula 1 is a show and the pinnacle of motorsport and the top range of racing – it stands out for engineering power – and if that doesn’t go well and all you see is cars breaking down, then that is not the image you want to see for Formula 1.”

Corinna Schumacher: ‘Please leave our family in peace’ (The Telegraph)

??It is important to me that you leave the doctors and the hospital so that they can work in peace. I ask you to trust their statements and leave the clinic. Please leave our family in peace.??

Wolff: F1 expenditure unsustainable (Autosport)

“Probably the highest spending teams spend three or four times the money of those other teams. Is that sustainable and healthy? No.”

Brian Hart: Recollections of a racer (ESPN)

“Hart, Eddie Jordan and his technical director Gary Anderson were under no illusions about the yawning gap in resources, but that in itself was part of a challenge on which they thrived. Rather than bitch about his role as David to, say, BMW’s Goliath, Hart would openly admire the work of his corporate competitors and they, in turn, would appreciate the job Brian was doing in his little workshop.”

Onyx squad born out of the ashes of Arena for 2014 WTCC bid (Touring Car Times)

“Onyx Race Engineering, a name known for its Formula 1 team in the 1980s, has been resurrected by former owner Mike Earle, who recently ran the Arena Motorsport team until its closure in January 2013, and will field cars in the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship season built to the new regulations.”

Stefan Johansson shares his thoughts and feelings about… the ever-changing F1 regulations (Stefan Johansson)

“Well, like most other people who?ve heard of the idea, [double points for the last race] strikes me as a knee-jerk reaction yet again to the fact that one driver and team has been dominating the previous season. Sometimes you?re going to have a driver that dominates. It?s just the nature of the beast.”


Comment of the day

@Colossal-Squid on how the coming season may play out for Ferrari:

I think that there?s a lot at stake for Ferrari in 2014, and Alonso could just be one element that could cause them to fall. If Ferrari turn up with a car as uncompetitive as the F150th Italia, the early F2012 or the F138, then heads will roll. Alonso will probably walk, I wouldn?t be surprised if Domenicali was shown the door, and all hell could break loose. I don?t think it?s unrealistic to think that an uncompetitive 2014 will do a lot of damage to Ferrari in the long term.

This is despite all the positive steps they?ve made. They?ve hired and re-hired great aero and technical talent, they have a new state-of-the-are wind tunnel ready to go, and next year they?ll have the strongest driver line-up on the grid. All the elements should be there. I really hope it comes together.

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Louis Stanley died ten years ago today. He ran the BRM team after their glory days had passed and before the team collapsed, and also endeavoured to improve safety standards in the sport.

A recent book by his stepdaughter, Conspiracy of Secrets, made the incredible and disputed claim he was also the son of British prime minister Herbert Asquith.

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